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  1. Your Copper Card will be fine. If you get time with the other 190 folks who will be wanting to talk to Chris and the crew in the 3 hours that we have with them. :P
  2. Hey Tickets are sold out. If you bought one. You will need to have your Star Citizen ID card.. or a print out of your citizen profile from the RSI website, if you do not have a card. This will be needed + plus your ticket for entry. Thanks :)
  3. Hello Atomic citizens. If the followoing post is not allowed on your forums. Please delete it and burn me in hell. On Friday the 31st of October 2014, 12.30pm next door to the PAX event Melbourne. There is a private BBQ being attended By Chris Roberts, Sandi Gardiner, Erin Roberts, Travis Day, plus a few others (To be confirmed, No wingman sigh) The event is legitimate and has taken many hours of work to put together. Tickets for the private BBQ are $8.41 (7 dollars for the ticket and $1.41 for booking fee by the event company) Tickets are limited to 190 and there are about 150 left. So if you live in Melbourne or are going down to visit PAX and have backed Star Citizen. Get a ticket an share a beer with the CIG devs. Note, you must have a ship package for Star Citizen in order to attend. This may change if there are tickets left over. Here is a link to the official forum thread here To purchase tickets the link is here I hope to see some of you guys and girls there for a once in a life time oportunity. If I have broken your forum rules, I am sorry Cheers Doull
  4. The Hornet here I have heard will not be SWACS. Gossip suggests that the new hornet will be ECM based like the US navy fighters. Think Prowler and Growler
  5. Lifted from the Whirlpool forums.. The same guy that got offered the job by Robert Space Industries. haven't worked out how to embed on this site yet :(
  6. Doull

    [PC] Atomic Dirt 3 Championships

    That Cat and Mouse game was to much fun.. If we do not rally as we are having the bye. I would be keen for some more cat and mouse shenanigans this weekend :)
  7. Doull

    AtomicF1 GP2 Season 3

    I'd be keen for another Dirt 3 practice session tonight, Sunday nights one was a lot of fun. Also to try and get more unlocks within the game. The ship horn I got the other night sounds awesome
  8. Doull

    AtomicF1 GP2 Season 3

    Nice photo. A blast from the past with Bridgestone tyres and the Mclaren sporting the number 2 badge. Probably the best racing circuit in the world For Dirt 3, I'll race anywhere. So I'll put a vote in for Finland :P If I remember, Dirt 3 has a capture the flag mode as well I think. Could be a lot of fun and a lot of high jinx
  9. Doull

    AtomicF1 GP2 Season 3

    YES!!! Haven't played it in a while, so can't remember what each of those is like. Shall give it a whirl soon before I vote I'm keen I re-installed the game today. I have never played it with a wheel before. Should be a lot of fun
  10. Doull

    AtomicF1 GP2 Season 3

    I'd like to thank all the GP2 guys for letting me join the competition so late in the season. The learning curve is a steep one with you guys. However, it has been enjoyable. I am not sure what happened last night. I just pitted after doing my personal best lap time of a mid 1.13.. I think I could of got down to around to a 1.12 in the time I had left. I was checking out the sector times you guys were posting to see where I needed to improve. I bumped something on the wheel and I saw my mouse cursor pop up. Not sure. However, no matter what I tried. I could not access any menu options in the game. With the wheel or keyboard :( Sadly that is were my competition finished. Congratulations to Soj on winning the championship. It was close with you and Ploddy by the look of it, all season. To pessimistprime I think I could of scored some points last night to help Sauber beat the red bulls. However, it was not to be. Thanks for having me as my team mate. Thank you all the GP2 and GP1 guys for having me on board. I've had a blast. Will there be any races coming up while we wait for the next game, what ever that will be? like the Atomic Suzuka or Spa event I have seen trawling the website.
  11. Doull

    AtomicF1 GP2 Season 3

    I had an interesting race. I started out alright. Then I started to make throttle mistakes and was getting on the power to early. I turned a one stopper into a six stopper. One for tyres and the rest for new front wings. It has to be some sort of record 5 new front wings during a race :P It looked like another 11th place for me. However, I think Toggsie got disconnected and it moved me up to 10th. I thought I was going to be disconnected myself on lap 20 as I was thrown back to the menu screen and could not get the game to re-engage for about 40 seconds. However, it all came good and I drove an uneventful finish as the team told me there were no front wings left. The race start from a tail-enders perspective
  12. Doull

    AtomicF1 GP2 Season 3

    Hey, I just snapped up a cheap Logitech Force GT wheel. Just wondering if anyone else uses one of these and can recommend a setup that works well. I tried the default and almost snapped my desk turning the wheel at the hairpin at this weekends current circuit. Its going to take some practise. I was 8 seconds slower in my lap times than I am with a controller. I was slow already, However I am even slower now :P I was surprised at how heavy the steering was with force feedback on and how light it was with it off. Trying to find something in between. Cheers
  13. The Ausmonauts will be hosting our own server nobody as well as being active in the Online persistent universe. So it will be like freelancer in that aspect. I am sure we'll be able to toggle the pvp settings off. We were thinking of getting Amazon hosting to do this for us. However, you will not be alone. The are plenty of us who want to explore the far reaches of the Star Citizen Universe. Me too. That's how I plan to spend a big chunk of time playing, though I'm totally open if the game mechanics offer a variety of stuff that's cool to do. I mean - I KNOW there will be tonnes of other stuff to do - I'm just keeping an open mind and will give everything a shot. I'm also with the Ausmonauts and that whole guild life thing is absolutely fascinating. I've never been part of a large scale thing like this before and the guild's goal of taking and holding a system sounds ultra cool, so with all that I'll be a happy little soldier doing whatever it takes to support all that. And yeah, my biggest fear with being an explorer is being way out alone when some pirate tard swoops in and fucks me up. Maybe we can have explorer squads, all sticking together or at least close by as we sweep through deep space. You'll have fellow explorers that will be Wingman to you Flouncy This is the first I've read of this. Neat idea!Is there a thread somewhere I can read more on this plan? Could be a good plan.One scenario, two stealthed explorer ships pinging away with active sensor scans. Someone else pops up on sensors, you both go dark and cover each other as you move along or wait for bogey to pass. Details are basic at the moment Erad. At the moment It is a non aggression pact with Sanctuary Republic, Nexus Corporation, Black Widow Company and Us. I think there maybe a fifth group Valinor Aerospace that are looking to join. So an attack on us will be an attack on all the alliance. There are other basic things such as members being tards and stirring up trouble for the alliance in general. With to many infractions seeing that member being ejected from the alliance. Still early days yet. Soon I will be advertising for Officers for our Star Citizen squadron. One of the positions will involve being a diplomat and liaison officer to the other squadrons. Flouncy the scenario you suggest with two stealthed ships might work. It is all going to boil down to the configurations of those ships in minimising their signature to other vessels. Such as engine configurations and computer cores. The Avenger I picked up will be best suited to the role I think of flying AWACS with the potential of jamming signals. If you were pinging away with active radar, I would go to the coordinates of were the signal stopped and start looking for glints of metal reflecting of you hull from the star in the system. Hopefully we will be able to have some sort of passive radar system. There is one thing I have learned from modern jet fighter sims is that pinging away with active radar for long periods of time, is bad for your health :P
  14. Doull

    AtomicF1 GP2 Season 3

    Thanks Lambo. I still have a long way to go before being competitive with you guys. I am glad I finished the race with no electrical gremlins this time :P Race pace was frenetic. I just have to learn not to get on the gas to early. The Indians were happy I left them with 2 front wing souvenirs by lap 10. the last 17 laps were incident free for me which was good. Here is some footage from the Start. Might not see much as you guys had pulled a bit of a lead in turn 3 Some footage of the 1st lap
  15. Hey ugotdan. The Ausmonauts at the moment have signed 86 Pilots for Star Citizen. If you sign up you would be 87. We have been around for just over 2 years and most of us have known each other longer than that. I will leave the decision up to you as to whether you join or not. It maybe possible for the Ausmonauts to reach a couple of hundred pilots by the time the game launches next year. As for practice, I have been playing around with VTOLS to try and simulate what the Hornet might be like. I also forgot to mention that the Ausmonauts have 6 Idris Corvettes. The main goal with the information we have, is for the Ausmonauts to secure a planet of our own in LOSEC space that boarders our Allies. Our Allies will be able to cover all time zones, with an attack on us being an attack on all them. The Alliance stands at around 400 pilots. Feel free to check out the website ugotdan. At the moment it is primarily Star trek Online stuff. However, It is starting to get substantial Star Citizen information gathered. Cheers Doull