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    Someone forgetting Brisbane?

    Whens Atomic coming back to brisbane? I remember going to a thingy at UQ back in 2010 i think it was. You guys coming back soon? Melbourne and Sydney seem to get all the attention
  2. jamesski


    If anyone wants an invite PM me
  3. jamesski

    [BNE] Plane Spotting

    An A380 took off yesterday from BNE yesterday http://twitpic.com/5f0009
  4. jamesski

    Racing Simulator Build

    Can we get bigger thumbnails
  5. jamesski

    Is there any way of Limiting?

    Have you moved your Temp Files etc. to a different drive? This will save space and make the drive last longer buy doing less Read/Write Cycles
  6. Most companies give free data access to Social Networking, Ebay etc.
  7. jamesski

    Kates Party 2

    http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=179709838742592 I'll be there I will bring a few chairs
  8. jamesski

    Kates Party 2

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jess_Cooper Holy Crap
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    Whirlpool has gone down the drain https://twitter.com/#!/whirlpoolnetau "Whirlpool is being DDOSed again. D'oh. #ddos #wpool"
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    Umart - The Destruction

    Your head? This business has been hit hard, and you want to steal there shit? Were you affected by the flood? Low
  11. Would you rather that or having a flat battery?
  12. jamesski

    PSA: 15% Paypal cashback at DSE

    Good way to get cheap iPads EDIT: There instore only. Will be online once sale finishes
  13. jamesski

    [BRIS] Tron Legacy 3D - December 16

    I was there, there was heaps of groups and i didnt wanna go around to every group saying "Are you from Atomic" I suspect you guys were the group with the guy with the Blue hair? coz that group looked nerdy:S
  14. jamesski

    [BRIS] Tron Legacy 3D - December 16

    Booked mine i'm J6. should get there in-time after work
  15. jamesski

    [BRIS] Tron Legacy 3D - December 16

    Should be able to make this. Going to meet up somewhere before hand so we dont get lost
  16. jamesski

    How to launch a boat....

    http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2010/12/launchin...t-in-a-bathtub/ That is freaking awesome. Would wanna hope everything is tied down inside
  17. jamesski

    [BRIS] Tron Legacy 3D - December 16

    I'n new to BNE will be good to meet fellow Atomicians I'll go if its anytime after 7.30
  18. My problem started out with this thread. http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?s...c=32238&hl= I now have i7 930 | 5770 1GB | 6Gb DDR 3 | Gigabyte X58A-UD3R | and was having the same problems of lock ups and screen blackouts. I have replaced PSU I have tired two video cards I have tried new HDD Ram mem test all pasted and still was having problems So i gave up and bought a Mac Mini. And let my sister use the problem PC. I hasnt played up on her in past 3 months. So yesterday i swapped with her because i assumed the computer was good. Got it home last night and i noticed the screen was occasionally flickering, and the computer randomly restarted. I left the computer on last night downloading. Got to it this morning was all good, used it for 5 minutes browsing OCAU. Then i got this I am at my wits end. When i got it back off my sister(was working good for 3 months with her). I didnt change a thing. What do you guys recommend i do?
  19. jamesski

    Computer Lockups

    All eight are plugged in. PC is out of case. Still getting screen flickers
  20. http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?s...60&start=60
  21. jamesski

    Computer Lockups

    yes i have 4 plugged in. Will plug in 8 next time PC fails
  22. jamesski

    Computer Lockups

    i will leave it at 4 while it is out of the case, to try and rule out case shortening
  23. jamesski

    Computer Lockups

    Make sure you are using risers behind the motherboard in the areas indicated by the screw holes in your mobo, and make sure you have no risers where none are needed. This guide will help you with instructions on how to test the PSU voltages. You will be looking for stable voltages coming into all your power leads IE: as close as possible to the voltage output of each lead 5v 12v ect. EDIT: As an afterthought, make sure you have any extra power connectors your motherboard needs plugged in. This of course also applies to the GPU. Reguarding Power plugs. The GPU has its 6 plugged in. and CPU, has a 8 pin next to it, and my PSU has 2 x 4Pin plugs. I only plugged one of these in. Should i plug in both? because my old mobo only had 1 x 4pin CPU power connector EDIT: i know have the computer out of its case on a bench
  24. jamesski

    Computer Lockups

    Stop going to OCAU..............problem solved. next
  25. jamesski

    Computer Lockups

    I can aquire a Multi-Meter. What should i be testing? Will check out motherboard shorting