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  1. Reb1rth.

    Who should be Sony's mascot?

    God of War is too violent to have its main character as a company mascot... but he's awesome so I voted for him anyway. If i were to take into consideration, my previous statement... then I would have to say Sackboy.
  2. Reb1rth.

    Little Big Planet

    I played a pretty cool Mirror's Edge styled level today. Was interesting. I'm yet to play with the editor myself, though.
  3. Reb1rth.

    Left 4 Dead Demo Preload!

    LOL it's like ~$65 AUD... It's gonna retail in EB for $100.
  4. Reb1rth.

    Stalker $14.99 on steam

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. was a good game... people's expectations were just far too high, and they weren't treating it as though it was a game from ~2001/2 - which technically speaking, it was. Their loss! :D
  5. Reb1rth.

    Left 4 Dead Demo Preload!

    My game starts up in widescreen at some stupidly high resolution, and I can't see the menu options to change it back to normal... So I can't play it. :|
  6. Reb1rth.

    Left 4 Dead Demo Preload!

    Is there any quick and painless way to block all content servers, except Internoob and Gayarena? I decided to grab L4D anyway, considering it's only ~$65 AUD on Steam, and $80-100 in local shops (when it is actually out), but the demo is downloading at 30k/s... :|
  7. Reb1rth.

    Gaming Mouse

    Tried checking StaticIce? Might be able to find a retailer that still has some old stock.
  8. Reb1rth.

    Gaming Mouse

    I've got a Logitech G9, and while it's a reasonably odd shaped, small looking mouse, it's very comfortable for gaming, and general desktop use. I have big hands and I didn't think I'd like it/wouldn't be comfortable enough, but I actually prefer it over my old MX1000 for comfort.
  9. Reb1rth.

    Little Big Planet

    I grabbed it from EB and got given a card thing with a promotional code for a KRATOS costume for Sackboy. :D My friend who works at GAME got one for a Nariko costume, from Heavenly Shit. KRATOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSS!!!
  10. Reb1rth.

    Commodore 64

    International Karate + is one of the best C64 games out there! :P Carnage is a cool racing game, too. Mothership for a nice space, flying shooter and platformer (switches each level). God damn, I haven't played Mothership since Grade 4 (1991)... cravings... must... fix... argh!
  11. Reb1rth.

    Fallout 3 patches__6-11-08

    Yay, patches that don't fix anything useful! :D
  12. Reb1rth.

    Left 4 Dead Demo Preload!

    I'll just wait til the 11th for the Demo and 18th for the full game. Fallout 3 is keeping me busy for now.
  13. Reb1rth.

    Rock Band - November 7

    Do the GHWT instruments work for Rock Band (game only) on PS3? Might have to pick up RB if they do... for the tracklisting.
  14. Reb1rth.

    Hardware req Fallout 3

    Really? my setup at the moment is the same as yours (although I have 4 times as much ram as you, that the computer cant read :P) and it runs smoothly everywhere on max all of the time regardless of whats happening on screen. Are you running Vista or XP? mines on XP, might be different. /goes to shop to buy massive power source to run 4870X2 thats gathering dust. XP Professional.30FPS is still smooth... but that minor problem I have where it drops to 8-11 sometimes (not every time I go from a small to large area) could even be XFire related somehow, just like the windows mouse cursor appearing on my screen, (rare) crashes to desktop when i get a message, etc. Oblivion had numerous issues with XFire for awhile too, so I'm not really surprised.
  15. Reb1rth.

    Hardware req Fallout 3

    I have; E6600 @ Stock 2gb Corsair DDR2 @ 800MHz ATi Radeon HD3870 I get anywhere from 30-80fps, 1280x1024, everything maxed, depending on location and on-screen action. Though I think the game needs some fixing... sometimes I'll go from an inside area, to an outside area and my FPS will drop down to 8-11. If I want to fix it, I have to alt-tab, then tab back in, and it's fine. From what I've taken in, take your Oblivion FPS, lower it by 10-15, and you have your Fallout FPS. :P
  16. Hope you don't expect to run any games on that 4670... ;)
  17. Reb1rth.

    Stalker: Clear Sky patch v1.5.06

    No need, really. I'm sure we all know it will fix some things while breaking others. ;P
  18. Reb1rth.

    Dead Space

    I'm loving the shit out of Dead Space. The game is DRIPPING with atmosphere, and while I may not find it scary, I do find it fun to play. The whole dismemberment issue with the killing makes things interesting... though I do think ammo should be a little more scarce, forcing you to be a little more careful with your shots - and thus making the game a little more tense (worrying about running out and facing something tough?). Otherwise, Dead Space is a very solid game - especially considering it's come from EA. I was very shocked! I think it's worthy of a purchase, and does the genre well (if you have a PS3, get the Obsidian suit from PS Store, shit looks awesome!), and gives you something to play while hanging for Resident Evil 5. :)
  19. Reb1rth.

    Anyone imported Rock Band 2?

    Can't say I've imported it, but people say good things about importing from www.play-asia.com...
  20. Reb1rth.

    Gaming hardware

    Creative Keyboard with low-profile, laptop-styled keys. Logitech G9 Laser. X-Fi + Steelsound 5Hv2 headphones (I've been accused of hacking so many times just because i can hear Dead Silence in CoD4) 60fps or more - Preferably 100+.
  21. Reb1rth.

    The Game You Just CANT Wait For?

    I was gonna say LBP, but i played it at a friend's place on the weekend (he scored 4 copies from Big W, sold 3 to friends, then dobbed them in for selling it! :P) and i wasn't too into it... Kinda boring, actually. Looking forward to; Mirror's Edge Tomb Raider Underworld Prince Of Persia Guitar Hero World Tour Deus Ex 3 Resident Evil 5 Caaan't think of anything else right now...
  22. Reb1rth.

    Talk me round...

    Have you ever thought about which developer develops the game on the system first? Sometimes when a developer works on a title on multi platform, its always going to look better on that system ;) And your point is? Are you saying that isn't a valid reason to buy the machine with the better versions of most games? My point is that of course the game will look better on that system if it was developed first on that system, take GTA IV for example :) PS3 is the lead platform for Mirror's Edge, yet it looks better on 360. Go figure. As for the original post - flip a coin. You can't lose, really. Things like this, I think also come down to developer knowledge and familiarity with said console.I find it a shame that most developers lazily port from 360 over to PS3... no doubt largely unoptimized for optimal cell processor and gpu usage. Same can be said for ports over to PC - unoptimized for the insane amount of unlimited hardware combinations (Hey Ubisoft, what's up?), causing the game to run like shit, even on new hardware that runs better looking PC games without a hitch. Leaving in the slow, unpractical console menus, mouse issues, etc. Even with that being said... if you enjoy a game, play it for the gameplay, and not the minor graphical differences. Because most of the time it doesn't ruin the game (hell, i even played PS3's "skate." with it's horrible, random, erratic slow-down in places just because i was loving it so much). TBH though, if you want to avoid bad ports, just steer away from --most-- EA and Ubisoft games. Back to my first sentence, though. Take a look at Wipeout HD for instance. It's made by Sony, and runs at at constant 60fps at 1920x1080, while looking AWESOME! Developer familiarity with the hardware can be a very good thing (which makes me even more excited to see God Of War 3). ------ Message to OP; I think what you needed to hear has already been said. Buy the console that has the games, and features you'll enjoy more. Personally, that's a PS3 for me. It had more upcoming "exclusives" at the time that I was interested in, Blu-Ray, 1080p DVD upscaling, built in wireless option (though i use wired, but a fuckton of homes use wireless these days so it's quite a big plus to some people), the XMB is better than that wack-ass 360 menu, free online-play, new demos and downloadable content for games, and random stuff added to PSN store every Thursday night/Friday morning, etc. So just ask yourself which console has more of what you're interested in, and base your decision off that. :)
  23. Reb1rth.

    Mirror's Edge demo on PSN/XBL

    I enjoyed it.
  24. Reb1rth.

    CoD:WaW MP beta

    Dude, do some research... EA have NEVER made a Battlefield game. Also, Hahaha... no large difference between an M16 and an MP5? Are you insane, Neo-SIN? :P
  25. Reb1rth.


    The only game I've played with the FOV on is CoD4... set to 80 (its max, i think?). Just so the damn gun doesn't take up 1/4 of the screen. As for res/ss... 1280x1024, 19".