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  1. Reb1rth.

    Your most best cutscene?

    Carmageddon intro movie.
  2. Reb1rth.

    Your most best cutscene?

    Your most best cutscene. Your most best cutscene. Your most best cutscene. Your most best cutscene. Your most best cutscene. Your most best cutscene. Your most best cutscene. Your most best cutscene. Your most best cutscene. Your most best cutscene. What?
  3. Reb1rth.

    Far Cry 2 - Console Version

    Average game will be average. Ubisoft fail at delivering anything more than average, these days.
  4. Reb1rth.

    HalfLife2 mods?

    Hidden: Source was really good... about 2.5 years ago, when, you know... it was still being updated, and there were still people playing it.
  5. Reb1rth.

    Mass Effect or COD4 or Clear Skies?

    Mass Effect bored the absolute SHIT out of me. Yet I've played through the CoD4 single player twice, and played over 400 hours of multiplayer (and continue to play most days after work). 'Bout half way through Clear Sky... it's basically the same as SoC with a few nice tweaks, like the fast travel and little things like that. Though I can't really stand Sci-Fi stuff... so my opinion on Mass Effect is kinda biased. :)
  6. Call in 47 for the job, imo. :P
  7. Reb1rth.

    Old Games people still play online...?

    The oldest game i play online is Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Versus.
  8. Reb1rth.

    So who is playing the Little Big Planet beta?

    Figured I'd just wait a couple weeks and get the full game... S'not too long to go.
  9. Reb1rth.

    Silent Hill

    Pretty sure it's confirmed we're getting the tame version early next 2009.
  10. Reb1rth.

    Far Cry 2 VS COD5

    I think I'm the only person in the world that doesn't really give a shit about Far Cry 2. It's made by Ubisoft, and they ALWAYS manange to fuck up their games somehow. From what I've seen in videos, it already has Ubi's trademark clunky animation transitions and dumb AI. AN EXPLOSION? I BETTER RUN AND GO LOOK AT IT, OH, I'VE BEEN SHOT FROM A DISTANCE, QUICK, FRIEND, HELP ME, COME STAND NEAR ME SO YOU CAN BE SHOT TOO! Dumb. Lets just hope the enemies don't spawn everywhere, and have dead accurate, pin-point accuracy, that automatically know where you are even if you're using silenced weapons... just like Vegas/2. Pathetic company.
  11. Why? It would follow the same sort of standards that govern movie classification. There are still restrictions on getting it and if something oversteps the bounds, it's still refused classification. I agree.Look at the violence in the latest Rambo movie. Why are we allowed to subject ourselves to that, but not in a videogame (which indeed looks less-realistic)?
  12. Should be, but it's not... therefore it IS him that's the problem, because it's coming down to that ONE voice... which is HIS. Either way, what i came to ask is - wouldn't customs pick up banned games if we were to import them? I wanna grab Silent Hill from play-asia but don't want to risk it getting picked up by customs and wasting my money.
  13. Reb1rth.

    Silent Hill

    Nah there's a PC version too. :)
  14. Reb1rth.

    [PS3] Wipeout HD

    Yeah, if you notice, when you go to a time-trial, or something without opponents, the difficulty selection disappears. ;)
  15. Reb1rth.

    Silent Hill: Homecoming refused classification

    Another game to buy at 'Dungeon Crawl' in the city. Hopefully they have it by next weekend. :D
  16. Reb1rth.

    [PS3] Wipeout HD

    I grabbed it last night as soon as it went up... it's nice. :)
  17. Reb1rth.

    Post your gaming setup.

    Hey was thinking about getting that Logitech speaker setup, what are they like?? Does it have much functionallity with settings etc? Also what type of connections does it have i.e. output? Cheers in advance! Hey.I haven't really played around with them much, apart from adjusting speaker volumes, and sub volume. It auto-detects Dolby Digital and DTS and whatnot, and if something you're watching or playing doesn't support it there's stereo, Pro Logic II Music, or Pro Logic II Movie modes. It comes with those green/black/orange PC speaker cables, and supports optical, and coax. The sound is quite good and they go LOUD AS FUCK. Definitely worth the $330-350 they sell for nowdays.
  18. Reb1rth.

    OI! Looking for some feedback and input from you lot!

    Ask why Australia gets jibbed on game pricing. :)
  19. Reb1rth.

    Guitar Hero III

    Because developers seem to develop on the 360 then lazily port to the PS3 - resulting in people thinking the hardware sucks when it's actually just lazy (or rushed) developers. Sucks, really. Either way, the game still looks fine on PS3, and it's not like you're watching what's happening in the background anyway, and you can see all the notes fine.
  20. Reb1rth.

    Guitar Hero III

    I've got it on PS3 and had no troubles with it, i assume the 360 and PS3 versions are identical, so it really comes down to what you want more. Guitar Hero World Tour (4) comes out November 12th i think, too. :)
  21. Reb1rth.

    Post your gaming setup.

    Use img tags... forum does that fancy resize thing automatically.
  22. Reb1rth.

    EB Trade-in

    Sell on Ebay, you'll get more than anything EB will give you...
  23. Reb1rth.

    Post your gaming setup.

    Pretty shit, but; Samsung F8 40" 1080p LCDTV. Playstation 3 40gb. Logitech Z5500-D. PS3 games; Assassin's Creed. Guitar Hero 3. SIREN: New Translation. Metal Gear Solid 4. Grand Theft Auto 4. Motorstorm. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Skate. Condemned 2. Blu-ray; Shooter. Rambo 4. Corpse Bride. Natural Born Killers. Starship Troopers. Superbad. Hitman. 300. Sweeney Todd. Got rid of all my older consoles and games as i never played them anymore and they just take up space.
  24. Reb1rth.

    Crysis Warhead

    I'll be happy to hit 50fps @ 1280x1024 on my 3870. Crysis was ~30-40 avg on High, last time i checked (gameplay, not the bench test).
  25. Reb1rth.

    anyone here played GRID on PC?

    How much are they worth? I'm not really into the 360 controller, though. Speaking of "controllers" - Logitech G25 wheel, can it be used with both PC and PS3?