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  1. Reb1rth.

    anyone here played GRID on PC?

    Yeah I've got it too, i like it... even playing it with a keyboard is fine when you get used to it. Online with friends using vent or ts can be pretty hilarious, too. :) Runs quite nice maxed out on an HD3870, too. Flawless, actually.
  2. Reb1rth.

    All Time All Format Top Ten

    -No particular order- Deus Ex Hitman Series Thief Series Bioshock Operation Flashpoint Splinter Cell Series Silent Hill Series Resident Evil Series Manhunt 1&2 Metal Gear Solid Series
  3. Reb1rth.

    Atomican Xfire names V3.0

    Atomic username: Reb1rth. Xfire Username: xraz0rx Screen name: Raz0rx, PuckFunkbuster, SupervillainX, [CYPHER]. Games Played Online? [Currently]: Call Of Duty 4, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Multiplayer. Previously?: Battlefield 2, Armed Assault, Rainbow Six Vegas (Gaygas), F.E.A.R., Hidden: Source.
  4. Reb1rth.

    Spore - Backlash Against Drms?

    People care about Amazon? What?