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    Creative Suite or Cloud?

    Oh, and to answer your question: Creative Cloud is better. While Master Scythe is right in that you obviously don't get to own an actual copy, you do get updates a lot quicker and if you're wanting to use the latest version (you usually will be) it makes sense. Photoshop on it's own is about $30 a month IIRC.
  2. superfireydave

    Creative Suite or Cloud?

    I'm not sure exactly what your daughter will be doing, but she probably doesn't need any of those. The only thing she really might need from the Adobe creative suite is Photoshop. That's only if she does photo editing. Otherwise, I've made a list of alternatives which are worth checking out. Most people in the circles I work in use a combination of these: Graphic Design Photoshop --> Sketch2 / May need to continue to use Photoshop Vector Design Fireworks --> Sketch2 Illustrator --> Sketch2 Print Design InDesign --> Sketch2 Document Creation Acrobat --> Sketch2 Text Editing Dreamweaver --> Sublime Text 3 Animation Flash --> Sublime Text 3 / Google Web Designer In terms of designing, Sketch or Photoshop is used. Illustrator and Fireworks also used to be popular, but Sketch is much cheaper and is quite simple to use. For text editing, Sublime Text 3 is a much better choice than Dreamweaver. It's cheaper, simpler, faster, and more extensible. For animation, very few people use Flash at all anymore (Wiley and Sons continue to use it in the CD's they put in the back of textbooks). JavaScript and Canvas rule the day and are part of an open web. Most people hand code the animation, but Google has just released their Web Designer tool which should make it easier if you are not so technically savvy. That said, the hardest part about freelancing isn't about your tools. It's not even about how good your skills are. It's about finding work.
  3. superfireydave

    Need help. 1st time asked to design a website..

    Pricing is a bit steep at 2.9% + $0.30, that's more than PayPal. Why are they the "only" payment gateway to go with? There are a number of reasons, but you can do the research yourself and see which you prefer. To be fair nicest payment gateway to use is actually Stripe, but that's not available in AU and I doubt it will be for some time (Australian banks present ridiculous barriers to entry for these services). However, the main reason, is Braintree are actually a good company. They have nice documentation, they don't freeze funds or stop processing payments in the same way PayPal does, and they actually care about security (i.e. they favour a transparent redirect, whereas Paypal discourages you and prefers you to use their hosted page [which is secure~] or post to your own web server [which opens up another security hole).
  4. superfireydave

    Need help. 1st time asked to design a website..

    FWIW Braintree are launching soon and are the only payment gateway you should look at integrating with (unless you are running a ~high risk~ site, in which case your options are between a number of absolutely awful gateways) because they're amazingly nice to deal with. Generally speaking, unless you are POSTing the credit card information to your own site (you shouldn't be) the SSL is mostly to make your customers feel better. What's actually important is that wherever the information is going to is an SSL endpoint.
  5. superfireydave

    Best web hosting service?

    That's the first VPS mob I've seen that pips Linode for value, too bad they have a blanket "no peer-to-peer software" rule. They look like pretty good value. I've used a few VPS solutions. MediaTemple is by and far the best VPS solution I've used, but it's a little pricey. I'm currently with ThrustVPS which are really good value for money, but their technical team is a little eh~
  6. superfireydave

    Small basic

    I'd also recommend Python (or Ruby if you want to be cool). Both are terse and easy to read which when you're dealing with programming is a very important thing. Both are used extensively in exciting projects, and I absolutely love programming in them when compared to other languages.
  7. superfireydave

    Learning multiple languages

    Well github does offer private plans, and you get companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Joyent hosting things on github, which for me is a lot more meaningful than the company down the road that employs developers who still code like it's 1990 (or who still use SVN - bleurgh :P)
  8. superfireydave

    Learning multiple languages

    It probably has to do with the fact it's a very niche market. Scala is to Java what Ruby is to PHP. PHP is popular because it's installed on a lot of cheap servers, it's relatively similar to C in terms of syntax, and despite being horribly verbose, only recently introducing namespacing, having very little open sourced libraries, and having a horrible package system it's the predominant web language. Java is similarly popular because it's relatively similar to C style syntax, has some niceties that you don't get in various C languages (maybe C# has them?) that make it harder to kill your application, and because people like to code literally everything to do in Java (so you see Java desktop apps, Java web services, Java web applications, Java games etc). Scala is a lot nicer than Java, it's not as verbose (although it's not nearly as terse as Ruby which is a shame), and it's the sort of language that helps you do your work, rather than make you do more (see: PHP, Java, and any other language where you have 50 lines of code that could be condensed into 10). If I was going to be developing the backend for a web app that had a heap of users, I'd be using Scala (that's what Twitter do, and it seems to be working pretty well since they moved from Rails). Sidenote: Python seems to be quite nice. I'd prefer Ruby over it, just because it's got a bigger/more active community, but I've been using CoffeeScript heavily as of late, and the idea of your code's formatting being important is nice (and it enforces the other developers who work on my code to keep it looking nice!) Depends where you're looking :)https://github.com/languages Most of the projects and developers I'm interested have work on github, so find that to be a more authoratative source - for me - than Tiobe's results. Finally: to the OP: if you're interested in cutting edge sort of stuff, getting to grips with JavaScript and CoffeeScript is a great idea, understanding a-synchronous UI's, and then checking out Node.js would be a pretty good idea.
  9. superfireydave

    Free. At last. With extra drama

    That sucks dude. You've really handled the whole situation well by the sounds of things though, and best of luck moving forward (not that it sounds like you need it)!
  10. superfireydave

    Girls names

  11. superfireydave

    Rage Against The Machine new album?

    I'm more of a One Day as a Lion guy~ But yeah, would be chill~
  12. superfireydave

    Channel 7 achieves the impossible

    I think it was used appropriately given the context? I couldn't give two fucks if the PM swore or not, as long as the context was correct and it was tasteful. I'd much rather he said "shit happens" then something else which might have been construed as being condescending =\
  13. superfireydave

    Channel 7 achieves the impossible

    Yeah, I'm with you on this one.Most of the stuff I've read of Bolt has been completely retarded, but he's pretty much spot on with regards to Abbott, and I also agree in the related story about Riley and Bush.
  14. superfireydave

    Wrigglytuff its hot.

    Been running the aircon at my gf's house fairly economically, putting it on at 25C for an hour or two as we go to sleep, then turning it on again for another hour or so when we wake up just to keep the place cool and dry. It's not the heat that's been getting me, but just how fucking humid it's been. Anyway, she had a new housemate move in two weeks ago, turns out she's awesome and has been running the aircon at about 18C even when she's not home. We haven't even had a conversation with her yet (She seems quiet/weird - everyone had to make an effort to introduce themselves to her, and we have seen her three times for 5 seconds or so each in a 2 week period) so annoyed that our economic usage of the aircon is pretty much irrelevant, and annoyed that we can't really bring it up as our first conversation in the interest of keeping everyone happy :X
  15. superfireydave

    Building a Website (v2)

    The reason the background is included is that this was designed to be a pretty simple exercise. I didn't want people to have to dick around trying to get the background images lining up. In this example, the content is fixed, so there's no need to expand it. However, in a real situation, you'd want to do pretty much what you said. I'll be covering that, and navigation in the second part :))