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  1. NEMESIS_420

    DoTA2 "Beta"

    I have a spare beta key if anyone's interested.
  2. NEMESIS_420

    Supreme Commander 2

    So far, I'm liking the overall game. I do miss the flow based economy but it's not a deal breaker and once modding is sorted out looks like it can be implemented. At first I hated the idea of a tech tree but after playing it I like it much more then 4 tiered approach of FA I think it makes things a little more interesting in that when you are going down one path you have make sacrifices in other areas where as in FA if you know some one is at tech 2 you know exactly what units/options they have available to them. Performance is a massive improvement over FA which is great, should be able to have some more fun at lanning with my mates who don't have the greatest PC's. Could use some larger maps and nukes look pretty small/unimpressive though, hopefully GPG provide some modding/map making support and ranked play goes ahead soon. I think it has a lot of potential and doesn't deserve a lot of the hate getting thrown at it. PS Cybran commander needs chicken legs back! :P
  3. NEMESIS_420

    R.U.S.E. Public Beta

    Anyone know if this is a multi player only beta or does it include skirmish AI?
  4. NEMESIS_420

    What do you do?

    I build pipelines n shit.
  5. NEMESIS_420

    RTS gaming etiquette question

    I usually hang in, I've made some pretty crazy come backs especially in FFA games. It's always fun try new tactics when your on the rocks, at the very least you can be a pain in the arse the bastard who raped you... :P
  6. NEMESIS_420

    And What Are You Listening To?

    No AC/DC for me... fucking work. At least my break lines up for Porcupine Tree. XD
  7. NEMESIS_420

    Tetsuya Nomura's new game announcement

    FF7 remake would be awesome.
  8. NEMESIS_420

    Drink Driving? They could have poured her out.

    Probably just had a mouth full, you can blow some bullshit numbers if you have just had a swig. Either way, that's pretty keen.
  9. NEMESIS_420

    Where to get latest Supreme Commander Patch?

    If you do get FA you might want to check out the beta patch, probably the last one we'll get. More info here: http://forums.gaspowered.com/viewtopic.php?t=38887
  10. NEMESIS_420


    Yeh sure tell that to the blokes who come in every week that just decided to "try" the drugs and faceplanted a curb or attacked police officers or run in front of cars, or raised their core body temp by 1-2 degrees. These are all examples I have seen where someone who is only a casual user has had a bad reaction. I see it every single week, so take your rose coloured glasses off and realise this. It doesn't matter how supervised you are, unless you made the drugs yourself and have taken that exact concoction before then you don't know what reaction it will have on your body. This is the attitude thats going to lead to todays 18-25 year olds being know as the "Vegetable generation" invest in nursing homes for a massive profit in 30-40 years. Yeah, because no one ever took drugs in the 60's.
  11. NEMESIS_420

    Pain in thr arse Neighbors!

    So then I posted on a forum! Cool story bro... Tell them to fuck off and turn it up.
  12. NEMESIS_420

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Celtic Frost - Dethroned Emperor
  13. NEMESIS_420

    So lonely

    Don't sell the drum kit. Get wasted.
  14. NEMESIS_420

    mininova goes "legal"

    Cunt! :'(
  15. NEMESIS_420

    Trying to think of rad 90's cartoons.

    Hahaha keen, I think all mine have been said... battle toads? or was that just a game?