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    Coffee... Bacon... COFFEE BACON!

    Pretty much Jerusalem. Most cured pork products contain salts in some form - it goes rancid way too quickly if it doesn't dry properly or evenly and you risk botulism... hence why it must be done correctly and follow the recipe to the T.

    Coffee... Bacon... COFFEE BACON!

    Ruhlman? Hmmm just the one at the moment but I have my local bookstore ordering me a few books at a time on Charcuterie / Salumi. As for my signature - it roughly translates to: Remember the people from whom you came. Clan Scot is free at the end, If there is no breach about the time, Where can the Lia-Fail (Stone of Destiny) Take a crown of sovereignty.

    Coffee... Bacon... COFFEE BACON!

    You're spot on there!! Any small goods need to be cared for very carefully - we make a lot of Salumi / Charcuterie (ie French Saucisson Sec, Cacciatore and looking to expand our other small goods this year with Coppa, Lomo Di Cerdo, Rossoi Di Pepe, Pastrami, Chorizo, Pancetta Arrotolata etc... a lot of which do require 200 days hanging so pH levels, air flow, humidity levels, temperature and water activity are of absolute importance... because killing someone looks REALLY bad on your resumé. I actually sold out of my first batch of the Coffee Bacon within 2 days () Fresh batch of both Coffee and Maple rinsed and hanging in fridge ready for smoking tomorrow and to mix things up I've done a chilli batch. Let me know how you go.

    Coffee... Bacon... COFFEE BACON!

    Wharton's or Lucky Bay are WAY better than 10 mile lol. Too easy! Mahoosive Great Whites (ie 5m +), influx of Blue Ringed Occy.. oh and the Tiger snakes seem to love our coast too lol.

    Coffee... Bacon... COFFEE BACON!

    Quite possibly - my dad lives there and I'd like to try to get up to see him before winter sets in.... keep in touch. Yeah cost of flights to Esperance are astronomically ridiculous... that's why I drive lol. $170 of diesel will get me to Perth and 1/4 way back lol. Oh and the beaches (and bacon) are totally worth it

    Coffee... Bacon... COFFEE BACON!

    Not if I know the person going up and they happen to frequently travel with a car fridge or just a local truckie mate haha

    Coffee... Bacon... COFFEE BACON!

    Yeah... nah mate! The best I could do would be to get it a car fridge lift to Perth...

    Coffee... Bacon... COFFEE BACON!

    Interesting! It's not something I'd looked in to haha. Although - it IS supposed to stay refrigerated which could be the kicker.

    Coffee... Bacon... COFFEE BACON!

    Mine actually does leave an amazing subtle coffee hint - Maple Bacon going in to cure today. Done it before, but I'm doing the dry cure method this time instead of pumping it with nitrates. Yeah it is kind of a cooking thread lol - don't ask me where my brain farts come from, but our newest sausage (the Mac & Cheese) is swiftly joining our other weird ones - Bacon Double Cheeseburger, Bush Chook (the beer not the bird), the Cheese & Vegemite we've been doing for 8 years - we've even done a corned brisket & red cabbage snag and a Blazing Saddles (think the movie and you'll understand haha - for those not old enough to remember... think chilli & beans. Home smokers work fine - a few friends of ours smoke their own hams & bacons etc at home - we also have an offset smoker from Bunnings at home which works fine as long as you have the time to keep an eye on it - the temps are a bit difficult to regulate until you've had some practise with them. Cheers!
  10. So many of you know my husband and I own and run a Butcher shop in Esperance WA and we are becoming well known not only in our region but statewide for our crazy combinations and small goods. We got an amazing write up in the Kalgoorlie Miner over the weekend. So anyway last week I created myself a monster - but its delicious in every single way! I present to you Coffee Bacon! For those coffee and bacon lovers who have the time, inclination and equipment to give this a crack: Dry Cured Coffee Infused Bacon INGREDIENTS: 2.5kg Boneless Pork Loin / Belly 1/2 cup sea salt (NOT refined salt) 1/2 cup Muscavado Sugar 1 Tbspn Ground Black pepper 4 Tbspn Ground Coffee Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl until uniformly combined Stab the living shit out of the pork skin to allow the cure to penetrate into the meat Place the pork into a tray / tub and rub the dry ingredients in HARD ensuring everything is coated. Any left over dry mix can be poured over the meat and pressed around to give a good coating. Vacuum packing works best - but if you don’t have one available, put the meat in a PLASTIC container and cover in the fridge. Turning every day for 5 - 7 days. Once the meat is firm to touch - remove from fridge, rinse off the coating, set on a rack or hang to dry for 24 hours. This step is called “green bacon” and is ready for smoking & cooking. I use two 45 minute cold smoke cycles at 60C - apple or cherry wood works great and then slow roast until internal temperature reaches 68 degrees for about 4 hours…. (I have a professional smoking oven with a temperature probe) Cool and then refrigerate overnight (this sets the texture and flavour) and then slice and enjoy - this should keep for about 7 days in the fridge (or up to 5 weeks if you have access to a vacuum packer) or several months in the freezer. The ground coffee can be substituted for Chilli, Maple or really any other flavouring you would like to experiment with. So - my question would be - what weird and wonderful combinations have you created?
  11. DEVERE

    Some great reads

    I switch between genres like a squirrel on speed. Currently reading "Genesis of the Grail Kings" by Laurence Gardner (having just finished "Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark" by same author) - but will happy curl up with Nora Roberts, Dan Brown, Jean M Auel, Wilbur Smith or Jean Plaidy (aka Eleanor Hibbert). My book shelf is very eclectic.
  12. DEVERE

    The most special people

    Awww 'grats everyone ? *still lurking from time to time*
  13. DEVERE

    So - who's around these days?

    Nuclear Green me!
  14. DEVERE

    What's on your mind?

    Same here.... I think we've cracked one day over 30 degrees during spring but the average has been high teens low twenties... Oh and my grandkids make the cutest Elves on a Shelf haha
  15. DEVERE

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Discovered "Outlander" - binge watched... devo I now have to wait for season 4 ?