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    It's that most wonderful time....

    I just about fell off my office chair hahahahahahahahahahaha Thats brilliant

    My leg and the last 2 months

    Christ! I seriously hope for the best results for you.

    It's that most wonderful time....

    So true.... actually just had a conversation regarding Christmas turkey .... I started with "they're all a #50 ie within the 5kg region" and the customer comes back with "But I want a 2.5kg one" ok - if I bone it out and roll it, then it will be closer to 3kg No I don't want it boned out ok - perhaps half a bird? No I definitely need a full bird (getting frustrated at this point) do you definitely need turkey? Our whole chickens are 2 - 2.5kg No - its got to be turkey hmmm well I can't get any more birds in - we have to pre-order by mid november as stock sells out so quickly - are you sure you can't take a full 5kg bird? 5kg is too big well perhaps you could try the IGA across the road, Ron is a great bloke and could possibly help you out. I don't like supermarket turkeys (there's a win for butchers) you know they source their Turkey from the same poultry farm as we do? At least go and have a chat and see what we can do between us all. *sigh*

    It's that most wonderful time....

    Ok this is a simple one - we simply state our hams are not mass produced in a massive factory, they are all carefully hand made with locally grown (and when I say locally I mean with 45km of our town) and on top of that there are no fillers, meat glue or other shit that is often put into hams to bulk them up. No we don't - besides which its against Health Dept regulations Don't know, don't care lol Just lazy bastards lol. A simple phone call the day before would have fixed any delay in having their meat sorted and preventing tying up one of us for half a bloody hour for something that could have been easily rectified with a phone call. Hahaha it's very rare that we open on a Sunday anyway. I've actually had a regular customer chastise the person in question for suggesting such a thing lol. I think I may have once suggested that they come in to help me run the store on Christmas Day and was met with a "LIKE HELL... I want to spend the day with my family" and yeah... he saw the look I gave..... This is simply a no brainer - I give them THAT look and point to the photo of my grandkids on the wall. As I said above somewhere - it's generally only a very small percentage. For the most part people are kind, understanding and don't ask stupid questions... just those few thoughtless bastards that spoil it for the rest of us.

    It's that most wonderful time....

    The looks I get when I tell them that I too have a family I'd like to spend Christmas Day with is truly LOLworthy. Seriously though - the supply & serve expectation comes from probably 3% of our clients whom are either holiday makers or those ones who only go to the butcher at Christmas (starting to feel like a puppy lol)

    It's that most wonderful time....

    Hahaha and that just a small example of what many retailers put up with lol
  7. It’s that most wonderful time of the year…… Most of us love Christmas and I’m certainly no stranger to that…. until you throw in the fact you’re a retailer and you have shitty customers who are rushed, frazzled and some just downright rude. Ofttimes - most of us are doing the whole panicked “F#ck! Christmas is {X} days away and I’m supposed to be feeding 20 people and I just haven’t got my food and presents sorted yet” and as a retailer I always try to be super organised (I literally just have to get my salad items a few days before Christmas - although trying to find time to cook & prepare when we are pushing through after 21 days in a row and upwards of 100 hours a week is always fun) I’ve already had the following - with attitude: (Bold Yellow = customer… Regular = me) “…..but Woolworths sell their hams at $9kg - why are your’s more expensive” “I bought my ham at the supermarket - I want you to cut it down smaller for me” “I want order whatever I ordered 5 years ago” **Ummm ok then** (and this is why I keep spreadsheets) “I need a boneless rolled turkey to cook tonight” **Did you order one?** “No, but you can do one up for me right now, yeah?” **well… they actually come in frozen so I leave them frozen until a few days prior to the order being picked up so they have time to thaw out** “But you can still do one for me today, yeah?” “Can I have 10kg of premium mince in 250g lots?” (Always happens during peak trading hours on Christmas Eve - but you never know who is going to order it) “Are you open Christmas Day in case I need extra’s?” **no, we’re not** “Well you’re no bloody good to me then, are you?” “I need to feed 4 people for Christmas, you can deliver the meat hot for our Christmas lunch at 12:30pm and serve it” Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind giving cooking advise or working out how much is needed to feed x amount of people but seriously - it costs $0 to be nice to the person serving you. Please be nice to your servers this holiday season…. and I’m so glad I no longer work in Hospitality!!

    NSW / QLD fires

    Yep - my step son came from Kalgoorlie to Esperance yesterday - they closed the roads due to the fires about 2 hours after he got through.

    NSW / QLD fires

    Hope all over east are safe - everywhere is dry as a bone - so many farmers around here are carting water for their stock for the first time in over 30 years and trying to offload stock quickly - which in turn causes another issue.... Lamb prices are already sky high - the highest I've ever seen, Pork prices are rising (with help from South African Swine Flu ravaging Asia), and Cattle prices, which have been steady for the last 2 years, will soon follow suit. Several fires ripped through bush & farmland here over the last few days, one was caused by a header comb striking a rock (as if that doesn't speak for itself as to how dry conditions are) with NO harvest movement bans in place and the others by dry storms and lightning strikes.... with a few thrown in by arsonists as well. One thing I have noticed is the amount of undergrowth since farmers are no longer allowed to do safe back burns before the season turns into a massive firestorm. One would think after the catastrophic fires in recent seasons, that back burning / burning off would be back on the agenda... reducing fuel loads and helping to reduce die-back that is more prevalent than ever, thus saving homes and lives. A lot of places here are down on their average yearly rainfall by over 50%, which speaks for a very worrisome season.
  10. DEVERE

    Chinese Whispers & Vegan Militants

    Yes, I'm well aware of that Mentioned something to the fact in the OP
  11. DEVERE

    Chinese Whispers & Vegan Militants

    Admittedly we don't have the "Traditional" Christmas Feast - because seriously - we make upwards of 3,000kg of hams in store and bob Christmas Day I am sick to death of the sight and taste of them haha. We tend to stick with seafood & cold chicken lol. I feel I should also mention that Vince is one of WA Lifeline Ambassadors - a charity for which he has raised over $2,000,000.
  12. DEVERE

    Chinese Whispers & Vegan Militants

    And more than likely therein lies the reason these people are so loudly vociferous these days...the instant gratification of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.... that and the media just LURVE to report bullshit stuff instead of real news.
  13. DEVERE

    Chinese Whispers & Vegan Militants

    I've read worse - had a WA friend from QLD message the second new clipping to me... kinda makes you wonder what other stories are being made up that people take for gospel lol.... "It's on the internet from a Newspaper, so it must be true"
  14. Saturday was a busy day for Vince Garreffa at his Perth Butchery, Mondo Meats (Mondo Di Carne). James Warden and his cohorts decided that Vince was a great target (especially after their dual interview on ABC's Flashpoint where Vince hardly got more than a handful of words in and the recent media stirring of the pot prior to the Melbourne Cup ) because he is the only butchery in Australia that has a license to sell horse meat.... Vince responded by playing Classic Italian music via his large PA system and drowning out the activists on their megaphones...in reading both stories, it's rather interesting to see how a story can be twisted in the telling. PerthNow: https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/wa/meat-lovers-face-off-with-direct-action-everywhere-protestors-at-vince-garreffas-butchers-in-inglewood-ng-b881377739z?fbclid=IwAR1M5Y_8pfHw_fk7C5Id8STC9h7b79_AhKXiLunMFTTr1Q-tNxKVEbY32uo Daily Mail: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7667407/Militant-vegans-protesting-outside-Vince-Garreffas-butcher-Perth.html?fbclid=IwAR1Rbn8hf3MbHEMpp-uAXbhAIyDvms6dWpftVvY2_AiOIKwux1kBIjNqA9o You'll notice in the second story how pro-meaters allegedly pelted the protesters with meat - yet in the first story, one pro-meater allegedly just baited the protesters by waving meat at them. In the first story 70 supporters of Vince turned up - in the second there was 300..... and just to top it off - Vince sent out bottles of water for the protesters since it was 40 degrees, but apparently it was refused on principle. Either way - it appears the vegans don't count leather shoes & bags as animal cruelty DISCLAIMER: yes, I own a small retail butchery and no, I don't care if you eat meat or don't eat meat - my point is don't take away my right to choose. My best friend is vegan and we have a great relationship.
  15. DEVERE

    NSW / QLD fires

    Yep - although not in a highly populated area and about 4 hours from me... anyone wanting to travel the Nullabor might want to wait a bit... it's a damned long way around if you want a sealed road. Photo from Kalgoorlie Miner Newspaper