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    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Don't know where you're shopping but there is a massive stock shortage on meat because the supply chain hasn't been able to catch up... we are struggling to get half of what we've ordered. And on top of that, due to the mass shortage - wholesale prices have jumped something like 15 - 20% depending on supplier. Our daily sales alone have jumped by close to 600% - but I haven't had a chance to properly crunch numbers yet.

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    French Backpacker landed in Kalgoorlie within last few days - tested positive. Whole backpackers is locked down. Lots of locals gone into self isolation... Shits got real.

    i see dead people

    And somewhere in the darkness, the Gambler; he broke even..... RIP Kenny

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    I'm hiding here in my office for 5 minutes because I'm ready to bite someones head off and I need to chill out. I'm seriously over this panic buying shit - we've gone through the equivalent of 3 weeks worth of stock in 3 days. I'm about ready to curl up in the foetal position and cry. The food industry & producers will be the last places to shut down because people still need to be fed..... buy the old supply & demand has cranked up the prices of beef & lamb (which was going up in any case due to fire & droughts)..... We've been running 16 hour days just trying to keep stock in our windows - all totally exhausted. Be safe guys.

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    COVID19 - Extraordinary wage subsidy to keep apprentices working The Federal Government have announced a Coronavirus Stimulus Package which includes $1.3 billion in support payments to keep almost 120,000 apprentices employed across Australia. The package will include up to $21,000 per apprentice to help employers keep these people in work. It will work by giving employers a wage subsidy of 50% of the apprentice’s or trainee’s actual wage from 1 January to 30 September 2020. It’s open to small businesses (less than 20 full-time employees), however employers of any size and Group Training Organisations that re-engage an eligible out-of-trade apprentice or trainee will continue to be eligible for the subsidy. Employers currently receiving a wage subsidy for their apprentice or trainee will not be eligible for this new support payment. The apprentice or trainee must have been in training with a small business as at 1 March 2020. Employers will be able to access the subsidy after an assessment has been undertaken by your AASN, Apprenticeship Support Australia. Approximately 8,000 apprentice subsidies will be available to small businesses in Western Australia. Employers can register for the subsidy from 2 April 2020. Apprenticeship Support Australia (ASA) is committed to ensuring its clients will be provided further information on how employers can access this new subsidy as soon as more details are provided by the Government. ASA is powered by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (CCIWA), giving us access to tools and resources aimed at supporting business. In these uncertain times, ASA is proud to be able to offer its clients access to expert business resources. First few paragraphs of an email I just received from Apprenticeship Support Australia.

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Luckily no. Pretty confronting though.

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Mate of mine getting T-Boned literally right in front of me

    Playing Pioneers - Gone Campin'

    Umm yeah - they're my own bedclothes etc so uh huh they're not going to be coated in someone else's germs.

    Playing Pioneers - Gone Campin'

    Mmm I'm a little bit the same - but providing I can at least wash my face, feet and my "bits" I can deal with it for a day or two. All my camping bedding is washed (and I put sanitiser in EVERY load of washing I do - simply because I find it gets rid of the smell of meat from my butchering job) and then put into those big vacuum seal bags, so I know my bedding is clean and germ free for next time.
  10. DEVERE

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Wish all these sheeple would realise this! Our local stores are pretty much out of toilet paper, paper towel, tissue, wet wipes etc. Luckily I have a reasonable supply at home and don't NEED to buy any more just yet.... oh and all the local chemists are our of Purell lol. Fucking ridiculous!
  11. DEVERE

    Playing Pioneers - Gone Campin'

    The camel were well past stinky lol.... funny thing about camping - you spends thou$ands to live like a homeless person and a mattress on the tent floor ain't as comfy as it used to be haha. Getting older sucks. We upgraded and bought a solar shower... which turned out to be next to useless with heavy cloud cover all day (we ended up sitting it near the camp fire to at least take the chill off it and even so it was still a SUPER quick chilly wash) and then the handle broke off so we couldn't hang it from a tree and had to sit it on top of my spare tyre and have a squat shower lol.
  12. DEVERE

    Playing Pioneers - Gone Campin'

    I've not been to Cave Hill yet - we've been 3 times now and there's still a lot more to explore down Parmango & Balladonia Roads but with long weekends getting few & far between and winter coming on a-pace we probably have one trip left before summer hits again... the road is literally impassable when its wet.. no matter how good your 4by. Plenty of yabbies around Deralinya Homestead - came home with an esky full last time lol.
  13. West Australian Labour Day Long Weekend 2 March camping trip on the menu. We have long preferred bush camping over beach camping and, hey - isn’t this exactly why we have 4WD’s? Hubby & I are loving the pioneering history of the area - but wow, these guys really did it tough in the early days. Middle of literal bumfuck nowhere - donkey / camel / horse tracks…. 3 days hard walk from “civilisation” at Israelite Bay Telegraph Station (which actually came after most of these homesteads were settled) and about a week from Esperance townsite. Where to? Originally Booanya Rock but with sunset about 45 minutes away, after we missed out turn off we finally found the turn off to Nanambinia Station and out of need we stayed there for the night. The 500,000 acre scrub / desert home of Heinrich & Topsy Dimer settled in 1896. It’s a few km off the beaten track and if you don’t know where to look for the scrub track turn off, you simply won’t find it. The walls are close to 2 feet thick made from local granite - the stove is to die for…. I bet old Topsy cooked up some wicked feeds in it and I couldn’t help but want to bake bread and a roast in it. Topsy’s wedding dress still graces the back of the master bedroom door. A full orchard and poultry pen are a short wander up the hill to the natural water catchment and dam amongst the granite rocks… and the shearing shed is a short walk in the opposite direction - while it’s fallen down you can clearly see the sheep yards and where the shearing was done. By 9am the next morning we were packed up and ready to backtrack to find the correct turn off to Booanya.. again not marked, but found by odometer readings and a “mud map”. An 8km camel track through the bush and suddenly we found the rock. A massive granite rounded dome discovered in 1879 and the homestead being built in 1908 by George Trott There is a natural “car port” under the massive dome that was used by a Mrs Amy Crocker for her T Model Ford. There is natural water catchments again in the granite outcrops and a dam built about 200m from the homestead with many game trails used by horse, camel, goat and kangaroo with a few wild dogs in the area. Even with the misty rain falling, we had a blast exploring and learning about our own back yard. (Please note the "obligatory" lamb flap cooking over the coals haha) Map of the general area. By 9am the next morning we had again packed up everything ready for the homeward trip with a few other stops on the way. Crockers Dam, 7km to the south & west, was on the list and while it is a beautiful area, the dam was full of dead camel - we had assumed they’d been shot and we left the area. We made a final stop at the old Derralinya homestead where we often stay on our weekend camping trips because it has water, shelter and most importantly - a long drop dunny. The homestead was built in 1890 and has been restored over the years, but coming within inches of being lost during the recent Western Woodlands fires - so close that the wooden upright posts on the front verandah needed replacing. TL;DR? Went bush, almost got lost, car is muddy and filthy, had a blast. Get out amongst it guys - there’s some ripper history out there!
  14. DEVERE

    The latest ... " Tradwives "

    I guess some women just prefer to have that sort of lifestyle - it's certainly not for me, I'm a little bit too obstinate lol. Each to their own.
  15. DEVERE

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    At least we have a rough idea what page that is on..... it's either 3's or 5's lol