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    The most special people

    Awww 'grats everyone *still lurking from time to time*

    So - who's around these days?

    Nuclear Green me!

    What's on your mind?

    Same here.... I think we've cracked one day over 30 degrees during spring but the average has been high teens low twenties... Oh and my grandkids make the cutest Elves on a Shelf haha

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Discovered "Outlander" - binge watched... devo I now have to wait for season 4

    Forum downtime / new feature testing

    Looks like mine has been tweaked quite a bit too....

    Forum downtime / new feature testing

    Just as a side note.... Clicking on the "handy help page" under "housekeeping", cycles you straight back to the top of the guidelines......

    Forum downtime / new feature testing

    N'yoink!! Finally got my old av back New forums look pretty good so far!

    a nice soak in a bath?

    That sux big time. I'm one of those lucky ones to have a bath tub big enough to fit both myself (175cm) & husband (188cm) at the same time and have all the bits covered nicely :D

    Where does everybody live these days?

    Same, but not intending to move anywhere else, too bloody hot on the North Island. A mate lives there who used to post on here a long time ago.http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php/user/19792-wacus/ Moved there from Tassie some years ago. Seems to like it there last time I talked with him. Esperance seems to have grown a tad since I was through there in about 1979. :-P Had some nice weekends out at Cape Le Grande and Cape Arid national parks. God dammit there's even a cafe at Lucky Bay! Yeah the Coffee Van at Lucky Bay is brilliant! Beautiful place to sit, relax and enjoy the snow white sands and the odd kangaroo appearing on the beach. Checked his profile - hasn't posted in a few years - but would be interesting to find out who it is lol. EDIT: thanks for the heads up aliali - I actually DO know Wacus being that we both play darts. He plays on my mates mens local dart team. Nice guy!
  10. DEVERE

    Life gallops on

    Major head ache at times (latest headache is from ACCC and the Country Of Origin labelling meaning I have to check every bloody thing I label) But yes - its great fun, and is definitely an art. Cheers!
  11. DEVERE

    Where does everybody live these days?

    Esperance WA - about 720km south east of Perth. Only Atomican here that I know of.
  12. DEVERE

    Life gallops on

    Five generations eveln - my mother wasnt in the shot.
  13. DEVERE

    Life gallops on

    Now I have my log in sorted I might just do that!
  14. DEVERE

    Help! Baby on the way ... what do I need to know?

    Firstly - congratulations! Secondly - some great advice in this thread. Thirdly - face it all with common sense - I know too many who go by "what the baby book says".... as scruffy1 says - babies can't read and they love to throw you a curve ball just to fuck your plans up. Fourthly - enjoy, take each day as it comes.
  15. DEVERE

    Life gallops on

    Many of you won’t remember me having been absent from the forums for about 4 or 5 years, but many of you will. So life gallops on at its own will - and what have i been up to? My husband and I have been flat out running our own business that we purchased a little over 7 years ago. We’ve had our ups and downs - as with most business, you have your good years and not so good years, but we are still doing our thing after all this time (and those grey hairs from stressful times suck goat balls!!) We’ve got two great lads working for us who have become like family. We are still enjoying operating & running our butcher shop - trying out new ideas, we have been been re-discovering the art & science of charcuterie made from scratch (without using common place pre-mixed meals full of shit preservatives). My beloved grandfather and last surviving grand parent passed away last year at the ripe old age of 97 - theres hope for me yet!! All of those friends on facebook will know my 2nd eldest daughter presented me with two gorgeous grandchildren - a boy aged 1 and a girl aged 2 (who loves stealing Nanna’s bacon!!) but I love them both dearly. Life goes on so quickly - don't let it pass you by! http://s1376.photobucket.com/user/Devere1971/media/IMG_6770_zps58tq3qpg.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 http://s1376.photobucket.com/user/Devere1971/media/fullsizeoutput_f1e_zps5yvcoyvo.jpeg.html?sort=3&o=0