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  1. adam93

    Apple knows better than other tech manufacturers

    Of course iphone will outsell the galaxy, because iphone is iphone, android is samsung, HTC, Sony ericsson etc.. The market is slowly and slowly shifting to more "android" phones out there. Apple is overpriced, $1000 plus for a new iPhone?, thats made in china?, what the the S3's go for nowadays? <$600?. Don't get me wrong, i'd bitch slap you if you tried to take my iPad away, but iphones (personal opinion) are done, there is far better and more powerful out there for a better price.
  2. adam93

    worth the upgrade

    Thanks for the replys. Only thing im concerend about is I only have a 500watt Coolermaster PSU. Would this be suitable to run the card? Thanks.
  3. adam93

    worth the upgrade

    Just toying with ideas. Id have to wait a few weeks or a month or so to get the new cpu and board anyway. Yea i run aa at full res. If i lower the resolution, it plays fine. I was looking at one of those intel watercoolers prehaps?. I'll get some more ram this arvo as im just down the road from a msy today at work. Thanks,
  4. adam93

    worth the upgrade

    resolution is 1080p. lags on MW3, nothing bad, but I know there is room for improvement. I was looking at Kingston 1600 Hyper X 4x2. My local shop has it on special for $50. I was looking at the 7770 card, as this is more in my budget, would that be worth the upgrade? or just wait a little for the 7850?. Thanks.
  5. adam93

    worth the upgrade

    Thanks for the replys, i do a bit of gaming on it, the video card is a gigabyte 5770 hdd is a ssd, only a kingston 120gb, but htey had farely good reviews. and just a TB secondary for storage. 4gb ram. It's running windows 7 pro 64BIT
  6. Hi all, long time since being on here just have a quick question, at the moment I have a Core i7 860 LGA 1156 board etc. I was considering upgrading to a ivy bridge i5-3570K Is it going to be a noticble upgrade?, my machine is starting to get a bit slow (could probably to with a re-image) but was considering the upgrade. Thanks,
  7. adam93

    Data revocery

    thanks bnew, i tried a linux distro at first (cant remeber the name) but the drives external drive would not show up. Ill try ubuntu, i think ive got a copy round somewhere thanks,
  8. Hi all, ive got a mates computer here, and basically, the machines blue screens after the windows loading screen has come up, wont boot into safe mode, nor will windows startup repair work. What i was going to do was just reinstall windows, but the problem is i need to get all the data off this drive. ive got a bit external, so is there a simple way that i can just extract all the files off the drive and on to my external?. Keeping this in mind i no NOTHING about linux cheers,
  9. adam93


    the XpertVision (if its the same as my old card) has a really decent cooler on it already, not worth the hassle of buying an aftermarket cooler...
  10. adam93

    MSY finally updates their website... THANK GOD!

    Its funny you say that (sorry for the bump :P) I go to the brendale one, they were brilliant when they first opened. They always answered the phones, now, they never do...
  11. Thanks Aliali, have been away for a while and forgot about this, it was infact Vsync. A lot better now, cheers =)
  12. adam93

    A chat system

    Only reason i suggest, im a member of another forum (not going to mention what), but it has ~225 users, and is CONSTANTLY active, nice and simple for a stupid question that has a quick response also =P, here (looking down the bottom) has a user base of 45,000?, obviuosly no where near that is active though and i dont mean a chat system such as facebook or msn. i mean, a mini-chat, so basicaly, people dont send you IM through a seperate window, but as basically, chat if you wish area, (within the sections of the forum)
  13. adam93

    A chat system

    Ive been hunting around on a few other forums, and i have noticed that some of them have like a mini chat sort of system. Seems like a good way to interact quite quickly, and always keeps the small forum nice and livley. What that be something worth considering here? Just thought i may be a good idea :)
  14. adam93

    MSY finally updates their website... THANK GOD!

    yes it does, click LIVE NOW, MSY TECHNOLOGY ONLINE bla bla bla right up the top, light blue and light green =) It has it's ups and downs... for me pictures are a godess, especially when you don't know what every pc case looks like on earth, saves you looking it up in google, and the instock feature is great (if is accurate). I know the branch near me NEVER answeres the phone, so if that does work, then very helpful
  15. adam93

    MSY finally updates their website... THANK GOD!

    Click on your state max, then select your store. Im in QLD, and i can select the brendale branch cheers,