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    Windows 7 Network Problem

    A follow up for anyone interested. My nephew came to visit (NB. don't try to build a computer without one) after checking all the settings and trying all the same things I did he looked at the ethernet cable. The connections looked a little worn so I tried a new one now everything works. By the way my nephew is an IT graduate. So if all else fails check the cabling!!! Bruce
  2. bruce_13

    Windows 7 Network Problem

    Thanks Mattym I tried that last night but couldn't get it to work. I eventually tried a Thompson modem from Telstra that I don't use as it is not VoIP. Finally it recognised the network. I noticed the IP addresses given seemed to be in IP6 format. Could the problem be the old modem has a problem with IP6 IP addresses? It still networks with XP machines. Windows 7 is now working on my old modem but as soon as I try to connect anything else I loose network connection with windows 7
  3. bruce_13

    Windows 7 Network Problem

    My network has been unavailable foe 4 days now. I have checked various sites and forums for solutions. Most of them involve resetting the network in some way which I imagine resets some internal network settings if you are lucky. I am hoping someone can help me find the correct way to reset the network to home network without the hit and miss solutions I have seen in other places. Thanks Bruce
  4. bruce_13

    Windows 7 Network Problem

    The network dropped out again last night so I formatted C drive and reinstalled Windows 7. Still showed unknown network. I rebooted it, installed the motherboard drivers (Gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4) and rebooted, still no joy. This morning I wanted to check the network card status, turned it on and there was home network. I didn't have time to check any further but it will probably drop out again. Does anyone know how windows identifies home network and how I can force it to use a given network as home network? When it shows unknown network I am unable to use this network as home network.
  5. bruce_13

    Windows 7 Network Problem

    My 7401 is not a wireless version otherwise I wouldn't have worried about another router but since I needed wireless I thought I might as well get one suitable for HD video streaming from my HTPC. Assuming I can get Windows 7 to maintain my network I will try to get the modem and router set up soon. Thanks
  6. bruce_13

    Windows 7 Network Problem

    Hi thanks Mattym I thought I had solved the problem - I did a complete reinstall with Windows 7 Ultimate. All seemed to be OK till I began installing upgrades and virtual machine. Then I lost the network again same problem. I did 2 system restores and got network back. I have now set windows update to install when asked. Hopefully this will allow me to find the offending update. When I get to deal with the wireless router I will try your settings. Bruce
  7. bruce_13

    Windows 7 Network Problem

    I used the diagnose button which attempts to repair the problem. Now that I have the IP address etc set manually Diagnose can't identify any problems
  8. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium on my network. I have a Bilion 7401 VoIP modem/router. It was working OK until I tried to set up a TPG TL-WR941ND wireless router into the network. Now Windows 7 shows the network as an unidentified network and will not connect at all. I have disconnected the wireless router but the problem is still there. I can connect with my laptop running XP Professional. The troubleshooter was coming up with the message 'Local area connection" doesn't have valid IP configuration. I have tried assigning IP configuration but that doesn't seem to work, maybe I am doing it wrong. I have a second computer connected via LAN after the initial problems and it shows the same message. Can anyone help? By the way I just updated the firmware on my Billion Router.
  9. bruce_13

    Blank DVD shows as CD

    Thanks It is in windows that it appears so I am probably worrying over nothing. Bruce
  10. I have a Liteon DVD burner which was working well till recently. Now any blank disc I put in shows as a CD even if it is a DVD. I have tried several brands as well as + and - types. It shows under My Computer as DVD RAM Disc (whe there is nothing in it) but the properties menu doesn't show any reference to DVD Can any one tell me how to change this or does it need replacing. Thanks Bruce
  11. I have a M2N4SLI motherboard, Athlon 64x2 dual core processor and 2 Nvidia Gforce 7300GT graphics cards se4t in SLI. I set the screen resolution anbd its fine till I restart, then it reseta to the largest possible resolution. So each time I turn on the computer I have to reset the resolution. As far as I know I have downloaded the latest drivers. Any suggesrions? Thanks