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  1. philo-sofa

    Atomic losing identity and currency

    I blame the Jews* for this situation** Them aside, when it comes to the big question I have to say that print media is so far up an alley without a paddle it's just inevitable. There's no question of the Atomic brand existing outside of another brand's bounds. As for the smaller question of members I suspect that fora everywhere are dying (to Greenpeace's confusion) but that this could be more of a go'er with the ability to actually sign up. Thanks for the possibly of an incoming upgrade mods :) * I'm a Heeb by descent. We have free speech on this unlike zombie-Jesus worshippers, cartoon lovers or Dawkins'ists ** p.s. I this is why I really love forums
  2. philo-sofa

    GeForce Titan rumour thread

    Are these hard modded cards doing > 1GHz?? From what I understand the firmware is locked down as hell power wise?
  3. philo-sofa

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Dude... that is one seriously meta-awesome piece of computing awesomeness :D
  4. philo-sofa

    The big day

    GL, HF!
  5. philo-sofa

    What of Atomic?

    Well this is really depressing. I've held off from saying anything because I didn't know what to say. I still don't really. Firstly, although I've recently come to a lot of optimism regarding the PC, print media is just kind of on a downwards trend - even the idea of a magazine is. Eventually it will level off, but probably not before it's swept every non-mainstream publication off the shelves. This was in the end somewhat inevitable. I think I know better than most of us how hard David has worked to keep Atomic alive. At the end of the day, Atomic as a part of PC&TA will be literally as alive as it could be, and he and the rest of his team are can hold their heads high - they are the reason it will carry on. When I first decided to attempt to upgrade a PC (how hard can it be?) I was introduced to Atomic by my sex-crazed Quadmire look-alike friend. It served me well. Even as my OCD took over and I started reading Anandtech I kept reading, only occasionally giving confused stares at some of the overclocking results (seriously guys an X4 940 was capable of more than 3.2GHz) - it was geek nirvana. There's a limit as to how much one wants to put ones name to, but in the middle of an occasionally bingy, dark period I decided to write something, did so, and eventually got offered a contracting position on the site. It's helped me a lot during what's been the darkest six months in my (to be honest not that dark overall) life and I can only thank David for his patience and understanding over that period. So Atomic means quite a lot to me really, overall. A few months back (issue 140 I think) I had the honour of a small piece I did being in the actual mag itself (if there have been more, I haven't seen as I moved to the UK) and thus my name in the contributors list. I told many people. Given all that Atomic has been and has meant, it was an insane honour. Thank you to all the writers, columnists, designers and other contributors for you work. Thank you to all the readers, especially those who deigned to read what I wrote - I literally counted every view obsessively. Thank you to all the commenters (even the evil ones). Was awesome conversing with you. Thank you to all Atomicans. :) Philo / Alex Whitehouse
  6. philo-sofa

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Nice card, I love my 670. Wondering why you want to RAID SSD's though? tl;dr it's cheaper, faster, not all that dangerous and it'll make me back up. And cheers, am very happy with my '670 so far too :) Justification: firstly because it's cheaper - there's usually a premium on really big SSDs (and I'm not willing to cut down my system drive size) so it's cheaper to get a pair of 250's and put them together as a single system drive. Secondly it's faster - I appreciate that there's not a huge benefit to 1.1 GB/s over 560MB/s but it's there, and kinda cool to have (two drives saturating their SATA 6Gb/s connections, the powerrr!!!). Also Intel's RAID system is pretty mature, there's not as much risk as with RAID'ing an HDD (Samsung 840 500GB's just have twice the NAND chip count of their 256GB cousins, so it's just double the chance of a controller & cache failure) and finally I'm fine with backing up my system drive every month or so. TBH I probably wouldn't do so without the impetus of running a RAID array. p.s. over 1GB/s!
  7. philo-sofa

    New insult "Australian"

    I... er would like to apologise on behalf of other New Zealanders. Or not because this is all amazingly pathetic lol I dunno. I see what the court was gunning for, but it's probably indicative of some very badly worded or vague legislation they have had to interpret.
  8. philo-sofa

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Aaah, me am happy :) Now all I need is a good w/c unit and a pair of SSDs to RAID.
  9. philo-sofa

    So who remembers me...

    Good to meet you dude :) Firstly a disclaimer; you are listening to someone who crashed out of his last relationship because he was in love with a close friend... so yeah. That aside, all I can say is Try and divorce, as much as possible the pain of what's happened, and how she's been from the fact of how she behaved. I *think* that necessarily involves taking a fair bit of time. The only correct decision is a rational, calm one. Emotions are not the basis for decision - emotions are the basis for a moral judgement and that, with the intermediate step should be the basis for action. Basically I'd say the fundamental question is exactly as you've put it - is she someone you want to be with given what has happened, current feelings about that aside. I have reservations about her, however, given she appears to be a tad controlling from your OP?
  10. philo-sofa

    Piledriver and Trinity

    Yeah I'm only paying those rumours any credence because of the confirmed layoffs. Could be a case of claiming a massive amount of nonexistant smoke because of some fire tho.
  11. philo-sofa

    So who remembers me...

    Big question: do you want to break up with her. If it hadn't been for this, if you were a millionaire for example, would you still want this, or would it not have been eating at you? BTW hi, I'm Philo, don't know you yet ;)
  12. philo-sofa

    MSI motherboards

    Had an MSI P55-GD65 for almost three years, was a fantastic, well built, well though out board with a clever BIOS. It was also a reasonable price due to not having extraneous things like ten SATA ports. +1 to MSI
  13. philo-sofa

    Piledriver and Trinity

    Some rumours are starting about Steamroller being delayed or cancelled. Too early to tell yet if these are FUD.
  14. philo-sofa

    What's on your mind?

    How well my latest article will do, how well I'm going to fare in my second month at my new day job. Also how the fuck I'm going to live with HD 4000 graphics until next month (bloody moving costs and lack of prior saving).
  15. philo-sofa

    Piledriver and Trinity

    ^^ I love the headlines some sites use...