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    Digital audio conversion.

    @komuso: I'll have a look. @robzy: there are examples, but my bash is attrocious and was hoping I didn't have to invest the time in getting it up and running to do what I require. That, and for all the effort I could put into it, there's no guarantee that tags and cover art will be preserved. If anyone can think of other apps that may do the trick, assistance is still appreciated.
  2. Johbremat

    Digital audio conversion.

    I'm sure I've used one in the past, but can't find anything now... Look for an app that will do a batch conversion to multiple formats. I have a library of FLAC files that I want to convert to MP3, OGG and WMA (for various media players and applications) and want to do this all in one operation, rather than converting FLAC->MP3 then FLAC->OGG then FLAC->WMA. Any takers (or givers)? Options for Windows or Linux will be gladly accepted.
  3. Scratch it, guys. Installed: - thunderbird / - sunbird / 0.9+nobinonly-0ubuntu3 via Synaptics. It'll do.
  4. - Downloaded the tarballs from the Mozilla website. - Extracted them to /opt and create a symbolic link in /usr/local/bin. - Created a menu item that pointed to the symbolic link. All on Ubuntu 9.10. Doesn't work. I'd prefer not to got to the repo/Synaptics and get the apps, because it looks like I might be getting nightly builds (when installed via the repo, the application titles are different, rather than 'Thunderbird' or Sunbird'). Can someone throw the assist? Let's make the assumption I've just finished downloading the archives: step-by-step instructions from this point forward would be handy.
  5. Johbremat

    I/O during encoding.

    No problems. Every track that I've played - thus far - hasn't had any artefacts or corruption of the audio or files.
  6. Johbremat

    I/O during encoding.

    Currently transcoding 8000+ tracks and would be interested in knowing if running applications during this process is corrupting my tunes. - running C2D@2.13 with 8GB RAM - transcoding a backup of my FLAC collection to OGG - files are on a portable 320GB, deleting the original file after conversion is complete - using Sound Converter on Ubuntu The app has stalled so I'm occasionally using 'find' on the directory to see how far through the operation it is (processing in ascending alphanumeric order). Just wondering if the additional I/O on the portable drive, downloading and internet browsing could be rendering artifacts to the newly-created files. Does anyone have any input/proof/experience with this?
  7. Johbremat

    Galactrix on PS3: Multiplayer.

    Yeah, it does: downloaded it anyway as an alternative to Bejeweled. Good game. I can imagine myself whiling away a few hours playing this. Looks massive. I will say though, travelling from locale to locale can be a bit tedious.
  8. Johbremat

    Galactrix on PS3: Multiplayer.

    Is it possible to play head-to-head, locally? After going trawling, I can only find reference to online multiplayer.
  9. Johbremat

    PPJoy Alternative?

    Unfortunately, not all flight/space sim/arcade games support (out of the box) two simultaneous controllers. PPJoy (Parallel Port Joystick?) was one application that would create a virtual controller, and this would proxy for more than one physical controller. I tried installing on a WinXPx64 machine to support a Saitek X52 Pro and Saitek Pro Rudder Pedals, but without any joy (no pun intended). Anyone aware of an alternative? I've tried running in compatibility mode and trawled the interwebs, all with little success. The HAWX experience is lacking at the moment, for the fact the hardware is there and can't be configured as expected.
  10. Johbremat

    HAWX Demo Out Now!

    @F117_Nighthawk: did you cycle through the views by hitting 'c'? Really happy with the gameplay: it was exactly what I was after. Running off three screen and throttle+joystick; got some rudder pedals which I'll try and hook once I've bought retail. Surprised at how well my machine ran it actually. Haven't had a recent game run this well on my machine since Test Drive Unlimited. I'll be interested to know if mods can be made for the game *thinks engine would be wicked for Macross/Robotech*
  11. Johbremat

    What resolution do you run games at?

    So it's a bit hard and time consuming, eh? How much effort would be required developing something at DVI-I's bandwidth cap (8192x8192?) and then showing the user only the portion that corresponds to their resolution? Surround Gaming & TH2Go Discussions Surround Hardware & Tech Support I'm running 3x 20" each screen at a 1600x1200 resolution. I'll run a game at 1600x1200 or 3840x1024. If I had 3x22"(w) I'd run at 1680x1050 or 5440x1050.
  12. Johbremat

    Best Videogame soundtrack

    Pixel Junk Eden. WipEout.
  13. I've got my paging set to x1.5 of my RAM, with no variation: seems to have been specified practice for a better part of a decade's worth of Windows computing. I'm pretty confident that there's a switch in the registry that forces all Windows' core and extraneous code to be placed entirely in RAM. May be an alternative to wiping out the page file.
  14. Bought 2x CE edition of S2 (me and the missus really enjoyed the first one, and while waiting for Diablo 3, well..) No qualms about spending the extra money. We played through S1 10+ times with different characters and the one suck thing about it was, for those 4-5 years, its isometric view maxed out at 1280x1024 and we were playing on widescreens through three PC upgrades. The impetus for getting the CE edition was that we could assure ourselves (quite rightly, after about 10 hours of play) that this would be a game that we'd be bashing through another two, three upgrades. Given the amount of developer effort and the huge game world, we suspect that it'll be expanded before a S3 comes out, and don't want to suffer the dreaded blockies when the screen sizes in our household increase, and as the systems become capable want to play at the highest resolution. Hell, $10 (or $20; 2x) is a pee in the pond. And as stated earlier, who's to suggest that the CE edition isn't actually the RRP and the standard edition is discounted? It's a subjective matter, though. If there's a franchise that you really enjoy and you can be assured of longevity, I think you'd consider it. I don't think I'm a sucker (but I suppose that's subjective as well).
  15. Johbremat

    [PS3] Wipeout HD

    Unless I'm not puching the button hard enough, pretty confident that with Pilot Assist on your max speed is 91%. Not a fan of it: I'd prefer to bounce off walls and learn how to navigate the tracks properly. Second 2nd and 3rd grids (Warped and Frenzy?) are driving me bats for clearing all gold. And this is all on Novice!! Hopefully I can score Icarus, and then be on my way online. Assegai and EG-X are my weapons of choice for the moment.