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  1. mattstandingup

    Diablo III Acount notice

    Thought as much. That's what shits me about these MMOs. They all become such a grind (boring) that people are willing to spend real money just to make the game fun again. I like my games to be fun or challenging or scary or interesting, any combination of these and I'm happy. I played WOW until my 30 day trial ran out and that was it for me. Any sense of achievement was lost due to having to do the same sort of thing over and over. Boring, repetitive game play encourages criminals. rant over.
  2. mattstandingup

    Diablo III Acount notice

    I just received an email about Diablo III asking me to click on a link to verify that I am the original owner of the game. I, however, do NOT own a copy of Diablo III. Is this a known spam/scam. I'm not concerned, just curious.
  3. mattstandingup

    Project: GIGABENCH

    I'm shaped at the moment, so I'm having a hard time with all the photos. This case has tones of potential to be something really cool though. Looking forward to see what you do with it. P.S. Does your camera have a focus function?
  4. mattstandingup

    Project Green Dragon

    This is starting to look very cool, I've always liked the green and black scheme and it seems your going all out.
  5. mattstandingup

    Anyone play Torchlight?

    This made me laugh The cake is a lie!
  6. mattstandingup

    Steam Guard problem

    I need the e-mail from steam first so I can log into my account before I can change any settings. I understand the reasons for security measures like these but they can certainly be irritating when things go wrong. EDIT just received authorization e-mail from steam. 3 hours later. All better now.
  7. mattstandingup

    Steam Guard problem

    Today I went to load up a game I bought (Trine2). Steam did it's normal update and I went to log in. Another steam window popped up and told me that I was logging in from a new computer (I wasn't) and that they would e-mail an authentication code. That was a couple of hours ago and I have still had no e-mail from Steam. I have left a message on the Steam Support thingy and am awaiting a response. What happened to the days of buying a game from an actual shop and being able to play it when you get home? Now you have to sign in to this or create an account for that. Frowney face.
  8. mattstandingup

    PC Case Gear are a joke.

    In Australia it is law that you are entitled to a full refund if the product you purchased does not do what the sales person said it would. I think in this case the sales person was justified in not giving you the relevant information and getting you to do your own research. Did you at any stage, ask for the SKU numbers of any of the GPUs? Yes, $1,000 is allot to spend for a few extra frames so you should be the informed party, the sales rep was just covering his ass.
  9. mattstandingup

    Project GT CORSAIR

    Also one for your "crotch hand" I see.
  10. mattstandingup

    It seems Atomic has been around for a while.

    Figured as much, just never noticed before.Still funny though.
  11. I just did a search for Mechwarrior on Atomic. Check out the date on this article. http://www.atomicmpc.com.au/News/12771,gam...ck-roundup.aspx A hang over of the Y2K bug perhaps.
  12. mattstandingup

    system meltdown help required

    Don't forget the ram. So many times in the past after hours of trouble shooting, a bad stick of ram has been the culprit. I know it sounds silly, but it is an easy thing to check before you go and spend any money.
  13. mattstandingup

    SE QLD Atomicans Roll-call

    Ha ha. Just kidding. Stop looking at me like that.Happy birthday dude.
  14. mattstandingup

    Wet enough for you?

    I hope you did that. Good to here you are OK. I thought your place would be under water.
  15. mattstandingup

    SE QLD Atomicans Roll-call

    I have been for 7 years now. On a old lurk account made my new one 2 years ago. I stay out of the green room most of the time for good reason. I've met you, you would have been about 10 seven years ago.