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  1. DR4K3

    Mistakes from the olden times

    I can't say I've ever had the turntable experience, I did however enjoy watching my old man mess around with one though when he was recording vinyls onto CD for my grandfather. =P It's funny that you say that, because that's what I'm listening to right now. :X
  2. DR4K3

    This really needs to stop.

    It's nice to see that Robzy is still terrorizing the Green Room with his jokes.
  3. DR4K3

    Transformers 3

    I didn't even know there was a second Transformers movie, I thought "Transformers 3" was a joke, or maybe I was hoping.
  4. DR4K3

    Google Updates - Yes/No?

    I hate it so much! Why the hell wouldn't they include the option to hide it. >:(
  5. DR4K3

    TF2 night tonight

    and less DrAKe dominating who other team. I truely hate the demo's sword and targe so much now. OMG he was annoying I raged GG sorry I played too much over weekend and work tommorows must fire up tf2 atomic bash MOAR I love you too gunny! I agree though, that thing is way OP, it made things way too easy. :/
  6. DR4K3

    TF2 night tonight

    I think L337Z1LL4 and I should be there, it depends on whether I can get TF2 running on a 2nd computer here. L337Z1LL4 goes by -=N-DAWG=- in steam.
  7. DR4K3

    Atomic TF2 Fun

    Good games tonight everyone, I had fun. And yes Azawrath, dustbowl was great! <|8^D
  8. DR4K3

    So.. Why dont we have a TF2 night?

    I won't be able to play until after midnight.. I have a little over 1GB of my quota remaining, which doesn't reset until next Saturday. >_> I am able to play during offpeak hours though, which is midnight-midday.
  9. DR4K3

    So.. Why dont we have a TF2 night?

    Lol, I jumped back on at around 12:30 am.. Next thing I know it's 5 am!!! Good times, good times.
  10. DR4K3

    So.. Why dont we have a TF2 night?

    Woo! Tonight's turnout was way better than yesterdays, it was also a lot more fun too! :D There were quite a few close matches and many GGs. We definitely need to do this again! <|8D No it's still going, the server isn't passworded so there are a few randoms in the mix.See above, or on the last page for the server details.
  11. DR4K3

    So.. Why dont we have a TF2 night?

    I AM WINRAR! So what kind of prize are we talking about here; cake? TF2 Hat? Please don't let it be more lag! D:
  12. DR4K3

    So.. Why dont we have a TF2 night?

    Well that was a good 2 hours... Just as my connection was starting to improve everyone started leaving. :( I blame plr_pipeline.
  13. DR4K3

    So.. Why dont we have a TF2 night?

    Hmm, I'll probably be there provided that I don't forget about it, I did last time. :(
  14. DR4K3

    Left 4 Dead

    So what you want is an 'impossible' difficulty? There is one. But you can only get to it by having your own server and enabling cheats to set (iirc) 'z_difficulty impossible' or (i think) by playing on the same server on expert and beating it over and over and over until the director decides to be harder on you. I know there was an Impossible difficulty in the demo and it was in the full game too unless it has been removed since I last looked. ...Figured it out.