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  1. Hi Segger, thanks for your reply, you make many good points. I'm wary of buying things on the internet but I do have Ebay, Paypal & Amazon.com accounts and I have brought from smaller businesses too (pet supplies, orchid supplies, computer parts etc). I would have thought the bigger companies say Paypal would be safe but when looking up the ETIHAD Emirates airline ticket issue I came across someone who I think had only used their card for Paypal. It seems you can't really have trust or faith that even if a company has the best of intentions that they will be able to keep your information safe and protect you from fraud occuring as a result of doing business with them? I'm using FireFox 3.05 but I did check out the site with Internet Explorer [6. something] while there was an invalid thwate image to the pages leading up to it, the actual page where you enter the credit card details has neither an invalid/valid thwate certificate or a gold lock security icon at all! I have a vague unsettling feeling that the first time I did sign up with Quickflix I neglected to check the security of the site/page at that time - from now on though I will check it. What worries me is if it's possible someone could hack into the Quickflix user database & stored credit card number details then is that even if I call them to give them my details they will probably be putting those details back onto the same database?! If I do give them my details again over the phone and it happens again than possibly it is Quickflix. They actually state: Your credit card information is safe. We use SSL encryption technology to secure our commerce transactions. and they mention that you should change your password often for security. I try to keep my computer safe- scanning downloads, ZoneAlarm, AVG for scans, Spybot Search & Destroy, Malware Bytes, Ad-Aware, Hijack This & Mailwasher to eliminate virus/spams- I only fax credit card details or use Paypal, bank deposit or the phone if secure credit card facilities aren't available. What about the newer cards that can be used like credit cards but are actually used for savings/normal accounts- if some thing happens there I wonder how likely it is that those people can get a refund when it is their own money and not the banks? I will definitely be paying more attention if I ever use my card again online. Regards D.
  2. Hi folks, I recently joined up with quickflix [in Australia] and it's been pretty good up until the point where I got an email telling me my Quickflix account was on hold because of the monthly payment not going through on my credit card. So I check my credit card to find it had been used by someone somehow to buy an airline ticket with ETIHAD Emerates Dhabi airline ticket- $1200 plus a bunch of other little associated costs [conversion fees etc]. It still had sufficient credit for the Quickflix payment so I don't why it had bounced but of course I rang up my credit card company, to let them know the $1200 plus was unauthorised and cancelled my card so that if someone somewhere had my actual card numbers details they would no longer find them functional. Fortunately I got a new card 7 days later [it happened the week before Christmas 08] and on the same day I also was refunded the whole amount from ETIHAD without any problems at all [and I learned how people are fraudently using other peoples credit cards to purchase tickets and sell them on!]. So with my new card details I went to the quickflix website to submit my new credit card numbers but considering that my previous credit card details/numbers had to have been obtained by hacking a site that I used them on I paid particular attention to the security of the site. They use Thwate Security and display the certificate on the page where you enter your credit card numbers and the certificate says INVALID. Additionally the gold lock icon at the bottom of the page has a red error on it and reads as connection partially encrypted. Clicking on the page it brings up a Thwate Security Certificate information window which says VALID- so which is correct? Also there is no security for entering your name and password to log onto the site- doesn't that make having a security certificate on the credit card payment page totally pointless if a hacker can get your details from the point at which you log in? I sent an email to Quickflix regarding the Thwate Security Certificate issue, but have yet to hear back from them- no surprise really. So either I risk using their site or call up their helpline but I'm a little suspicious about security of their site and whether or not they might have been the point or source where someone somehow got my details. What do you think?