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  1. psyched

    Build questions

    Pulled the trigger on the above today, NGO contract came through which is fantastic. Looking forward to putting it together and having some fun.
  2. psyched

    Build questions

    Thanks Master Scythe. Cheers
  3. psyched

    Build questions

    One more request, I also need a PCI wifi adaptor for my PC, just moved my PC into a spare bedroom and no telephone port. Unsure what specifics are needed, I just have a wireless router from Telstra. My order will be from pccasegear, so perhaps one from their selection? Cheers
  4. psyched

    Build questions

    Thanks Master Scythe, just a $10 difference between this ram and the other one I could find - I like the colour :-)
  5. psyched

    Build questions

    On returning to the drawing board, this is what I think will serve me well, and takes into consideration all your comments. i7 Intel 4770 - not K version $349 G.Skill Ripjaws X F3-12800CL10D-16GBXL 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 $189 ASRock H87 Performance Motherboard $125 Total cost $663. No over clocking, no crossfire or sli, What are your thoughts?
  6. psyched

    Build questions

    So this is where I'm at with my thinking. A 4770 based system with 16 GB of Ram is around $717, with 32GB of Ram its around $940. Both of which are pretty reasonable. The issue however is that a 4820k system with 16GB of Ram is around $840, or $1,000 with 32GB of Ram. With 2011 I don't have the Ram limitations, and have a better chipset from what I've read. Upping the ante to a 4930K, then its 'just' an extra $300. So around $1,300 for a six core system, with 16GB of quad channel Ram, that I can upgrade with another set of either 16GB or 32GB of Ram in the future. The 2011 six core system is looking pretty attractive at the moment. @Master_Scythe, I'm on more of a 5-6 year upgrade timetable for cpu/motherboard/ram, with little plug and play bits along the way :)
  7. psyched

    Build questions

    Thanks all, just considering my options. I had originally compared the 2011 system to the 4770 system, and as the two seemed fairly close pricewise, opted for what I considered a better feature set with the 2011 socket. There's also the option of six cores, with 16GB of quad ram if I spend another $300 or so. I'll let you know how I fare. Thanks again.
  8. psyched

    Build questions

    Thanks Dasa, Thats an interesting point. My point of reference for cost was the 4770K, which seems on par (almost) with my proposed build. Something to consider, thanks Dasa.
  9. Hi all, I'm looking at upgrading my current PC, a Q6600 etc. My budget is around $1k, and for that I need a CPU, motherboard and ram. My PC is used for productivity, with camtasia (video editing and compiling) being the most intensive task I do. What I'm thinking is this: Intel Core i7 4820K $379 Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4 Motherboard $259 G.Skill Ripjaws Z F3-2133C11Q-32GZL (4x8GB) 32GB DDR3 $359 Part of what I need to check, is that all this will work together - I've been out of the pc game for a while. And does it offer reasonable bang for buck. The above will replace my Q6600 based system. I'll be using the same case, PSU, graphics card, SSD and HDD's that I have currently - specs in signature below. EDIT: replaced Corsair RAM with G.Skills Ram saving $80 approx. I looked at a i7 4770k setup, and while cheaper motherboards are available, the other parts are all around the same price (CPU and 32GB of RAM). So the above is around $100 or so more than a compariable 4770k setup, which I'm happy to pay. As for cooling I have a Cosair H60 kit, which I assume I need to get another backplate for? I run Windows 7 64Bit, and I don't oc if that matters. Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. psyched

    Achievements this month

    Thought it would be cool to have a thread where people can stand up and shout 'I did it'. Whether its a birdie on the golf course, a promotion at work, a new job, new wife etc. Tell the people where you're at. Thought I'd start, this month I was accepted by Monash University into the Master of Human Resource Management program. So pretty chuffed about that, I start the program at the end of the month.
  11. psyched

    H70 Replacement Fans + Ram Fan Q

    I'm using the same cooling setup, have you plugged in the resistors that came with the H70? These cut down a heap of noise, and still provide good cooling.
  12. psyched

    when mail order goes wrong

    Alternatively you could just relax, you purchased a product knowing that it would be mailed to you. Then you complain that deliver is taking too long - did you complain about the discount I assume you got through ordering through a virtual store? Sit tight, relax, and take one breath after another.
  13. psyched

    Worth the upgrade

    To my understanding the SSD doesn't provide more framerates (at least none that I've noticed - although I don't play loads of games), however it will provide an overall boost to your PC's performance, including loading games faster. As others have said, if its games you're wanting to play, just update the GPU and see how you get'on from there.
  14. psyched

    Installing a network

    Ahh, thanks for that - I wouldn't have even thought to look into that aspect.
  15. psyched

    Older Blu-ray titles

    One thing that annoys me with some of the older movies converted to BluRay, is that the studio puts zero effort into them. Some of them don't even have a title screen or menu, the movie just starts immediately.