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  1. zyklon

    You can't overdose on homeopathic remedies

    How can water remember a tiny drop of something good diluted back 10000 orders of magnitude, yet somehow forget about all the poo its had in it? hitler had teh right idea ...wrong demographic.
  2. zyklon

    Just got a Diploma

    Congrats man, That diploma didn't happen to be form Avonmore did it? I studied there a couple of years ago, then moved to Brisbane and got a job. So I'm living proof your plan works. although, its a bit warmer than tga here, and everything bites you :/
  3. Cheers Rob, That was probably the best explanation of HT I've ever read. Yeah there was a bit of a security issue with HT on teh Pentium 4's.
  4. zyklon

    Classic quote...

    "Drive? You couldn't drive a greasy stick up a dogs arse" - My old man telling a taxi driver how it is. "So hungry I could eat a scabby dog's arse through a wicker chair" - one of my highschool teachers "Here, take these...They're Concrete pills, harden the fuck up" - My brother, when I was extremely hungover one morning and not coping so well.
  5. zyklon

    A question on drugs

    To add to that, addicts in general have a nasty habit of trying to get other people to partake. I think it kind of justifies it for them, if they're not the only ones.Again, cowardly.
  6. zyklon

    A question on drugs

    Hrrm, I'm not really anti-drugs, there is a time and a place - but god knows I've seen them wreck some beautiful people beyond recognition. I haven't taken any in a long time, and yeah it was fun/exciting and i had an awesome time. But by avoiding them you're not missing anything. Hardly a life changing experience. Now I've grown up a little, I value my sanity.
  7. zyklon

    And What Are You Listening To?

    something a little oldschool
  8. yeah, that guy looks pretty hard. I wonder if hes in any way related to Grigori Rasputin
  9. Fuzz, That was fucking beautiful.
  10. zyklon

    Can people spoof phone numbers

    If I am not mistaken (which i could be) The the bandwidth used for SMS was reserved for diagnostics and stuff, as part of the original cell network standard. and when it was never used, somebody decided to send text across it, hence the inherent limitations - provided it stays under a certain packet size, it literally costs them nothing, because the data was already reserved, and not being used.
  11. zyklon

    21 on monday

    I'm in manly (next to wynnum). will be heading towards town later on though.
  12. zyklon

    21 on monday

    Well, I'm 21 on Monday, so far i have got an awesome belt, and some band shirts (KISS and Iron Maiden) from my GF, a little early, apparently theres more to come on the official day, not sure what else is in the works though.. its not really a huge deal for me, but still, thought id make a quick post. -------- also my little brother is taking me towards the city and/or the valley for copious amounts of liquor tonight. theres bound to be plenty of free drinks. anyone interested?
  13. zyklon

    The end of the world.

    I would say there would be a metric shitload of other radiation coming out of there at roughly the speed of light, that could do us some damage. Edit: 2*10^37
  14. zyklon

    And What Are You Listening To?

    ZZ Top - Jesus Just Left Chicago