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    How to keep it running using solar wind or hybrid

    Here is my disclaimer quote from the page, the page itself conforms to the rules of the sites as i discussed with the host (The information is to assist DIY for EVERYTHING , i don't agentise or profit a tiny cent)... ..."This information is here courtesy of "somewhere to start" to find an off grid power system package. YOU JUST WOULDN'T FIND IT, OR GUESS IT EITHER (also, horizontal wind turbines are the only less expensive generator systems) I AM NOT AN AGENT AND, NEITHER GET A CENT FROM THIS , IT'S SO UNFAIR TO NOT KNOW THIS OR FIND THIS INFORMATION, AFTER YOU LOOK AT MANY OTHER OFFERS (note: trade offers change rapidly within days potentially, minimum order quantities even with giant equipment, and customs, freight, handling, insurance and management charges/tariffs)."... I'll simply assume you have never lived outside of a city, and have no idea or comprehension of how a farm actually operates, they are not the Beverly Hillbillies, they are often tertiary trained degree or diploma level and management qualified people in agriculture as far back as the 1930's. Where i came from was only one hundred meters away from living with a rifle against the wall of my own bedroom when i was a child, many houses i lived around often had shotguns sitting around where anyone was actuallly at in the premises and often moved with them from room to room, so i am to assume you don't realise that things such as "wind generators" for charging batteries have been around for long before solar pv was ever considered existant as a commercial industry on offer to any country perhaps inclusive the Soviets(the creators of Solar) themselves. Apart from being totally aware of then remoteness of living some places, there is also how much can be afforded to operate appliances such as the recent computer i use, a small e-machine which uses a tiny quantity of power compared to a standard desktop, as much LCD uses far less than the old gas burner type screens 1024 x 768 screens that are as bad as a tube television.
  2. nicephotog-jvm.net

    How to keep it running using solar wind or hybrid

    You didn't read either the news about NSW electricity privatisation and price rises or about why those rises are required and ongoing neither again about green energy issues, or the point that farmers are the ones who will need 1st world lifestyle with their electricity or for the point again see that site is where farmers will also go to for reference to view the issue about noxious pests such as foxes and dingoes. People in rural areas were hit with a $400 rise p/year and that's only the beginning where the wool and meat trade cost money to operate. For people such as farmers and people whom live out of town to understand they have available options for electricity requires them to have an understanding of both pricing and aquirtability, so obviously i don't want your credit card details and am not selling them and there is no reference anywhere to such assistance so you have no reason to believe it is a commercial site. Any more anti statement to cause ignorance from you will not help the rural sector to stay afloat economically so if you cease the sabotage of this thread and information it would be appreciated by many people. Why not have also asked why the site contains links and information to primary production guard animals too and criticise that, you need to buy guard dogs and Llamas, they're not free either!
  3. nicephotog-jvm.net

    How to keep it running using solar wind or hybrid

    That would be hard to pick, Actually, no-one likes them for most because they are a noxious pest but now almost on the preserved species list. Now ... How does that have to do with this , it's incidental to the problem that alike using a caravan and 12v power supply inverters solar wind hybrid e.t.c. , farms and farmers (which happen to be the most bothered by dingoes and go looking for a solution) and dingoes and RAPS(Remote Area Power System) are all commonly found in the same place. Essentially to live outside of a suburb requires getting power from somewhere and it isn't by paying $100,000 by one household for 10Km of electricity line to one house(too parasitic economically and is quite subtly that only beyond town limits). Anyhow, i've been looking at all the deals from DIY small to "F.O.B. and Exw" international trade finding it's almost here in Australia as competitive with the grid at 6Kw 50% solar - 50% win hybrid. Batteries in Australia cost around $2 an AH(ampere hour). By the same point an ordinary standard mean of size of Australian house starts at 6Kw and with a family requires 10Kw for effective system size safety(32 x 12v batteries to 40 x 12v batteries min. size 200ah). I've also found i can import and transport 5 batteries for a small 12v rated power system "F.O.B. Exw and Sea Cargo to port" (converting 12vdc to 240vac) cheaper than buying them from here and much larger and better quality. I also consider that the Part2 system can run my machine and fry eggs and bacon in the electric fry pan with only two batteries(200ah) system, at least while it's daylight.
  4. I was wondering what the hell i would do about paying the electricity bill for my avarice of keeping a PC and monitor on when one day when i noticed the electricity prices were spiking and the cost was about to go up around the country to cope with the requirement to properly operate the utility and streamline it by eventually raising the price until it returns a profit as user pay. Obviously when houses are not in town limits and not suburban the distance between each connection is thousands of dollars to service p/year not e.g. $1200 - $1500 so it cannot ever logically return a profit in economics , at least not until you pay more than it costs. Not only was the cost immense but of luck i ran into solar and started to learn there were (anything except as usual) cheap ways of tacking on a bit of extra power. The dumbest idea was looking at the electronics stores and particularly those zippy little solar charger boards, they are way overpriced and as it happens effectively solar is a soviet derived technology of later the Chinese took to manufacturing it and wind turbines. Having had some experience of IC's and complex circuitry along with 27Mhz SSB and 477Mhz and modulators and filters in my teens i decided to go back to the drawing board and learn it all again. Not actually needed but it helps. Eventually what it comes down to is hundreds of hours of simply finding components whether basic system parts or the whole set as a power system. Here's what i got it down to in finding whats available. A set of various pieces from either ebay or alibaba trade deals site. Finally, Hybrid(solar and wind controller) is the only sensible solution because battery banks no matter how large or tiny should be kept above at least 85% full and preferred above 90% full to give the battery long life, this means having enough batteries as much enough directly deflected power being produced for consumption. It's a little fast and grubby aberration at points but it is the core guts of what is available. And making it cheap is DIY if you can weld and do motor mechanics and vehicle electrics. Start at PART2 http://wild-canidae-conservation-forum.net...tic%29PART2.pdf PART3 http://wild-canidae-conservation-forum.net...ower-system.pdf The article is part of an info site i slung together to about Dingo extinction. http://wild-canidae-conservation-forum.netne.net/
  5. nicephotog-jvm.net

    XML Question

    Yes...yes...yes... you sound like a nice sheep.... yes.... Here it is about "Microsoft Infopath" , XML is no different to any other superfluous technology for data logging and storage when creating HTML. It should have created with it an associate XSLT file or it will be embedded in the xml form document. Anyhow, why create a web form if you don't have a processing script e.g. PHP or PERL or ASP C# e.t.c. on your site for the submit action="" in the output HTML. Infopath: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/infopath...P001096738.aspx (just for parity) http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mi...office.11).aspx
  6. nicephotog-jvm.net

    Java help!

    apart from using numbers and initialising and setting a minVal and maxVal (floor/ceiling) , did you know with a collator class and in char values you can have a min and max val order?
  7. nicephotog-jvm.net

    Scripting advice

    For perl , is that what you mean? #!c:/perl/bin/perl -w # $addrCount=0; $nm=0; $addresses = "c:/myaddresses.txt"; $template = "c:/mytemplatetext.txt"; $outfilename="c:/outfileprefix"; $templtxt = ""; open(TEMPLATE,"<${template}"); @templtxt=<TEMPLATE>; $lp=scalar(@templtxt); while($nm<$lp){ $templtxt.=" ".$templtxt[$nm]; $nm+=1; } #endwhile close(TEMPLATE); # open(ADDRESS,"<${addresses}"); # @addr=<ADDRESS>; close(ADDRESS); $addrCount=scalar(@addr); $nm=0; while($nm<$addrCount){ ## # # match or substitute and cut substrings here of $templtxt to insert $addr[$nm] # reassign to $templtxt and can be used below to write to file ## $outfilename.="".$nm.".txt"; # create file open(OUTFILE,"<${outfilename}"); close(OUTFILE); # end create file # open file for writing to open(OUTFILE,">${outfilename}"); print $templtxt."\n"; close(OUTFILE); $nm+=1; }
  8. nicephotog-jvm.net

    Help with Java

    You use a dialog set as "modal dialog" to cause them to centralise into the main app window, but the main app window should extend from awt Frame or javax JFrame. With dialogs they require a frame instance added to them at construction whether static or new , and that can have it position allocated on the screen. As for the actionlistener , its generally implemented on the main app window and the abstract method overridden ( public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) ).
  9. nicephotog-jvm.net

    I bought Java A Beginner's Guide (Fifth Edition)

    To get a background of it before hitting the keyboard for a moment certainly , but in no way will ever replace learning it. I still disagree, gods own stuff is the tops, i came in out of the rain and sat down in 1999 and saw borlands paper about java2 then found it came from Sun originally and looked up their docs on their site, there tutorials are far superior so never shirk theirs anyhow , Stanford can only be considered a supplement (extra / add on) , not an alternative, certainly use it but it won't beat bozzz(Oracle Sun) at it, neither the "Tech Tips" section for learning java. They(Oracle - Sun) are just simply good stuff , IBM is also good stuff but it's better when you are starting to move into frameworks and ADT systems. I also forgot to mention, the other set of docs required are the Core J2SE API docs this is the J2SE 7 docs API online http://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/api/index.html go to the J2SE page and download a set for yourself too.
  10. nicephotog-jvm.net

    I bought Java A Beginner's Guide (Fifth Edition)

    NO! Always use these(Gods own stuff) Java SE (the required core knowledge to learn) http://docs.oracle.com/javase/ and this online The Java tutorials http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/index.html There is a box on the right side of the page with "Tutorial Resources" - and "Download the latest Java Tutorials bundle."
  11. nicephotog-jvm.net

    .NET Sockets

    ipv 6 and 4 are stateless protocol. Looks to me like you waved your hand at it so it waved its back.
  12. nicephotog-jvm.net

    for loop in python breaking early

    Thread priority? i had more than one editing window open again i see, that must look pretty warped somewhere else too...
  13. nicephotog-jvm.net

    Problem with constructors

    int[] inputTest = new {5,32,6}; What's new doing there??? literal arrays do not require "new" should be... int[] inputTest = {5,32,6};
  14. nicephotog-jvm.net

    Basic Start

    PERL 5.000 , may be the best , PERL has a C style to it and relation in how to program , as much using modules from @inc is similar to calling .dll libraries, it also relates well with both procedural language, and practical igher language usages that are not as complex as C/C++ e.g. regular expressions and passing by reference , return e.t.c. , it also has heavy relationship to UNIX shell language syntax(another practical use). Either dedicated javascript or Java2 is good for building on that with OOP(alternately .NET C# or J#).
  15. nicephotog-jvm.net

    for loop in python breaking early

    what level does 5.0 represent in thread priority???