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  1. Hello hello. Just though I'd let N97 owners know that if you own one of the early revision N97's, you know the ones that had trouble locking onto GPS and had a self harming camera, that you may be unaware that Nokia are fixing them under warranty for freeee. That is, if you are still in your 12 month warranty period. Most of you should still have warranty because I got mine as soon as it came out, and warranty for me is ending this month. So head down to your closest Nokia Care Centre and get it fixed! No need for paperwork, nothing. I got mine done at Elizabeth St Melbourne today, service was great. Handed my phone in, they said it might take two days, went to play pool and an hour later got a text saying it was done. Saaaweeeeeet. As a bonus, they also replaced my screen with a new one (I actually don't know why but I'm glad they did :D), and now it's as sensitive as my nipples in cold weather. Just kidding. The new screen is soooo rock solid, no longer the mushy thing it used to be and it's EXTREMELY sensitive. I'm talking Apple iPhone sensitive here no joke. I'm amazed at how well the resistive touchscreen works. Better than the N900 I must say. They also fit me a screen protector... for free :D They also gave me the latest firmware for my phone, or should I say, compatible with my carrier. If your with Optus you should know that they will never let us use V22 because their myZoo garbage won't work or something. So I've currently got V21.0.102. I don't think anyone could get that through Nokia Software Updater. Must be special. But now since I got it back, the phone is amazingly zippy, free of bugs and lag. Should have been like this the day it was released. It's working super fantastically. Go Nokia! Just remember to back everything up before you hand your phone in. They wipe EVERYTHING off your phone. Yes that includes C and E drives. Tech-Kid
  2. Tech-Kid

    Android apps/X10 mini

    Or N97 if you want a piece of shit. Just kidding it's an awesome phoneeee! What about N900? That thing is like, a multitasking god.
  3. Tech-Kid

    A netbook for gaming

    15.6"... not much a netbook dude.
  4. Tech-Kid

    Big <3 for N97 Mini

    I was at the library today and got a chance to experiment with the Wi-Fi and have a bit of fun with phone. And what a blast, the browser was a dream to use. Words cannot explain how proud I was of this phone so many call "junk" haha. Has anyone updated to V22? Apparently it's out. I tried searching for it but nothing's come up. Then I updated Ovi Store and downloaded a few games and themes. I'm slowly liking it more and more. Ovi Store is simple and breezy to use. Lack of apps is an issue though... And has anyone seen the so called new Nokia C6? Internally... it's pretty much the N97 with a plastic makeover but Nokia are marketing it as a totally different phone hahaha.
  5. Tech-Kid

    Big <3 for N97 Mini

    thesorehead - Yeah the N8 is sure to cripple the iPhone 4... if Nokia can get their software right way around this time. 12mp camera, HDMI... where do I end with all the features? Amazing potential. And from reviews hanging out on the net so far, S^3 seems a treat. My N97 also does weird things as you just said, like locking but still having the screen on. Problem is solved by sliding the lock hinge slowly. If your wanting it to become fast again, a hard reset should be taken into consideration. Just put everything on the mass memory (32GB) and back up what you need. And with SMS's, you should keep them stored in the mass memory. Just go to Messaging -> Options -> Settings -> Other and change the "Memory in use". Installing apps should always be kept to the mass memory. Nokia only gave original N97 user's about 75mb of space... which isn't much compared to the N97 Mini which came with a good 250mb or so. And I gotta agree with you with the browser. It really is a good one! Others - If your after some good themes, check out Pizero's N97 themes. They'll cost you for getting them from the Ovi store but google is a good friend in these times haha. I'm using the Black Pro Lime. It's sexayyy ;) Game-wise, you can get doodle jump just like the iPhone (accelerometer too!), Ninjani, Midnight Bowling 2, Guitar Hero (there are heaps!), various cricket games, Real Football 2010, Real Football Manager 2010, World Penalties, Panzer Panic, MicroPool... there are heaps of great games for the N97. Prices on Ovi are a bit rip compared to the Apple store but in due time once Nokia's smartphone market picks up again we should see everything go a lot cheaper... hopefully haha. If you don't wanna pay just google LOL. For you pissed N97 owners out there... don't give up yet. Wait until the N8 is released because that's when S^3 will be released for the N97. So the rumor is... Or you can be a white sheep and go with the iPhone... that piece of junk. Antenna issues... pfft.
  6. Tech-Kid

    A netbook for gaming

    A while ago there was the Asus N10J that had a discreet nVidia graphics chipset integrated into a netbook. They were going for $750 a year or two ago. Don't sell them anymore but eBay can be your friend in times like these. It plays COD4, I don't know how tough that is on a system but to me that's pretty darn good.
  7. Tech-Kid

    HTC Desire v iPhone 4

    God I hate iPhone's... I do quite like HTC's. Have a soft spot for them. Fantastic phones and the new Android UI is a real killer from what I've read. But at the end of the day, I'm a Nokia man haha.
  8. Tech-Kid

    Big <3 for N97 Mini

    Nokia have really, REALLY done a crappy ass job with these N97's, both the original and mini. Hardware wise, they're really not that bad. In terms of software, they suck big time. I've updated to the latest firmware as soon as they come out and they disappoint time and time again. Fantastic device, it has all the features I need but the laggy UI drives me ape shit. Rumor is S^3 might be implemented on the N97. Let's hope that's true. More homescreens ftw. If your looking for apps and games, check out the dedicated N97 forums. Or look on the Ovi store and find something you like and if you cbf paying it, just google it. You'll find it somewhere.
  9. Tech-Kid

    The Liberal Party's election commitments

    I like Liberal. Dunno why. Maybe I support white collar workers LOL.
  10. Hi guys just wondering if private health cover (HBA) covers invisalign. And do you guys know how much it would cost?
  11. Tech-Kid

    Where can I get a pocket square?

    Theres no point in me going to Brunswick when I live in the west. After badminton I'll just muck around at Altona and find something. I know 2 tailor shops close by to the baddy centre so I should be alright. Any of you guys know where i can get a masquerade mask too by any chance?
  12. Tech-Kid

    Where can I get a pocket square?

    I got my suit at Man to Man Elizabeth St. store in the city :) But yeah, a teenage guy walking into a fabric store seems kind of gay haha. And I don't live any fabric stores whatsoever. Okie dokie i'll just try find a hanky. Don't think they exist in metallic silver but white should do.
  13. Hey guys I've got a formal coming up and I need a pocket square. Any ideas where I can get a metallic silver one? Or even better any of you guys wanna get rid of yours? And yeah preferably in the city (Melbourne) and not too expensive, say $20 max. Thanks Atomicans :)
  14. Oh yeah true. I didn't come to think of getting second hand stuff haha. My P35-DS3P is running my quad greatly. Just don't expect it to mingle out high FSB for a quad. A dual on the other hand, your speaking 500FSB or thereabouts.
  15. Mate... if your going to do any overclocking, better do it on a proper motherboard. If you want, pick up a Gigabyte P45-UD3L for cheap and with this, it has headroom for future CPU upgrades say you want to go C2D or C2Q. (Not i7/i5/i3). And the RAM speed of only 233MHz is SERIOUSLY bottlenecking any chance of a high overclock. Pick up 4GB kit of Team Xtreem Dark 1066MHz RAM from MSY for around $80. And let me remind you Pentium D's are SERIOUSLY HOT HOT HOT. You won't get very far until you have to up to volts to high levels which will further increase heat. I reckon you'd get 240FSB if you had a decent heatsink. Noctua NH-U12 perhaps? But in all, maybe its time you just DID get a new computer. Justifying all the expenses just for a shitty Pentium D overclock doesn't make it worthwhile I'm afraid.