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    I just got a 360 :)

    Well done on getting a 360! If you're into FPS - You need to have Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 GTA:IV is alright - I played it for a good while, but went back to Halo 3 / COD:4. But really consider what genre you want. However, you can always buy any game from EB Games for 7 days, and return it if you aren't fond.
  2. Firefox has an addon I use: 'Net Usage Item' Tells me heaps of info.
  3. black0ut

    Meet Tanya :D

    I reckon McCarthy would be heaps fun in person.
  4. black0ut

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

    I'm not a big enough Star Wars fan to buy this, but I remember playing one of the older Jedi games on PC and it was quite fun using the 'force' - So maybe this is lots of fun? =D We'll see. Doubt any of my friends will buy it though
  5. black0ut

    Freebies (X360)

    i'll take any you have left please! =D