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  1. chapps

    Guild Wars 2

    Apparently none of these account hacks have been any fault of Guildwars2. Initial reports suggested that hackers were grabbing email and password details from hacked forums/account based websites and then using that information to try and force Guildwars accounts. Pays to have different passwords for different accounts. Especially your important ones like your email or those attached to you financially. The ip setup is neat, seems to have saved a lot of people. Glad its in place :)
  2. chapps

    How much does it cost to "code" a site?

    Yeh the kind of cutting and coding you seem to be quoting up I think you could probably learn quite easily. Personally if I was in your shoes and spending money I would be getting someone to setup a cms. Static pages will put a spanner in the works if you wish to expand. Also $60/h is a bit ridiculous. Maybe from a new graduate or sweatshop.
  3. chapps

    Artist, show us your setup and tools..

    Can't be shitted going through all the hardware. Key points being: - intuos4 med - space navigator 3d mouse - lots of monitors + ram Most used software: - Firefox w/ firebug + xmarks - Adobe CS5 - Colorpix
  4. chapps

    Looking for an artist

    I know a few game designer/illustrators who may be interested. Whats on offer for their services exactly? I'm presuming its not a payed job and the designer would get mentioned in the games credits?
  5. chapps

    Display Decisions

    Hi all, So got an eyefinity card a while ago and just presumed connecting up a third monitor would be a piece of cake....wrong. So my situation at this point is... I have two 22" monitors and a large projector setup in my room. As far as I can tell I have two options. 1. Buy an active display > dvi adapter and have all 3 running. OR 2. Buy a HMDI split cable (because I doubt I'll use both monitors and the projector at once). I'm leaning towards the second at this point because its the cheaper option. (thanks taxman -_-) Any opinions on which would be the best option would be greatly appreciated :)
  6. chapps


    Thanks for the feedback. They don't have much content so I wanted to build something tight and small. Just trying to build something different as I find a lot of people seem to churn out the same templates over and over.
  7. chapps

    Music Enquiry

    Yup its got a piano.... as for any other similarities haha
  8. chapps


    Helloooo, Just been working on the following website. While I'm close to finished and don't plan to do much more work on it, feedbacks always handy in perfecting future jobs :) The main empty pages will be filled with the clients content down the track. WHISS Cheers.
  9. chapps

    Music Enquiry

    Dam this is hard. Looks like I may have to go guerrilla and start hunting down the director. In the mean time I guess i'll just have rip the trailer to an audio file and loop it lol. Bummer.
  10. chapps

    Music Enquiry

    Nope :( have a feeling its going to be some really obscure piece.
  11. chapps

    Music Enquiry

    Nopes :( Found that googling as well but it was for a channel 4 spot that was thrown together. you've probably done this but have you googled the lyrics? or does it not have lyrics? No lyrics. Only a really nice piano. Also attempted to shazam and soundhound with no success. Was playing it through my headphones though so may not have been as clear as through a set of speakers.
  12. chapps

    Music Enquiry

    Nopes :( Found that googling as well but it was for a channel 4 spot that was thrown together.
  13. chapps

    Music Enquiry

    Well who is up for round 2? It has just not been my week... 7 Days Trailer This one will be a little harder than the first.
  14. chapps

    Windows phone 7

    Amen to that I'm stuck in a limbo where I cant confidently pick either phone7 or android and so I must sit with my overly frustrating apple until the murky waters clear.
  15. chapps

    Music Enquiry

    Snap. Thats the one! Cheers