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  1. oddman

    Blizzard going down the drain

    I'm pretty sure WoW had patched and maintenance every tuesday way before Activision was involved...
  2. oddman

    StarCraft2 - Its sitting on my desk taunting me

    So you can do that? I'm assuming the DVD copy needs to be in the machine to play so downloading it and having a digital version might be better even if i have the DVD version as well.
  3. oddman

    Your First Concert

    First major one... Silverchair/Grinspoon/Jebediah at the Entertainment Centre in Townsville. Were in the seats but stuck down into the moshpit and it was amazing. Have no favourite so far, could be either Tool or Karnivool i think. Seeing Jonsi in a few months in Sydney and that will surely be amazing!
  4. oddman

    2010 iPhone - what will it have?

    On more day till we know!
  5. oddman

    The official "Does size matter?" Poll

    This forum is so sexy tonight.
  6. oddman

    Q6600 CPU fan speeds way too fast!

    Not sure if i want to push my luck. Even if it turns out not to be stable, theres nothing i can do about it until i finish my thesis and decide to rebuild my computer. So some time in the future i'll uber-ise the cooling hurrah! Thanks!
  7. oddman

    Q6600 CPU fan speeds way too fast!

    I just went into bios and put it down to 1.225 which was the lowest option it could go which i thought was abit weird. However looking at the voltage from within windows it hovers around 1.16 most of the time going down to 1.144 and up to 1.18 sometimes. Hasn't crashed yet and temps and the fan is abit slower so looking good so far. :) Only time will tell if it stay stable..
  8. oddman

    Q6600 CPU fan speeds way too fast!

    hmm ok well at the moment its at 1.248V but it sometimes increases or decreases. Would you recommend trying to set it to 1.2V and see how it goes?
  9. oddman

    Q6600 CPU fan speeds way too fast!

    Ahh is see. I've been directing a portable fan into the case too see if the high fan speed is a result of temperature or some other fault. It did actually help to lower the fan speed after a while so i guess the fan is going crazy cos its too hot. Just weird that i don't think it did it before. I have made sure the heatsink is installed properly. Took me 3 tries to get the right amount of paste and to get the heatsink and fan clipped down correctly... Thanks for the replies, i think i'll look for a better heatsink and fan at some point. All i know now is that my next computer will be built for SILENCE!
  10. oddman

    National "Go Topless" Day

    eeewewwwwwwwww bewbage
  11. oddman

    Q6600 CPU fan speeds way too fast!

    I'm running a Intel Quad core Q6600. Depending on what program i use the temps go from around 60 max in idle using SpeedFan to about 45-50 using Real Temp. I realize thats probably hot but i do live in Townsville as well so the ambient temp is relatively hot. EDIT: And no i'm not overclocking anything. Thanks for your reply.
  12. Hi all! I have a problem. I took my computer apart to clean it yesterday due to a large amount of dust collecting on the fans making it very noisy. After reinstalling the CPU fan and mucking around with thermal paste for awhile after some initial heat problems, all well. CPU temps are lower than they have ever been at below 50c (Realtemp) and below than 60c (SpeedFan). However now it seems that the CPU fan is going into overdrive. When i first turn on the PC, it hovers at ~2500rpm for awhile and slowly increases. After about half an hour of being on the fan will (i assume) max out at ~4600rpm! Temperatures don't increase much and this is when the system is simply idleing. I cant even imagine what would happen if i applied much load. So my problem isn't so much that it is overheating. I mean i'm sure the CPU used to get to much higher temperatures (up to 70c) without problems and without excessive fan speeds. The ambient temp here is probably about 25c but it is alot hotter for most of the year. I'm just looking for a solution to stop my desk vibrating due to that fan going crazy. I can't seem to control the fan speed via SpeedFan and changing bios fan control settings doesn't seem to do anything. Any suggestions from Atomic? Thanks!
  13. I'm currently using both Speedfan and Coretemp. Originally was worried because Speedfan would report crazy temp up around 70c. A few thermal paste experiments down the line it reports about 60c max whih is still pretty high. I just downloaded Coretemp and now its reportng much better temperatures (max 47c) and most cores down below 40c. Who to believe? I hope Coretemp is right because Speedfan just seems like its always been unrealistically high.
  14. oddman

    Second streams of income.

    For alot of people i think its come down to their current jobs not providing enough hours these days..