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  1. lukey1990

    Cheap PDA for reading eBooks

    The cheapest on Staticice is $379.00, don't suppose you'd consider $150ish?
  2. lukey1990

    Cheap PDA for reading eBooks

    Hey tantryl, I would consider selling my PDA if you're interested? It's a HP iPAQ 112 Classic.
  3. lukey1990

    $250 GPU

    The HD4850 is faster than the 9800GT, so I'd recommend getting that over a 9800GT. The amount of RAM best suited would depend on the resolution you use, but the 1GB model is only $40 more, so it's probably worth it, however that would exceed your budget a bit.
  4. lukey1990

    Radeon HD5xxx series.

    The HD4770 is 40nm and due out on the 6th of April IIRC. It's supposed to be somewhere around the HD4830 in terms of performance. It has GDDR5 (3200MHz) RAM on a 128bit bus. 750MHz core clock. I've seen some preliminary benchmarks that place in both in-front and behind the HD3870, so I'm guessing it's about equal to a 3870. It's expected to retail at about $110-130. That's from what I can remember of the couple of reports I've read.
  5. lukey1990

    Crossfire with 4870 and 4850

    If you're adding the RAM of both cards together, then it doesn't work like that. GPU's in SLI/CFX mode do not share memory. They can run at different speeds, this mode of Crossfire is called Crossfire-X. Yes, Nvidia cards must be identical, but ATI's HD4850 and HD4870 are using the same core. Much like Nvidia's GTX280 and GTX260 do, but at different speeds with some things disabled.
  6. lukey1990

    Crossfire with 4870 and 4850

    You can run both cards in Crossfire mode or as separate cards. If you aren't going to be running games or similar then you'll encounter less compatibility problems by running them as single units. Really a HD4850 is a rather large waste of money, power and electricity. Almost any card is capable or running two monitors.
  7. lukey1990

    Recommend me a CPU

    By average use do you mean browsing the internet and such? If so then basically any CPU would do the job, especially if you're going to overclock it.
  8. This is very stupid of Nvidia, IMO. All it does is confuse customers which can easily result in them buying a card that isn't ideal, also it could make some think they are a new card and they go and buy one unnecessarily. Why does Nvidia insist on doing such un-consumer-friendly acts? 'Cos it certainly won't be earning them any if they simply try to pass off old cards as new ones without even making a single change to them, they've already done the exact thing with the 8800GT once before.. Even a clock speed increase would be better than nothing at all. It sort of angers me really, it's almost as if Nvidia think they can rename their products and the consumers are too stupid to require them to put any effort into these cards. [edit] spelling
  9. lukey1990

    Video Card for new system

    I'm not too sure. The HD4870 1GB is nearly equal to 10-15% slower than a GTX280, and the GTX285 is ~10% faster than a GTX280. I reckon someone else would know more about the actual performance figures, though.
  10. lukey1990

    Video Card for new system

    The best would be a HD4870 1GB: $409.00 The GTX285 $565.00
  11. lukey1990

    Atomics 3dmark vantage settings?

    I guess the standard settings.
  12. lukey1990

    GTX 295 benchies

    What CPU do you have Lazzarus2nd?
  13. lukey1990

    GTX 295 benchies

    You aren't taking all the facts into consideration, such as the rest of the systems specifications (mainly the CPU).
  14. Phenom II CPUs are quad-core. Actually they do, and usually by a significant amount. Although it isn't by enough to make the extra few hundred worth it, really. Yes, a machine specifically built for gaming would do well with an E8x00 CPU, it will also save you money. They overclock very well, too. --- To answer your question, xzibit0007, a Core i7 is faster in most everything than a Phenom II. Whether it's worth the extra money is for you to decide, but it certainly does have some large gaps over the PHII. Having said that, a Phenom II doesn't do badly either.
  15. As far as I know, the 3870 wasn't available with an AGP interface.