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  1. So heres the deal. A mate has 3 x 1TB (new) HDDs and 1 x 1TB (old and containing 800GB of data) and wants to integrate all 4 disks into a 4 disk RAID5. Simple enough, problem is he wants to keep his 800GB of data. And clearly to make a RAID5 with 4 disks all 4 disks would have to be formatted. I cant find a spare TB of free space to back his data up anywhere. The only other option I can think of is to buy another drive but thats another $100. But, I do have a spare 320GB drive. If I built his RAID 5 with 3 x 1TB & 1 x 320GB. It would bring the RAID up to ~960GB. I could back up the 800GB of data off the 1TB disk to the RAID. If I then pulled the 320GB drive, then added the other 1TB drive (initiating a rebuild of the dead disk) the RAID would contain 4 x 1TB drives and theoretically ~3TB available space. Is this plan technically feasible? I've upgraded RAID capacity by pulling one disk at a time, but am unsure if this little trick would do the job or not. Any help (or other suggestions) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Yolbit

    VPN/IP Redirection

    These products are legitimate and do what they claimt, I use BTGuard myself for obvious reasons. The only downside is they slightly slow down the speed of torrents, surfing or whatever. Same way as a filter such as the proposed Aussie Firewall would. Just out of curiosity, what about these products comes across as shady?
  3. We can stop harping on about PSUs. Yeah it was never running off windows drivers. Im not sure a game like Borderlands would even run using the "Generic VGA Adapter" driver. I did install the latest drivers off the nvidia kwebsite, I've run DXDiag, might try rolling back the drivers to an earlier version or something? Nothing seems to be fixing the problem really. Might just need patching. As I said its my bros computer, I want to get it working perfectly before I give it back to him. Thanks for the suggestions.
  4. I went home and looked at the PSU again. Its not a CM ElitePower 460 its a CM ExtremePower 460. As I was saying previously I had a tightish budget and did a bit of research and found this review for it http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/550 Hardware secrets do pretty in depth and legit reviews overall. They also gave this PSU a silver star rating, and for $50 it was probably the best purchase I could have made for the price. I also know a little about the anatomy of a Switching PSU, and I dont subscribe to the popular idea that only a hugely overpowered and expensive PSU will provide the power and stability required for a gaming computer. As long as the PSU has its protections up it is highly unlikely that current is going to magically jump protective circuits and run down your rails and fry your components in the event of a surge or a short. Nesquick, yes, a cheaper PSU will be obviously made of cheaper parts and is more likely to fail before your Corsair for example. But for you to say my computer is going to go up in smoke purely because I purchased a Coolermaster is both ill informed, and unhelpful.
  5. Yolbit


    check out Adafruit Industries awsome little electronics and microprocessor projects in there start with the kits/projects and work your way up, even just grabbing a beginners kit and soldering away, you'll be amazed at how practical application makes all those things you didnt understand about the theory suddenly fall into place.
  6. Yolbit

    A0 Printing

    ahhh geez... the only A0 docs I've ever seen usually come out of the plotter (tech drawing printer) at our work. I think to achieve what you need, you'll need a program like CAD, or inDesign, Illustrator, something that allows an infinite workspace. I very much doubt any word processor would support A0. A PDF creator might work but I cant think of one that would off the top of my head.
  7. settle down... Budget constraints were the reason for the purchase of that PSU. I work for a living, therefor money does know a boundary and I couldnt afford to go out and buy just anything. Although the Coolermaster isn't the Roles Royce of PSUs, it will do the job fine. I previously had a gaming rig running off a similar quality PSU for many years and it never exploded, raped my sister, or pissed in my cereal. But, pending the imminent destruction of my computer, do you have any suggestions as to why im having GFX issues? PS. dont say the PSU '
  8. Yes I understand this, I promise not to cry if you hold me
  9. I'm doubtful it's the PSU. I know its popular to blame everything on cheap PSUs on this forum **ahem nesquick** but in my experience I've seen a lot more run off a lot less. With that said tho I'll throw my Antec TruPower 550W in there and test the theory.
  10. behave, I did my research, that PSU is fine for the system
  11. No, didn't check that, when I get home today I'll check and re-post. What games are you running spaced and how well do they play on your card? Yes infact while Borderlands was downloading I jumped on to TF2 and cranked all the settings to max - which had a similar effect to that of Borderlands, slightly jumpy, although the FPS was at 60
  12. I only use SAS and SCSI drives in all my clients servers. I was using Seagate ES drives and WD AV drives for high end workstations and just lately I have been replacing drives way too frequently. Much more frequently than I would have believed by buying top end drives. Many of them internally have the arm holding the heads, hitting the posts and not spinning up. Some with bad sectors. Glad I tell clients to save all important data to the servers :) I am starting to doubt for client machines, we need top end, except for speed. Like someone else in this thread said, you are using RAID 5, who cares if the drive is top end, unless it comes to speed. If it was speed, I doubt you would be using Raid 5 :) IMO for desktops cheap disks are fine. Is HDD speed really a consideration when most ppl in an office enviroment are moving <10MB word and excel docs? Server side is where you'll want to spend your money. It's such a strange one. At our work HDDs server side or on desktops die in such a random manner that its hard to determine whats better.
  13. Yolbit

    x58 ud5 raid troubles

    Thats so strange, I just cant imagine that a board over 6 months old would still have troubles like that. Theroetically speaking RAID5 can have an infinite number of disks, but have you checked the manual to see what that controller handles? Also, are all 10 Sata ports on the ud5 RAID enabled? Another thing you could try is a software RAID, to determine if its the controller or the disks giving you the grief. Wish I could be more help but it's got me stumped!
  14. Hey gurus, I recently bought a bunch of hardware to soup-up my brothers computer for some decent gaming Essentially I bought him a Gainward GTX 275 896M, Intel E8500, some RAM, Antec 200, Coolermaster ElitePower 460W he now has - Asus PK5PL-AM mobo Intel E8500 2GB DDR2 800 Gainward GTX 275 896M 250GB SATA Coolermaster ElitePower 460W 24" LCD Last night after getting the machine up and running I installed Borderlands and gave it a test drive on my 19" widescreen (1400X900 res) Using FRAPS I was watching the FPS in game and I was getting usually 35~37 the whole time. Also there was slight jerkyness in the movement, you'd see big diagonal lines cutting the image up slightly with quick movement. Overall it just didnt feel smoothe and freeflowing. The video settings were out of the box so I guess med - high, no anti-aliasing etc, VSync etc. I installed the latest video drivers off the nvidia website and during the Borderlands install (via Steam) it installed DX10 (I assume would be the latest). My question is, is 36FPS a bad result for that video card. I was expecting something around 50-60 with highest settings. Or am I dreaming? Also if I'm getting 36FPS on a 1400x900 screen how bad is it going to be on 1920x1200?? I thought that a card like a GTX275 would be big enough to play all the latest games no worries. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Cheers
  15. Yolbit

    Do I need 1GB internet speed?

    I meant 1gigabit, lol, not byte... the bluray rips might take longer than seconds, more like minutes, I'd still take that over my 13mbit DSL