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  1. drak0

    sound card choice

    judging by the slams and replies, i'd say its much of a muchness. i've always had creatives, never had an auzentech... they are both based on the x-fi platform and perform similarly. my last creative was basically the pci version of the one i have in this post. the only issue i'd have is vista i guess.
  2. drak0

    sound card choice

    bit of both really, music - headphones, games/movies/everything else - speakers
  3. drak0

    sound card choice

    Ok so. With compliments to Rudd, I have the choice between two fairly good sound cards. I will be running windows vista home premium (most likely 64 bit but at the moment I haven't made a final decision). I want to know which of you would choose what card. The choices: 1. Auzentech X-Fi Prelude 2. Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Titanium FATAL1TY Pro PCIe I know the most part about both but I'm torn between them as they both appeal to me. Which do you think would run best under a Vista environment? To those of you who might ask... I run X38 Chipset, C2Q 3.4GHZ, 2gb corsair dominator, HX620w, hd4870. Thanks, Ash.
  4. drak0

    So how have you spent your New Years evening?

    lol i have somewhat of a story behind my day and it also involves left 4 dead. i purchased it yesterday while spending the day with my parents. got it from EB games and they have this 7 day return thing. i got to my grandparents place (where i am staying for the holidays) really eager to play it. my pc was on so i chucked the disc in the drive and it asked for the key. sweet! input the key and it comes up DUPLICATE KEY, ALREADY ACTIVATED! DAMN IT! so i call EB and ask what the fuck was going on, why they sold me a refunded game. 'oh we do that, we have a 7 day satisfaction period'. having worked for powerhouse, we never EVER refunded software, the onus was on the cunt-stomer to get it right before they laid down the cash. so, i said 'well, isn't that a smart way to do business. yeah that's really smart...' so, i got over my agitation and i opened up steam. i went to see how much it was to purchase online and how big the d/l was. i eventually just succumbed and purchased off steam which was all well and good but the internet connection i have currently is a 7.2mbps next g with 3gb download. all i needed was the key, not the entire game! at that same time i was talking to a friend asking him what steamwatch was about, he talked about it and i wasn't even sure. so i purchased the game AGAIN, forced downloads of left 4 dead from GA, and i got the game on unmetered data! SWEET! and yeah, my new years was spent at the beach and playing l4d most of the night. just stopped playing it now, actually.
  5. drak0

    how about this for a shithouse night

    update: to those of you who mentioned prices for alternators... i picked one up today, a bosch one like what i had, for a hundred bucks with 30 days warranty. uncle fitted it for me, so i'm pretty stoked. good as new. oh... BUMP! haha
  6. drak0

    how about this for a shithouse night

    lol, i work for dse... i'm going back to ibm because i miss the city like a bitch.
  7. drak0

    how about this for a shithouse night

    dude, single most funniest thing i have heard all week. well done! and as for the burgers, i just ate them because i cbf walking back inside after waiting forever for them to stuff my order up.
  8. hey all havent posted in a while so i thought i'd share the brilliant night i've had! started this morning when i started my car, sounded like the battery was a little flat... no biggie. i got to work, had a good day. tonight though, i had to stay back (til 8.30pm, from 8pm) because someone cant do the work i set for them and had to do it myself. i went to go start my car to go through HJ's drive thru... sounded flat still. so i started to wonder if i'd even make it home. i got into the drive through and noticed my abs light was lit up. hmm... so i put it in park, took foot off brake and it went off. put back in drive and foot on brake... back on. so i was really confused. i ordered my stuff and talked to dad on the phone in NT asking what he thought; being a mechanic for BHP billiton. alternator... the car deteriorated heaps. the lights were dimming, stezza was bottoming out and cutting in/out heaps, my petrol went from almost full to empty and the dash lights cut out at that point and then BAM they all came on again. so i immediately told the HJ's dude that i'd better park up because my car was about to pwn itself. i parked it, walked in and called RACQ to come take a gander. i get my stuff, go back out to my car and sit in it. i'd ordered three grilled chicken burgers, a large coke and a cookies and cream storm. i opened my first burger, it wasn't a grilled chicken. ok, fair enough. they were busy and had 12 year old people on the register *shrugs*. i pull out the second, its the same! so i check the third, and its the same fucking stupid fucked up burger that the previous two were. so yeah, i eventually got RACQ to work where i was. they checked it over, definitely was the alternator. tow truck arrived and got me home. all this happens when i have planned to move back home to brisbane mid december and need to save money because IBM pay monthly. haha. there ya have it, my night. also forgive my profanities, i'm just a tad annoyed. hope everyone's night was better.
  9. drak0

    Post Your Desktop. V3.0

    Nice WP, what res & can I get a copy? :P haha, res is 1920x1200 (i got a 24" lcd). PM me your email and i'll forward it on to you because i only have photobucket and its not pro so it limits resolutions and file sizes (fail)
  10. drak0

    yes sir VERY atomic

    i loled at the tube :P
  11. drak0

    yes sir VERY atomic

    for any mods that read, there is a file also from the server called who_atomic.jpg. who else thinks we should bring back all the old artwork and stuff? most of it was pretty cool
  12. drak0

    yes sir VERY atomic

    lol, i remember those, they were on the site too. i had all three, but i must have cleared out my downloads folder and/or deleted it or something just as irregular. woot i made journeyman!
  13. drak0

    yes sir VERY atomic

    dude you rock, thanks heaps
  14. drak0

    how do you RTM?

    lol you weren't alone with this one, i too couldn't figure it out.
  15. drak0

    Telesales - Your computer is running slow...

    www.smoothwall.org = win