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  1. Good Evening All, My home router Netgear N3700 has finally shat it's self and I am getting next to no wireless bandwith and Gigabyte ethernet is slow as a pug with a full belly! Looking at upgrading and need some suggestions please. Budget of around $200 and I would like it to have strong wifi connections through wood walls and up to 20 meters distance. As a bit of an idea what will be hooked up to it. Is an 8 port switch, which shares to my HDTV, PC, Receiver, NAS, DVD player and Printer via Ethernet and then wifi I have 1 laptop, 2 smart phones, 2 tablets and any guests that visit. Hope this helps and thanks for the assstance.
  2. Ishta2000

    Please recommend a GPU.

    Thanks Al-Quds (Arabic for Jerusalem if you didn't already know) ;-p.
  3. Ishta2000

    Please recommend a GPU.

    Good Afternoon everyone, I am thinking of upgrading my GPU and I have no idea what card to go with. I will mainly be using the PC as a HTPC for movies and TV shows etc with some 4K content. I don't game on my PC anymore so that is not needed. I would like a card that can handle any videos I throw at it from 1080p to 4K. I tend to use Netflix and Plex for all my viewing pleasure if that helps and I currently run from my GPU to Onkyo receiver via HDMI 1.4 highspeed cable. Cheers
  4. Thanks Rybags. I will try taking out the Video card and try running graphics off the Mobo and see if that helps. What graphics card would you recommend if it is the culprit? Cheers
  5. Sorry everyone it has been a crazy couple of months and I am back to looking at upgrading now that I have a little more time up my sleeve. The main purpose of the PC is a HTPC capable of allowing me to watch 4K content with no lags. I don't game on PC anymore so that is not needed. I am on a tight budge so was thinking of keeping everything I have except cpu, mobo, RAM?, GPU (see my signature for details). The reason I am upgrading is because I keep getting BSOD or PC hangs and I have to switch off and restart. I dont really have the time to sit down and work out exactly what is causing the BSOD. Suggestions on parts would be appreciated. Cheers
  6. Hi All, Been ages since I was on here and I am due for HTPC update. I am looking for recommendations and suggestions, please. I have a 4K TV so would be nice to be able to play 4K content from my HTPC. Budget is $500 -$750 and I will be using some of my existing parts such as the SSD's and HHD. I am thinking my GPU could do with an upgrade too. I have a Fractal NODE 605 case but the case us HUGE and I no longer use my HTPC for gaming and I would like to downsize. Are NUC's any good these days? Sorry been out of the loop for a while with new baby, job and home reno's etc. I am happy to start from scratch but really need advice on parts etc. Cheers
  7. I have installed Windows 10 and I am trying to install my office 2007 onto the system and the dialogue windows that opens up asking me to tick the agreement box is so small and compressed that I cannot actually tick the box! I have tried tabbing, using arrow keys, hitting enter to no avail. I was going to upload a screen shot of it but got fed up and closed the installer after several attempts of closing a restarting everything. Anyone have any suggestions on how to increase the size of the installer box? And no you cannot simply expand the window I have tried that and it there are no dragging arrows or maximise and minimise buttons either. Cheers
  8. The interesting thing about the drive is that it works well when plugged into my Windows 7 Laptop but stops working when plugged into my Windows 10 pc. I know the hard drive is failing because I ran the Seatools software and it said the drive had failed a few test. But when I ran scandisk in Windows 7 it fixed some of the errors and I have been able to pull all my data off it (slowly) but I managed to save it all. The interesting thing though is Windows 10 would freeze in explorer and stop working all together. I wonder if this is a windows 10 issue? Does anyone know how to to check if USB 3.0 ports have been damaged in any way?
  9. Luckily my external drive was an enclosure only and I purchased the drive myself and installed it. I will try pulling it out and plugging it into the MB and see how I go but first I will try the Seatools recovery as I believe it is a Seagate hard drive. Thanks again for all replies and assistance. I will post again to let you all know how I went. Cheers
  10. Hi Rybags, Thanks for the reply mate. Yeah I managed to plug it into a laptop and it seems to be doing the same thing. I am guessing the drive is failing and on its last legs. Do you have any suggestions on software to try and retrieve it before it fully dies?
  11. Hi All, I have installed Windows 10 and it was working fine along with an external hard drive connected via USB 3.0. Today I added in a FreeNas box running the latests OS and mapped the server to Windows 10. All was working fine and I was copying files and folders from the External hard drive to the NAS folder. Then all of a sudden the external drive started to lag and windows explorer would freeze and lag. I have tried updating the drivers and Marvell controllers and the problems still persists. I have unplugged the hard drive and restarted windows several times with the same issue. When I disconnect the hard drive everything runs fine but as soon as I reconnect the drive and Auto run kicks in and opens the drive in Windows Explorer everything slows down to the point where I can do anything. The mouse jutters and takes ages for the mouse icon to move like 2cm! Not sure what is going on or how to fix this. I would appreciate if anyone has any ideas or fixes for this. Thanks in advance.
  12. Dude, the place has so little traffic these days that you're doing well to get a response in the same week for less common topics. Give it time. I didn't realise that "tumble weeds" were blowing through the forums! My bad. My build is in my signature.! Yes agree there is very little content available but when you have a Go Pro that has 4K recording on it then there is plenty of content ;-). All of the above. Everything is connected via an Onkyo TX-NR636 receiver.
  13. WOW not one comment lol.
  14. G'Day All. I am looking at upgrading my HTPC with new tech. I am going to be using some of the my old parts (mainly the case and SSD's) and I am looking for recommendation on parts. Happy to use existing parts to keep costs down but lets say I have a budget of around $750 for new parts. Appreciate all the help and advise. Cheers
  15. Thanks Rybags. Do you know much about FreeNas? Am I am able to upgradet the OS without wiping the drives and losing my data? Cheers