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  1. relativenewbie

    bluetooth sound system

    Hi, This thread's had 88 views since I posted it but no one has anything to say which is quite suprising. So I'm assuming I must have broken one rule or another for posting on this site, but I have no idea what it is. Does anyone want to clarify what I did or said to insult everyone so badly that they take one look at the post and proceed to ignore it? Relativenewbie
  2. relativenewbie

    bluetooth sound system

    Hi, I'm not sure if its practical or not but I thought I'd ask anyway. I'm wondering what are peoples thoughts on using bluetooth (from a htc desire) to play music from a set of speakers? At the moment I am connecting my phone to my pc speakers 3.5mm input to listen to music but its not very practical as I could just play the music using the pc. Ideally I would like to have a separate set of speakers which I can connect to via bluetooth for basic music listening. Initially I was looking into bluetooth enabled speakers systems (like the supertooth disco) but I can't justify the poor sound output for the price. I've found a bluetooth to 3.5mm converter at Dicksmith which I figure ought to do the job. What do you guys think, would it be practical to listen to music through a set of speakers connected via bluetooth like this or am I going about it completely the wrong way? relativenewbie ps I don't plan on spending anymore than $200 for the speakers and adapter.
  3. relativenewbie

    Smart Energy Drink

    HAHA I find it ammusing that you need an energy drink for an 8am start. Yeah, takes me an hour to get to uni so I've got to get up at 5:30ish, going to bed after 11 most nights doesn't help. Its a shame that they've stopped producing the drinks, i wonder if they weren't selling enough. relativenewbie
  4. relativenewbie

    Smart Energy Drink

    Here's a question for all you Atomicans. Does anyone know why all the shops i visit have removed the Smart Energy drinks from their shelves? I can't find it anywhere!! http://www.atomicmpc.com.au/Review/138296,...ge--chilli.aspx I've been living off these drinks for my 8:00 starts at uni but i haven't been able to find any for the last couple of weeks. Relativenewbie Oh yeah, I probably should mention I'm in Perth.
  5. relativenewbie

    i7 920 at netplus

    In case anyone in perth is looking at buying an i7 rig soonish Netplus are selling 920's for $369. "For a very limited time and stock only, we are offering the Ultra High Performance Intel i7 920 CPU at just $369. This is truly an incredible value available for anyone who is looking for a complete new system. What's more, we will professionally build the system, install the operating system, test it, and run it through our stringent personalised quality control to ensure that you will get many years of enjoyment from the system. ALL THIS FOR FREE!! That's right, when our competitors charge between $70 to $200 for this service, we offer it for free! And if you ask about steak-knives, we will even throw in additional extended labour warranty for our built NetPro Custom Systems! These offers are only available to complete system purchased from us, and is for a limited time only. So get in quick and get your professionally built system for less. Only @ NetPlus! " ----from netplus website
  6. I've got a bit of a random question for the modding community. Firstly in your water cooling system, do you have to use a special liquid or will any liquid work? If you can use any old liquid (within reason), I've been wondering would it be possible to use tonic water in the cooling tubes as a light source? Shining UV light onto a fluorescent liquid (such as tonic water which glows blue) in clear water cooling tubes, should provide an interesting light effect without having to pay for the specialised UV water cooling dyes. Has anyone tried this or heard of anyone attempting it? relativenewbie
  7. Hey, Has anyone else noticed the sudden lack of gigabyte motherboards on the netplus website? It wouldn't have been more than two days since i last looked and now there's only two different gigabyte motherboards left for sale. I'm pretty sure this must be due to a supplier shortage but if that was true it seems a little odd to remove all mention of the motherboards. Does anyone know any reason why netplus may have dropped gigabyte boards to focus on supplying (almost exclusively) Asus boards? EDIT: just checked and austin computers appear to have little to no gigabyte boards in stock Relative newbie
  8. I've been trying to convince myself to purchase a new computer for a couple of months, yet i keep finding more reasons to hold off. While i've been procrastinating i've been keeping an eye on the forums here, and reading different reviews. Yesterday i noticed the new article February PC Fabrication and the sub $2000 suggestion. "February PC Fabrication!" "The Bang for Buck Behemoth: <$2000 For those who desire performance without resorting to exuberant costs. CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 3.16GHz- $290 RAM: 4GB 1066MHz DDR2 RAM - $103 HDD: Western Digital 640GB - $105 Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P - $224 GPU: MSI 2GB HD4870x2 - $760 Optical Drive: Pioneer DVR-216BK 20x - $30 Case: Cooler Master HAF RC-932 - $217 PSU: Corsair HX520 - $157 Total: $ 1886 " Over here in WA getting a hold of some of these parts looks like it may cost a bit more than $2000 and I'm going to need to purchase vista. I was looking at a couple of substitutes, and just want to check that the parts will all play nice together. I am planning on getting netplus in osborne park to build the computer unless austin or elsewhere can give me a better deal.. Netplus have 4gb ddr2 800 ram for $58 at the moment so i was looking at using that instead. I was originally going to get an antec p182 because i really don't like the look of the HAF, but i was wondering whether it would be able to house all the parts and keep them cool enough? As for the cpu, since i have been runnng auto GK to convert videos would i be better off going for a quad core (i.e Q8200)? It appears netplus don't sell the Corsair HX520 PSU, so would i be better getting the HX 620? " Corsair 450W VX-450 ATX Power Supply - 120mm Fan PCI-E, 6 SATA $99.00 Corsair 550W VX-550 ATX Power Supply - 120mm Fan, Dual PCI-E, 4 SATA $136.00 Corsair 620W HX-620 ATX Power Supply - 120mm Fan, Dual PCI-E. $169.00] Corsair 650W TX-650 ATX Power Supply - 140mm Fan, 20+4 4X PCIE 8X SATA 8X HDD 2X FDD " Probably the most important question is whether it is worth $800 to get a 4870x2 when i only have a LG W2252TQ 22inch monitor? As a side note; do you have any idea why netplus has stopped selling samsung 640GB hard drives??? Hopefully my ramblings make sense to someone, and i'd appreciate any advice Thanks Relative newbie
  9. With the death of my monitor i have decided to give the rest of the system to my parents as a late christmas present. (i'll get them a cheap 19 or 22inch monitor) As the computer was mainly a work system it isn't all that flash. However i now require a little more power from my work computer. This means i am once again looking for a computer within the $2000 limit. I have a keyboard, mouse, speakers and two 640gb hard drives i'm planning on keeping from the old system. My work computer will be connected to a netgear wireless router (54mbps) and so needs a wireless card. As well as work projects i will also be running vista 64 bit, playing the odd game or two, ripping dvds and converting them to avi files. (I copy all the dvds i buy onto the computer so i can convert them to be stored and played off the ps3 hard drive) Monitor wise i would like a 22inch and was wondering if the LG W2252TQ is still considered a smart purchase. (I have one on the family computer and i think it is great) I wouldn't be against a 24inch screen, but from what i can see 22inch is the best buy for the price. The monitor needs to be included in the $2000 limit I was thinking of getting a 4850 but i am open to suggestions for a better GPU. As i live in perth it would be good if the system could be built by netplus. I am planning on getting 4gb kingston ram for $56 from netplus and have found their service to be much better than other local stores. Then again if another store has a better price i'd be willing to have a look. While i'd not be all that happy about it, i would consider buying from multiple stores and putting the system together myself if the savings would be worth the time and effort. I think that covers everything, and i'd appreciate any advice that anyone could provide. thanks relativenewbie
  10. relativenewbie

    ahh! HELP!

    Yeah, i guess its time to start shopping around. A nice 22 inch sounds like a good idea.
  11. relativenewbie

    ahh! HELP!

    Hi all, The monitor i have running on my work computer has stopped working (its a cheap samsung lcd i brought 2 years ago but i can't think of the model at the moment) For the last couple of days the monitor has been refusing to display an image. Well, to be accurate the monitor starts up, shows a normal image then the image fades away after a couple of seconds. The image is always displayed for the same length of time before it dies, and the screen still appears to be on. I've taken the monitor and plugged it into another computer and get the same results. Am i likely to be in the market for a new monitor, or is there anything i might be able to do? Thanks relative_newbie
  12. relativenewbie

    50 skills every geek needs!

    hmm 37 not bad... And yeah.... Since when has owning apple products been a deciding factor in being a geek??
  13. relativenewbie

    mouse mat worthwhile?

    cool, thanks for the replies. Yeah, I think I might go have a look at the Razer Destructor, $45 is pretty cheap (@PLE).
  14. relativenewbie

    mouse mat worthwhile?

    Hey I've been using a razer deathadder for a couple of weeks now without a mouse mat and everything seems to be working great. I was wondering whether it was worth getting a mouse mat and if there was any noticeable difference between the razer mantis speed/control mouse pads? relativenewbie
  15. relativenewbie

    Is 24in worthwhile or would 22in be a better buy?

    SceptreCore, I have started a new topic in the Building, Troubleshooting & Modding section of the forum where it would be great if you (or anyone else) would like to give some feedback or suggestions about the system. http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?s...amp;#entry25444