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  1. nesquick

    HD 8000 Rumours

    its not 50% across the board floating point performance != games performance.
  2. nesquick

    My new rig.

    nice work. did you end up renting it?
  3. nesquick

    The best game of 2012

    In before black ops 2.
  4. and your point is? the difference between a 25c room and 32c room will not worry your cpu cooler enough to warrant needing a $100 aftermarket job, do you think Intel engineers would design, build and distribute something that doesn't work?
  5. Codecreeper Poison is right about the not needing a HSF, just buy the non K version of whatever chip you want since the stock cooler is fine now we have quad cores that only run at about 77-95w TDP.
  6. Codecreeper you should be right with a GTX670 2gb even using a 2560x2440 screen. I can relate to your reluctance to buy AMD, after putting up with their shit mobile drivers for 10 moths now I really wish my laptop had an Nvidia gpu.
  7. nesquick

    Bitfenix Prodigy Build

    I think for me its a case of rose colored glass, I have done a few small builds, 3 M-ATX and 2 ITX builds, ITX is always a pita especially the bios's on those ITX boards, I did however manage to fit a GTX580/i5 2500k into a SG06 which imo is pretty good for an ITX case, had the 2500k overclocked to 4.2ghz on the stock cooler, even got a dvd drive in there, before that it was an i5 760 and HD5850 with a corsair H50 into an SG05, I enjoyed the challenge of playing tetris with that SG06/5 case, the prodigy however just doesn't do it for me, in saying that thats what the OP wants.
  8. nesquick

    Bitfenix Prodigy Build

    People go ITX cause they want small as possible, why buy something that is still quite large? It just seems counter intuitive.
  9. I'd personally spend maybe $1500 on the computer then $800 on a dell U2713 monitor and ~$200 on some decent speakers. P.S don't listen to this fool about raptors ^ totally antiquated piece of technology now...
  10. nesquick

    Bitfenix Prodigy Build

    I have some advice, go buy a normal M-ATX case that is the same size as that prodigy and save yourself many of the headaches associated with ITX builds.
  11. nesquick

    Lian Li sure knows how to do weird...

    yea +1 to Lian Li being the best build quality wise.
  12. nesquick

    Optus, oh joyous Optus.

    Had an issue like this with a new car dealership once, they couldn't deliver the car and told me I had to wait for one on some boat and they wouldn't give me my deposit back, spent nearly the whole $500 of the deposit on legal fees to get the $500 back...
  13. nesquick

    Black Silicon Solar Cells

    When you think about 17% efficiency is not that great, not to disrespect what they are doing but surely we could focus on technologies that are still renewable but have much higher efficiencies. edit: I realise that solar cell efficiency can be anything up to like ~50% but thats kind of a moot point when your production cells are still very low.
  14. nesquick

    Kill all humans... I mean Sharks!

    I am starting to get sick of the lack of respect for animals alot of people have these days, what if I wanted to go for a walk through the wildlife reserves of Africa and got mauled by a Lion, surely we should cull off all the lions in that area because I have a right to be able to ealk through their habitat with no danger to myself or I should also be able to go hiking in the Rocky Mountains and not get eaten by a bear when I go and try and get to close to its cubs or something, we should probably cull all bears because humans have a right to be safe around all the apex predators... IMO some humans are the ones that need to be culled... We can start by feeding that guy the OP talks about to some sharks next time scientists are researching their behaviors or something.
  15. nesquick

    Mini-ITX build help please?

    Silverstone SG06, much nicer case ;) plus it has a decent PSU.