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  1. Cost inc delivery was $655 - Love the card, quiet, and just zooms along :D
  2. Just bought and installed this card, Upgraded from the 5970. All I can honestly say is wow! Love it, I run 3x24" monitors in 5760*1200 - kick Bf3 in the guts everything to ultra and into a MP game and the drooling begun! About to start flicking though some other games as we speak. Inc delivery it was $655 from PC Case gear, and personally I didnt think it was over priced or nasty. Did a bit of research online with it to start with and all reviews etc say it's a nice card, for owning it for ruffly an hr, I've not a bad word to say! Oh and it's QUIET as fuck! got it at 100% fan speed and can't hear it.... (5970 at 100% was louder then the TV)
  3. So looking at the Sapphire Radeon HD7970 6GB VAPOR-X Edition Model#:btt1-SA-7970-6GD5-VAPORX, just waiting on it to become available though.... If it's sooner rather then later, I think that's the card, i'll be sporting ;
  4. 7970 it is then =] thanks guys. =]
  5. Yeah I run eyefinity 24/7 - 3x Samsung 24" monitors - pumping out 5760*1200 so far leaning to the 7970 ":D could always add a 9600 to do the physx 'hack/crack'
  6. Hi all, Just after some advice, Had a storm come through as of late and Graphics cards (Asus HD 5970) been playing up since. I've claimed it on insurance and I've the choice of a Asus GTX 670 or the Asus HD 7970. Which would u guys pic and why? I mainly went the 5970 due to eyefinity, but now that Nvidia have the same thing + PhysX I'm not so sure anymore... PhysX does make the games an awful lot prettier.... Over to you guys... Shannon
  7. Shopi

    EyeFinity on a budget.

    It's a little more then the $150 but I bought 3 x Samsung SA450's ($219 each at the time on sale @ PC Case Gear) Quite nice~ Bevels about normal, but I just have one behind the other and all good. doesn't take long to get use to as well... BF3 in jets / Choppers is sweet as, also handy catching people trying to sneak up on you :D As your on a budget have you bought any thought towards a stand?
  8. Shopi


    Yeah Dude, if your on the Aussie PVE server drop me a line (Twohand)
  9. Shopi

    Multi Monitor Stand

    Opy, yeah I've got side monitors behind the front bevel, so I'm only really seeing the one off the middle one not the sides.
  10. Shopi

    Multi Monitor Stand

    16:9 main reason, I went this way, I love my 1920*1200, couldn't go back.. :D
  11. Shopi

    Show us your Rig

    It's rather nice :D - May need to tweak graphics settings, been getting a bit of lag lately. Not sure if it's server side or card struggling (5970)
  12. Shopi

    Multi Monitor Stand

    - Desktop - SW:TOR - BF:3 All I can honestly say is AWESOME!!!! - Stands fantastic, Stands fucking HUUUUGGGGEEEEE, but AWESOME!~
  13. Shopi

    Show us your Rig

    Hey all, thought I'd show my latest edition to the family... - Desktop - BF:3 - SW:TOR 3x24" Samsung SA450 (5760*1200) - All sitting on a XFX force triple monitor stand.