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  1. Ok, I've calmed down since screaming on my loo last night (my mag reading spot). But this is still a 'Dear Sir/Madam' letter! Dear Sir/Madam, To whoever the F*****K reviewed 'Source Code' in the latest subscriber print version of the mag. PUBLISH A RETRACTION OR OTHERWISE PUBLICALLY HUMILIATE YOURSELF (further) TO MAKE AMMENDS. YOU HAVE A MORAL OBLIGATION TO DO SO. This is one of the best SF films I've seen, and I have a nerd LIST of the good hard-SF films made over the last few years: eg. Pi, Primer, Cube, Limitless ... make-you-think 'what if' stuff instead of more space-opera like Avatar (which I enjoyed but it was meant to be silly) and District-9 (brilliant, but it aint hard-SF, its strictly SO). And my list of course includes Moon, and now Source Code. The problem? Unfortunately you have to understand some basic QM (that's Quantum Mechanics, grasshopper) to get the film. Especially the punchline. The punchline is just brilliant and when I realized I clapped and went 'Ho!'. I heard a tiny smattering of similar reactions around the cinema, but the main noise I heard was 'Huh!?'. To the reviewer, you were a 'Huh!?'er weren't you, admit it. This causes people to misinterpret not just the ending but big chunks of the flow of the film. The story is not arbitrary, there is only ONE piece of suspension of disbelief required and its not a huge stretch. The entire plot hangs together beautifully and the ending is not tacked on - it is vital. But, without experience in the background.... yes its misinterpretable, making the experience for those poor souls a nonetheless enjoyable one (phew) but a confusing one also. Sounds patronising? Yeah sorry, but its a bit unavoidable. Its like trying to explain to a Creationist or some similar idiot how obvious molecular biological evolution is once you look into it, but finding in order to do so you have to answer 'What's DNA?'. But - WHEN YOU ARE A REVIEWER. Ooooh that's a paddlin' ! Get the facts before you jump in. And because I want to abuse you, here is some abuse: "LEARN SOME ***************** QUANTUM ************ PHYSICS ************ YOU ************ ********* ************ *************************************** *******!!!!!" I feel better now. Thank you.