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    Modem + Router = PCs disappearing?

    Oh wow, I'm an idiot. I had actually found that page before, read the entire thing and somehow dismissed it as not relevant. Duh me smrt. Turns out I had just forgotten to set the router's actual IP. Oops. Wireless was actually the first thing set up with WPA2 and a password generated with http://www.goodpassword.com/ Thanks for the help, I swear I'm not usually this silly! It's just been one of those days.
  2. Welp, that didn't work as planned. Long story short, I have a Netgear something-or-other (CBF to check the number) modem connected to a Netgear WGR614 wireless router (Because the modem has no wireless). The modem has four ports on it. One is connected to the WAN port on the router which also has four ports. All the ports on the modem are taken, but I still have a couple non-wireless devices/machines that need connecting. So I decide to plug them into the router. All fine, internet works, except I drop out of sight for the PCs on the modem. This also means no Homegroup for me, which isn't so nice. So, I can disable DHCP on the router but that just means I have to manually specify a 192.196.1.* address, with everyone else having 0.* which is the same thing. Help me Atomic, I just want Homegroup and networking to play nice :( PS: I know there's either some obvious setting I've missed or it isn't possible. I'm far too tired and my mind isn't working, so please excuse this chuckle-worthy post.
  3. Hey Atomic, popping in again to ask something. My current case is horrible, because I cheaped out initially and it's been in terrible conditions for years. I'm finally ready to upgrade to something nicer. However, I've been looking around and can't find anything I really like. The closest thing I like is a Lian Li PC-A71FB. Problems with it are that it's bigger than I need (I just want ATX and space for a couple HDDs/ODDs) and I'd also rather not have the door. Oh, and it's pretty expensive. I'm done with big fans, bright lights and side windows. I want something simple and stylish, but it seems everything in that category is mATX or really, really expensive. I don't want meshes or vents or sci-fi lines or anything like that. Ideally I'd just like the PC-A71FB but drop the door, shrink it and lower the price. I saw a similar case but it was more expensive and had giant bar through the mesh or something. So, are there any cases out there for me, or am I going to just have to bite the bullet and get this one?
  4. On the Windows 7 box go to Control Panel -> Network Sharing Centre (Or whatever it's called) -> Advanced Settings. In the network profile disable "Use Password to connect to network" or whatever it is.
  5. Howdy Atomic, did a search, came up with nada (Though my search-fu may be poor). I like RDP. It is handy for me, but I've been wishing for some way to not kick off the current user. I'd much rather not worry about grabbing a seperate app for this sort of thing, though, purely because it's used on a whole two, maybe three machines and I just don't want the hassle of wrangling a seperate application. I did however, spy this. As usual, I understand the whole "your risk" aspect. What I'm interested in is whether this sort of thing will actually make something go bad or whether it should be fine. If it's not good then I'll live with booting users off. What does Atomic think?
  6. syntaxerror

    Storing Key and Method in List? (Java)

    Thanks guys. I've been trying for a while to reply but my internet sucks and hates this site. I stuffed up in my first post and meant to say that it needed to contain a one character key and an object, which was solved by new HashMap<Character, Object> though it took me ages to figure out that it was throwing errors with <char, Object> because char isn't the generic. Anyway, thanks guys. Edit: I totally used an interface system for the objects though :D
  7. So, here's what I want. I have a set of keys, A B C D, each corresponds to a certain method, MA MB MC MD. I need to be able to store them in a list so that when a user enters a command ("BCDDBA") it goes through the list, finds the keys and executes the corresponding function. Is this even possible? I vaguely recall HashMaps, but I've no idea if this is possible. Thanks in advance guys.