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  1. Ghost_Bear

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    *angelic singing* IIIIINTERNETTTTT... GB
  2. Ghost_Bear

    Clear Skies Episode 1 & 2

    This. GB
  3. Ghost_Bear

    Support your fellow AUSTRALIANS!

    I am yet to meet a western competitive gamer that is humble. Just the way it is, and I have met shit loads. That's cause they're all socially retarded nerds with horrible interpersonal skills and a fucktonne of psychological issues stemming from an acute lack of self-esteem, so naturally, they power trip and throw their weight around as much as possible whenever they get the chance because it makes them feel better about (what they would refer to behind closed doors as) their pathetic life. These people I pity and have sympathy for. GB EDIT: This is off topic by the way (the above), I just thought I should point that out so that people don't misconstrue me as attacking the OP/Team Immunity or in fact anyone (except for the stereotypical outline of a power tripping nerd as I've highlighted above) as I don't know these people personally or in fact, in any way at all, and therefore can't comment. Cheers,
  4. Ghost_Bear

    EVE online Tyrannis

    The cross platform, cross genre, gaming integration certainly is. Very excited to see more of Dust 514 and what else CCP have up their sleeves (I also love the way how, in many ways, CCP are keeping Iceland afloat thanks to a computer game, lol) GB
  5. Ghost_Bear

    EVE online Tyrannis

    /sigh. Yes concord. Brain fart. As to can tipping, most likely so but I didn't think to check at the time. Just a natural sucker at times. :{) This is very important: cow TIPPING is what retarded american youths do. can FLIPPING is the process of stealan yo ore in an attempt to kill yo. Id reccomend you avoid can mining. If you have a specific system you like to mine in, I'd reccomend using a anchroable secure cargo container. They can hold up to 4k of ore each, drop several across the solar system and BM them, warp between them filling them up! Fuck that :P. I recommend mining as much as possible into a bookmarked, renamed can, then when it's full, bring out a hauler and haul dat shit back to base yo, no matter how many trips you have to do. If you're mining in a cruiser to begin with, this may be somewhat slow and tedious, but when you finally make the jump to a Retriever (or other mining barge of choice), this, in my opinion, is the only way. Doesn't matter whether you're in high sec or low sec, generally pirates/can flippers are flying something with lots of guns and very little cargo space, they'll generally flip your can for a whole 400 m3 of that precious Omber you're mining (oh no, not a whole 400 m3), then sit around near the can, hoping you'll either a) stupidly target them (not realising that although they're red to you, you're not red to them and thus they can't fire without having concord come down on their ass) and fire slash harass them with drones, in which case, they'll drop you, or b) drop a can right next to yours and hope that you're stupid enough to open theirs INSTEAD of yours so they can take you out anyway. In which case, generally, as long as your fairly fast and don't wait for them to get bored and start shooting regardless, you'll have enough time to warp in, haul your can, warp out, rinse, repeat till it's empty in which case you can dock till they go away/rage/stamp kittens/whatever. Giant Secure Containers are a pain in the ass and a waste of space and time IMO. All you need to know is, use cans, pre-align is your friend, don't shoot back and watch local for suckas with poor security ratings ;D GB
  6. Ghost_Bear

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    fixed what? m60 still seems the same, CG still kicks ass, T-90 tank is even better now that I can see out of its viewfinder ect. only bad things I found are I can't blow up Mcom A on isla inocentes by knifing a certain part of a fence and the humvee is now a deathtrap lol. Splash on the CG is BS, start using the RPG more man you will become a better player. I do use the RPG with tracer dart alot, easier to kill tanks with, its just in infantry on infantry battles the CG is better. tracer dart to heli followed by a rpg, fucking lol. Seconded that last part, fucking lols ensue GB
  7. Ghost_Bear

    Should I play WoW again?

    I think I might have even had a nightmare last night about myself returning to WoW... serious shit, lol GB
  8. Ghost_Bear

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    Whether you just play casually or want to join a competitive ladder team come check us out :) Interested, will pop in, if not before, certainly on the 30th of March to check it out. Cheers, GB
  9. Ghost_Bear

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    Last I checked, it doesn't work, at all. You'll notice all servers (that I know of/have seen/have been in) say "Punkbuster enabled? 0" at the start up/joining screen. Something's up with it, I believe. GB
  10. Ghost_Bear

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    I also find Engi to be the easiest class yet I actually rush in first, grenades, mines and guns blazing... lol... p.s. this game is like crack, I'm forcing myself not to play for the remainder of the week as it's distracting me far too much, lol GB
  11. Ghost_Bear

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    The fail horn is an EPIC FAIL in my opinion Same here - AC-DC won't cut it though - been trying to get on the Lost Division server to play with them but can never get on. Yeah fail horn is definitely fail, what were they thinking. Other than that though, in terms of ambience/weapon sound effects etc, farken awesome. Won't be able to try for a clan till June after uni, got enough on my plate already :S GB
  12. Ghost_Bear

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    The Devs and Pubs are hoping you will look past the design and gameplay flaws (all designed for the casual gamer) and get stuck into the 'grind' - ie; stats. You have already encountered it. The question is that once knowing that do you keep 'grinding' or actually go and 'play' another game? BF2 had some grind in it. But the sheer amount of possibilities open to you insured that it retained its longevity. There were always new strats and weapons combos to try and so on - the depth of gameplay was there. This game lacks that in spades. it is essentially a grind shooter, dumbed down and simplified for a casual gaming market. Fair enough. But it aint no BF2. Yeah, spot on. I looked through all the unavailable unlocks (to me personally, as of yet) and after I'd inspected each and every one of them and gone "Oh yeah, that's cool, I spose", it was like "Well... what do I do next?". I think the only reason I'm continuing to play at the moment is cause it has that "fresh" appeal to it still going on, you know the excitement of having something new to play around with, that and the sound effects truly are one of a kind amazing (and blowing up sides of buildings is pretty cool). Still, time will tell how long this lasts before and if it turns into just another run and gun, no brains clusterfuck, lol. I would like to maybe try and get into a clan however at some point and maybe enter a tourny, when I've got more time, as if there was ever a modern game for that sort of thing, this would be it. Cheers, GB
  13. Ghost_Bear

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    Given it a good thrash this afternoon since I picked it up. Great game, liking the sound design and overall feel to it. Combats got that whole "Battlefield clunk" thing going on at first (handles very differently to CoD or TF2 for example) but once you pick it up, you slip right back into the groove ;)... that is if you've played Battlefield games before. Blowing the shit out of things is cool, as is pwning noobs and the knifing ability feels pretty damn solid. My only gripe is, I'm not sure what sort of longetivity it's got going for it. Like I said, I only picked it up this afternoon and have played it for say the last 6 or so hours and although it's been great and it feels pretty darn good, I just feel a little over it, I spose. You know, that type of "over it" where it's still fun and everything but it's like "Yeah, ok, I've done that a thousand times, there's nothing much for me to do save repeating the same things I've been doing for the last few hours or so" which isn't entirely a bad thing because I know I'll keep coming back to it and that I can jump in whenever I'm bored and feel like shooting some stuff up (in a fucking loud awesome way, which this game really delivers) but on the whole, it isn't as compelling as I thought it would be. Still, it's nice to play a game that actually feels like a Battlefield game from the days of old again, and this certainly does. GB
  14. Ghost_Bear

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    I'm in representing the old school days of AC-DC! Won't be on that much with Uni taking off but I will be every now and then, In game nick is AverageCowboy See you in there! GB
  15. Ghost_Bear

    Camera Bags for Travelling

    Just forked out for a Lowepro Rolling Computrekker AW Backpack. Have yet to test it against the elements but as far as storage, space, comfort and sturdiness are concerned, I'd definitely recommend it. Cheers, GB Really nice camera bag. Fits everything i want to carry. Looks to be a keeper. Just quickly, Went traveling by air recently, the Computrekker AW went through near all the elements and back again without a scratch. It worked perfectly as carry-on luggage for a 747 (7kg max limit though, watch out for that - mine was 2kg over limit but the check-in dude fancied me and let it go haha, story and a half that one). Every time I got out of the aircraft, pulled up the handle, set it down on it's wheels, worked like a charm on everything (tarmac, through the airport, etc) not a problem. Nearly had a heart attack at one point also when I wasn't allowed to take the bag as carry on luggage on a dash-8 4/600. Check in dude just grabbed it and threw it into the cargo hold, I shat myself thinking "That's it, all my equipment gone" - but not before I was able to whack a lock on it quickly. When we landed, first thing I did when I stepped off the plane onto the tarmac and receieved form the "priority hand-luggage" guys was check it out there and then, low and behold, everything was fine. The hard body case design and soft inside had cushioned everything, no damage at all. So at the end of the day, short of testing out how it goes with a bit of water, the bag did everything it was supposed to do and I'd recommend it to anyone needing some a durable camera bag! GB