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  1. Okay, so we recently got a 3G Optus USB Modem for our laptop, but after activating it, the settings only allow it to run with 2G instead of 3G. Is there any reason why it would be doing this, and if so, is there a way to fix it?
  2. Spuddles

    Who else draws?

    Oh wow, that's quite amazing art there ^_^ She must be really good EDIT: And yes I did notice the idiocy of this post XD
  3. Spuddles

    Who else draws?

    I doubt anyone wants to see what I can draw in 2 minutes XD
  4. Spuddles

    Who else draws?

    You should've seen my friend's network layout in Paint. XD Fully detailed as well
  5. Spuddles

    Who else draws?

    Wow, the best (somewhat) drawing I ever did was some sort of cybernetic chibi person XD It looked terrible
  6. Spuddles

    Who else draws?

    Yeh join the club - I can see what i want to draw in my head - but the link between hand and brain is busted. Good work KOTM - draw anything ut dragons? We have this guy at work - does the most amazing drawings - i'll post some up in a sec... True, I know lots of people who can draw better than me, even my girlfriend! XD @KOTM: Very nice dragons ^_^
  7. Spuddles

    Who else draws?

    I wish I could draw, but I've got the artistic flair of a deranged monkey. D: