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  1. Pedro~

    Sex Party!

    i have blue steel. is that enough to be accepted ? most you wankers have red steel. (approx. 6-7 inches)
  2. Pedro~

    The Sims 3

    That is absolute gold. Awesome stuff. Thanks for the link! you are sooooo welcome, here's another.
  3. Pedro~

    Digital Distribution - Dealing in Denial

    what's his history ? what's he about ? is he another warrior ??
  4. Pedro~

    Digital Distribution - Dealing in Denial

    guess what ? it's starting on consoles too...because i'm NOT into consoles and thus it isn't affecting me i simply don't care!! (but i do keep abreast of the situation - knowledge is power) the next big "thing" with the mother console distributors (sony/nintendo/microsoft) at this very moment is digital delivery of games direct to the console. they DO want to get rid of physical media altogether. (the articles are out there - read them!!! and many ARE direct quotes from the big three, so no "guessing" by jurnos....) it won't happen soon due to broadband around the world, but xbox live (and the other console's own versions) IS the initial step - small "arcade" games to begin with, to get the unwashed masses used to the idea. they HATE the fact that now (especially in the us) they get no money from 2nd hend console game resells. it is HUGE business!!!!! in conclusion, console game distribution IS, slowly, going towards digital.. at the end of the day, it will mean you will NEVER really "own" a game like you do now. what will probably happen in the meantime with new games is a pc like situation - with disc keys registered to a console user's account.. those games will say on the box, internet connection required.. oh, yeah, they also want to do this to stop the HUGE (especially asia/europe/south america) piracy (modded) scene... oh, and as with anything, a public outcry will mean shit when all consoles will go this way.. no choice... yeah the spore et al securom pa drm had huge backlash.... and ? what did it achieve ?? spore still sold like shit (no doubt half this board bought it) securom pa drm is now, for most people, just accepted... as is steam.. mark my words young one... i am the oracle of the web.... crazy yes ? but at the same time i sprinkle all my posts with the inner truth.. it just takes intelligent people to see that. time is a commodity i have....as i sit here in my padded cell, i like to....... huh ? (time for my meds)
  5. Pedro~

    Firearm licensing

    your local watering hole..or wherever your nearest towie is parked up. (usually at some big/busy intersection) or your nearest "outlaw" mc club have 2000-5000 in cash, and a few friends following in cars..
  6. Pedro~

    Digital Distribution - Dealing in Denial

    not wrong, it's ILLEGAL!! in ANY country!!!!this has NEVER been challenged, that's why they can still do it... and funny how EVERYTHING that IS in MY article, you people say!!! (it's the same con's for everybody huh, guess i'm not mad after all....) so that means how in fuck will ANY of you be able to take apart my thread ?? you can't!!! what i wrote you all say now!!! hah, the irony!!! well done old boy...you just described steam perfectly... good God, shows how much you know - or actually DON'T!!!gfwl is NOT a "digital store"... it's basically a way to play games online and bullshit that m$ can use when talking vista.. it's not much more then xfire or gamespy or such.. could it sometime in the distant future sell pc games direct ?? perhaps.. either way, it has never so far, nor right now, sell ANY pc games... so believe me, you understand it's purpose wrong!! oh, shit.. there are quite a few smarties on here...preach on brother preach on.... you MUST have read my awesome article!!! you say what I say.... STEAM=CONTROL and this is ONLY the beginning.... i HAVE seen the future.... ==================================== my article was written mid last year!!!!!! at the end there is some more "hidden" shit that i'm yet to make into proper paragraphs but ig you look you can see the points that will be made!!! one major one is the joke of demos via steam... an that is this: those steam fucks REMOVE ANY AND ALL demos after the game is released!!! wtf ??? imagine not being able to play the demo for quake 2 or far cry or crysis or whatever (non steam exclusive game) today ??? but that's how steam, rolls... http://mariosworld.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=240
  7. Pedro~

    Digital Distribution - Dealing in Denial

    this is one of the regularly touted bullshit comments..name ONE real world and plausible example of such an instance.. another smart man..you sound so wise!!! i support you... and God willing you'll never have to..it's basically a virus drm system.. and if not very careful, among MANY nasty things, you can easily loose saved games FOREVER when switching between online/offline modes. and that could happen with internet issues at any time. imagine being 98% done with fallout 3 and then BAM... you loose your saves (erased),, after 60+ hours.. yup, that GfWL.. STAY AWAY!!!! listen to this brainwashed "gamer"this is a very new phenomenon.. steam is the MAIN pusher of this.. you CAN sell ea games. bf2142 is the ONLY such game tied to an email. the regular securom pa ones can be sold. you CAN resell 96% of all pc games as of today!!! but with steam gaining steam (pun intended) this will not be so... this guy already accepted his new overlords and is now spewing THEIR propaganda.. i wonder how he feels about selling any other goods he has ? his tv or console or console games or whatever else. NO DOUBT he is able to, and wouldn't accept it otherwise.. but he accepts, without hesitation, that pc games, now, all of a sudden, after 20 years can no longer be resold... he just bends over, greases his hole, and takes it... and when steam is right up there real good and deep like, he shouts:"HARDER MASTER, HARDER - I CAN TAKE IT ALL!!!!" they tried it already.it was divx discs. the people rebelled.. too bad there's too many idiots that don't see what's going on with pc game right now as being the same and worse!!! shows your age.. see above.. no he's NOT!!and neither are you for simply accepting it.. good.. i have NO sympathy for you at all. you deserve it.. that's steam for ya.. don't like it ?? THEN don't use steam, pud... funny that so far, EVERYTHING i say, you all say the same... (proof that my awesome article is the truth!!!) you are a righteous man...read my article and agree!!!! you will FEEL the rage!!!!! there's probably some con's you didn't even know about the sh!t that is steam!!! (steam = control) {and brother...... on those forums there is no censorship!!!} BINGO brother!!!! (you must have read my thread the last time it made the news)another wise man... that's HOW it's done by those in the know... and believe me, valve can do shit about it... (don't worry about "ip" nonsense from people who don't understand nothing) again, just cause 7% choose to have static ip's (and funny most so they can have their warez ftp for mates) the rest of us have and prefer dynamic ip's.. anyway, worry not soldier, no doubt the steam lovers will spew nonsense how valve can track you and ban you and cock... NOT TRUE!!! they is jealous!!!!
  8. Pedro~

    Digital Distribution - Dealing in Denial

    Great, now read the definitive article that can not be denied. NO!! NEVER!! There are no benefits to the customer. insanity...., you talk so much rubbish.no, the average gamer does not find $80 per month "reasonable"... and those 3 games weigh in at well over 20gb.. guess again... almost NEVER, and in fact the prices are either equal or lesser in physical stores!! bravo.. you know what's what...just one of the MANY pitfalls of steam et al. fight the good fight, freddy really ??? ..no, i mean - REALLY ???have you looked at ebay lately ? what nonsense you say - it's self justification to make you feel better for NOT being able to sell steam games even if you wanted to. i'm a psychiatrist, i know how people think. oh brother,,, too bad "mate". get over it!! ha ha... hope you're angry!!!!i HATE vista and LOATHE steam!!! come over and spew your rage. (there's NO censorship... too bad you can't handle the truth..) wtf ?? "some" work ????how basic is choosing the destination one wants ??? 99.999% of normal disc based non steam games let you do that. it's the most basic of install options. yet steam doesn't even do that... why ?? ..to control the end user and be able to protect itself. it's nothing but drm!!!! and that's for ONE new game these days.. imagine, God forbid, that you wanted to install two games that month...and you dream... most aussies are on 10gb a month not your fantasy 30-50 nonsense.. 7% of the "gaming" crowd not a majority make. and this is based on whirpool's 2008 shit survey (so don't bother hating, cause it's YOUR mate's survey. i know 90% of you frequent that brothel too) NO!!!it's TOTALLY unacceptable!!!! steam is control.
  9. i so know that.. friends ????????
  10. Hey, where're you going ? Helllo ? Suicide bomber goes to heaven. (HD) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CF74_ePzPBs&fmt=22 Exclusive live footage of suicide bomber as he martyrs himself next to police vehicle. (HD) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRiF7oxmGsI&fmt=22 don't hate da playa!!! spin the bottle instead... yeah.....
  11. Pedro~

    Banned From Steam...

    once a month i get supervised "outside time". ..like now.i spend it at an internet cafe on hay street with the asians. than it's back to detention for another 4 weeks.... when i do this i feel like part of society again... thank YOU!!!
  12. Pedro~

    Banned From Steam...

    1.) i have two baby... how many do YOU have ???http://forums.mariosworld.org http://mariosworld.org/forum (closed) hmmm, i'm past blogging mate... well past it..but thanks for the invite: here she is: http://blog.mariosworld.org/
  13. i'm no troll... i'm a young, self educated aboriginal who is making ends meet and trying to survive in this harsh world. i'm also probably smarter then 99% of you
  14. Pedro~

    Banned From Steam...

    you DESERVE it sucker.. enjoy your ban cheater.. you cheated against me!!! steam is control. http://mariosworld.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=240
  15. you are.. you all make me happy... you think you annoy me but you don't!!! keep hating and i'll keep loving...