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  1. Oh happy birthday to elvenwhore, Soapy and Opy! Hope you all had a fun day to begin the new year!
  2. Ah cool, my house looks clear as! Funny that though, they got the snap when there weren't any cars driving, not that I live on a highway or anything, but a fairly used road can be seen from my place.
  3. anndy


    Hahah yeah, some people can be geniunely nice.. I like to say that about myself sometime LOL. Though, I haven't gotten a compliment in a while either :(
  4. anndy

    My story

    aw i can't wait to read details of the fight! great first win juggs, congratulations! :)
  5. anndy

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Lauryn Hill!
  6. anndy

    My story

    great thread! can't wait for the next post juggs :) and goodluck in your fight!
  7. anndy

    Uni offers

    I was hoping for a course in UTS but communication @ Penrith UWS will have to do I guess!
  8. anndy

    The loss of a friend..

    hey good luck man :) i hope you get to your goal! lots of people live without alcohol, I'm sure you can too ehehe
  9. anndy

    Merry Christmas Atomic

    Merry Christmas at0micans :) Even though I've barely been around this past year; or all the other years, it's always happy this time of the year
  10. anndy

    The Atomic XMas Honours List

    Haha congratulations to all the new heroes :)
  11. anndy

    Only a few days to go!

    Keep on, keeping on. Looking for employment, and with nothing to do each day everything's .. at a nice pace; though to be honest I wish I did have a job, so I wouldn't be at home all the time :S
  12. anndy

    How much?

    The little things I don't mind paying full price for, but when I have to start moving the green notes around then I try and barter a bit eheh
  13. anndy

    Those who said i was crazy...

    Welcome back Xap, I wasn't a regular poster when you were still here.. But I do remember seeing a couple of your posts, you seemed pretty cool :) I haven't had any exposure to cases of BPD, but I wish you the best and we'll all be here to help you whenever you need I'm sure of it. Also, happy birthday!
  14. anndy

    Purchasing a car online

    Hey guys, first time buying something legitimate online, well a car. The guy says he's from the RAAF currently training in WA and he's selling a 98 Accord for a very low price; which is why I'm so interested in buying it. The thing is, he's directed me to a site online which acts as a 3rd party: http://www.au-securepay.com Has anyone used that site before? Trustworthy? It's not very legitimate to me at the moment, having searched google for "au securepay" and having another site pop up - http://www.securepay.com.au/ *oops, misconception on escrow Help? :(
  15. anndy

    Purchasing a car online

    Oh no, he was found within a 25km radius of my post code.. It just happens to be he has 'military training' at a base in WA... eh, oh well.
  16. anndy

    Purchasing a car online

    Haha yeah, I remembered you were one of the WA atomicans. Yeah, I think I'll just have to forgo this one. I'm already on the look out for another car ehehe. Thanks for all the info and insight chrisg :)
  17. That's such a cool story cheeky ! I hope I'll be able to say the same in the future - I got 61.45 I was aiming a bit higher, but hopefully I'll still be able to get into the course I chose eheh :)
  18. anndy

    Purchasing a car online

    Ahaha nice find chrisg, though he's willing to receive the payment in cash - if I travel all the way to WA to check it out and pay. I guess it's fair enough. Though it has NSW rego, is he allowed to drive it in WA? I'm still not totally clear on road laws yet :S Lol nesquick - I'm in Sydney, he's in WA atm. I'm not sure, should I still buy it? Though I don't think my dad will be up for a trip to WA..
  19. anndy

    Purchasing a car online

    Yeah, I was worried the same thing would happen to me Morgoth, I've e-mailed him telling him I'll pay cash, or he can find another buyer. Eh, the hunt goes on I guess..
  20. anndy

    Purchasing a car online

    Oooh I see, thanks for all this guys, yeah that's true about the inheriting someone else's problems, but some cases when they're moving overseas or whatever, it seems legit. :S Yeah, NRMA for me eheheh no wonder I've never heard of the RACQ
  21. anndy

    Purchasing a car online

    whats the R.A.C.Q.? Hm yeah, I was thinking of just looking at a couple of those used car dealers. Hmm, yes I believe so, I've e-mailed the seller back asking him if we could just pay in cash. LOL true robzy, though the car is being sold at $3000
  22. anndy

    Purchasing a car online

    True true, that's why I preferred to pay by cash, after we have a day with it to check with it. Eh first time about hearing the rule about escrow.. Well first time hearing about escrow at all! Ahah thanks guys :)
  23. anndy

    Purchasing a car online

    Mmm true, thanks for the replies. I would have checked it out physically, but he describes his circumstance as "stationed in WA training for deployment in Afghanistan", so it would be a bit hard to. Yeah, I'm getting sus. Asking if he could just bring it around and we'll just give him cash. bahhh it would've been such a bargain :(
  24. anndy

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Wayne Brady - Ordinary
  25. Haha I'm in the same boat, I'm not sure what I'll get.. Hoping for ~75 ATAR Though I don't think I'll check until everyone's over their marks eheh