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  1. Invicta

    Anyone wanting Samsung Galaxy TAB 10.1?

    Managed to get a hold of one to use as a dev unit through Kogan. I have to say I am pretty impressed with it, I like the fact they went with 16:9 with dual speakers on either side. Shame they won't see retail in Australia.
  2. Invicta

    New HTC Sensation phone

    I'm curious why it only has 1GB internal memory, some extra space there would be nice for those apps that still don't support being on the SD card. Other than that it's probably going to be the phone I upgrade too, unless something better comes out in the next two months.
  3. Invicta

    Xbox 360 RROD #2

    I bought a first gen Xbox 360 secondhand and it lasted 2 and a bit years. =)
  4. Invicta

    Android Apps

    Didn't see these mentioned but if they are my apologies. Air Attack HD Minisquadron Easily the best two games on Android!
  5. Invicta

    Major Nelson's XBL account hacked

    What a retard =|
  6. Invicta

    iPad version of Magazine?

    It is beyond a joke now Fat_Bodybuilder.
  7. Invicta

    Shout box / chat box

    Agreed. Kind of ironic, too.
  8. Invicta

    iPad version of Magazine?

    http://au.zinio.com/index.jsp Bam.
  9. Invicta

    iPad version of Magazine?

    Because the kindle is e-ink. I only said iPad because that is the tablet I will be getting, having it for the android platform too would be a great idea. Also, Fat_Bodybuilder, yeah there is a lot more to this than seems at first. But simply dismissing it because it's too hard is stupid.
  10. Invicta

    iPad version of Magazine?

    So you'd rather Atomic stays in paper format. Completely ignoring the advances in technology that other publishers are taking advantage of? Have you seen some of the things companies are doing with digital magazines? It's nothing short of awesome. I'm also aware that it is not straightforward creating an application for delivery of a digital magazine. But just because something isn't easy, doesn't make it worthwhile. To the comment about security, sure it is opening itself up for piracy, but what isn't these days? The greatest counter to piracy is making your product more accessible, and what's more accessible than digital delivery? Edit: I agree with the platform comment Cyberglitch, it would be cool to see it on Android too, which with the amount of Android tablets about to be released would be a smart option.
  11. Invicta

    iPad version of Magazine?

    Oh my bad guys, you should ignore a segment of the market purely because a few geeks think the device fails. What was I thinking?
  12. Invicta

    iPad version of Magazine?

    Any idea if Haymarket is considering making iPad versions of their magazines? I'd be very interested in purchasing copies that way, of both Atomic and PC Authority.
  13. Invicta

    Splinter Cell Conviction demo out now XBL

    Awesome looking game, hoping it revives the series.
  14. Invicta

    Lets play a guessing game.

  15. Invicta

    So I had me a Coke yesterday

    Yeah that must be it. I had the kind of off day where I was feeling fantastic till I had a Coke, then less than 5 minutes in I had head spins, was tingly all over (not in a good way) and couldnt concentrate on the simplest thing for the life of me. I'm pretty sure that if I was feeling awesome then after having a Mars or something I felt like shit I'd be blaming the Mars and not a "bad day", nice one doc. I wish you were right but unfortunately, after reading up on it a little, I'm going to have to go with tantryls diagnosis. Got myself booked if at the local GP for a diabetes test later in the week, hoping to fuck that I'm wrong till then. You had eaten beforehand yes? What you describe sounds like you were dehydrated/need teh foodz