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    Time for a new build (maybe!)

    I’m here at computex now (In Taipei) and talking to some employees on the floor from intel and amd, indeed the suggestion is to wait, particularly on the CPU front. New announcements from AMD have really shook up the market.
  2. @gamble incredible deal! I’m incredibly lucky. I was already satisfied with the 2080 I bought (now returned). Given the price I picked this guy up, I am loving the 2080ti. The improvement over the 2080 is significant jump. It overclocks well too, with core clock at 2100mhz using the Nvidia oc scanner. Setup was easy. It’s a beast of a card and the only game it struggles to have all settings dialed up at 60fps 4K is Assassins Creed Odyssey (although after some research most benchmark results shows this game is fairly poorly optimized). I just finished Metro Exodus with this card and it was a very immersive experience at 4K with RTX on (highly recommend this game). The RTX implementation here is also a great show case and runs quite well with some very atmospheric lighting btw, perhaps the best I’ve seen in any game ! This YouTube video with commentating shows RTX before and after in metro quite well. As for the delid, well I scratched the IHS pretty bad (see photo) with the delid tool, but my temps have improved around 10 degrees which was within my expectations so I’m happy. If I opened her up and made less of a mess with the thermal paste or used liquid metal I’m sure I’d get even better results.
  3. With the delid, I can get a stable OC for 4.6ghz, averages around 74 degrees in intense 2 hour gaming session Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Stress test has it getting to around 90 degrees though. I'll probably leave it at 4.5ghz. This was fun and I look forward to doing this again when I eventually upgrade the mobo and cpu.
  4. Hey guys, After some research I read that my Z77X-UD5H with latest bios (f16j) is compatible with NVMEs. So I went ahead and bought the following NVME drive and adapter with the intent to upgrade my OS drive for faster boot, and just giving me more storage. 1. NVME storage ADATA XPG SX8200Pro 1TB M.2 2280 PCIe SSD 2. Cheap adapter: "Neon Advanced Technology" PCI-Ex4 to M2 NVMe SSD adapter card PCI-E3.0 design, backward compatible with PCI-E2.0 After updating the bios, the NVME storage was indeed detected by the BIOS. I was able to boot into Windows, see the drive and clone my main OS to it. I attempted to boot the NVME, but it kept skipping it, jumping to the next available boot option. I then tried installing a fresh OS on the NVME, but once the files are installed on the NVME, Windows boots and then once again, it skips the NVME. Problem: I can use the NVME as storage, but so far no luck booting into it as an OS drive. What I've tried: Updated to latest BIOS firmware F16j Cloned OS drive to the new NVME using Macrium Reflect Used the Macrium Reflect WinPE environment to 'repair' the NVME with the hope of fixing Windows boot. No luck. Tried installing a fresh OS on the NVME, but after files extracted to the new storage, and the installation boots the system for the next phase of Windows install, it then skips the NVME and doesn't continue the installation. Any advice is sincerely appreciated. Thanks! Specifications: i5-3770k @4.6ghz (delided) Motherboard: Z77X-UD5H Ram: 16 gb memory GPU: GeForce RTX 2080ti Thanks in advance.
  5. Hey guys! Officially completed my first delid adventure. Wasn't all smooth, but the temps look significantly better (at least when CPU is under load). The delid tool I used was fairly straight forward, but it also severely scratched my IHS which may have impacted my final outcome. What I found most challenging was spreading the Kryonaught. It was extremely fiddly, especially with the included spatula. As I spread, it felt as if I kept removing the paste. After about 20 minutes, I ended up settling on a less than ideal application. I also didn't re-glue the IHS back onto the die and just used the mobo and HSF to keep it on. Results: i73770k overclocked at 4.5ghz Before delid average temperatures in degrees Celsius: Idle: 40 Load: 89 After delid Idle: 40 Load: 79 Idle temperatures haven't improved at all, but temperatures at load show a ~10 degree improvement, within expected range. I probably could Do these temperatures seem alright? Would the scratched IHS be a big deal in the long run? Thanks again guys for coming along with me on this delid journey!
  6. All lined up and pictured below GTX 970 RTX 2080 RTX 2080ti 2080 is still in its plastic wrap in case I needed to return it. 2080ti seems to work as new. Letting the Nvidia GPU scanner do its thing now.
  7. It does here too. The deal seems too good to be true, usually is. I haven’t installed it yet. We shall see!
  8. Haha, this adventure has just got much more interesting. Just snagged a 2080ti at ridiculously below its market price here GeForce rtx 2080ti So a little background: I’m currently in Taipei, Taiwan (an Aussie expat here) and on their equivalent of eBay (it’s basically a yahoo branded eBay) I just won a bid on a 2080ti for 27,900nt. That’s around $1299 aud, only a little more than I purchased by 2080. Sounded too good to be true, but I’ve just come and gone from the store to pick it up! Installed and it’s working! The great thing about Taiwan is their return policy - the 2080 I bought can also be returned no questions asked within ten days too, so long the box and plastic wrap is all intact. Hopefully nothing goes wrong. Although second hand the 2080ti still has 3 years left on its warranty and a 7 day guarantee from the store I bought it from. Sweet!
  9. I found this Chinese delid tool (see video) for $8. Bought the Kryonaut and we'll see how we go. Will update when I get the goods/results.
  10. Is there a big difference using liquid metal like thermal grease vs liquid metal? ie. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut (thermal grease) vs liquid metal (Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut)?
  11. I'll check out some more youtube videos on delidding... I'll probably go the razerblade route (since I don't want to spend the $50 on a delid kit, doesn't make sense here given the price I paid for the CPU).
  12. just installed the $50 i7 3770k and found a stable overclock of 4.6ghz. Idle temps at 36 degrees, load max 90. With a vcore of 1.4v. I prefer the 4.5ghz OC though , which is able to be stable aat 4.5ghz 1.35 volts, with max temps of 76 degrees. Really want to try delidding, the results look astonishing. Not now, eventually though. Like you said, I do have a spare i5 3570k. The performance difference is there, but it's not huge. But for $50, I'm alright with that.
  13. Yeah I looked at delidding, a 10 degree drop in temps is insane! Although the process looks a little intimidating. I don't think I'd do it anytime soon.
  14. I suppose it's a good price and if I get a boost to my CEMU emulator performance (benefits greatly from having more cores) and a slight FPS boost all round for other stuff. Only hassle is opening the rig up again, taking out cooler etc; I don't mind. Part of the fun.
  15. @Master_Scythe I would totally agree with you for screen sizes32" or lower, there's little point in jumping to 4k when you're not using a big screen tv. But I'm on a 65" 4k HDR display, at a distance of about 2m (I play from the couch). The difference is extremely noticeable. 1440p still very pleasant but switching back to 4k the image is very visibly softer and less crisp. 1080p is fairly horrible when on a display of this size. @gamble Yes indeed I've used the auto scan, works like a charm. The mild OC yields me around 4% increase in performance. I'm so happy that this 6 year old CPU still holds up so well with the latest titles. The most demanding title yet is Assassins Creed Odyssey. I have a mate with a spare i7 3770k? He asked for $50 for it. Worth the upgrade? From what I can see online performance difference is very little. @Dasa