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    My Raven build

    Played with the fans in bios. At idle its 4407MHz 0.8% load 41-50 degrees Prime95 small FFT 4 threads the throttling kicks in 3325Mhz 99.9% load 90- 100/99. The second core seems to bounce off 100. stabalized after about 4-5min. Exit Prime95 and it ramps up to 4407MHz and drops to 47-55 degree within 5 seconds.
  2. Big thanks to all techie types that maintain the parts guide and take the time to answer questions. The forum is a great resource. Raven RVZ01 ITX Asus Maximus Impact I5 4690K Kingston Hyper X Fury 16Gb Cryorig C1 Cooler Samsung 850 Evo 250Gb Silverstone SX600 PSU Windows 8.1 Moved the R9 290X from the old box My last build was a Q6600. The Raven took a few days spending an hour or so to get it up and running with all the bits working. I'd definately recommend building it up to a post stage outside the box. Things to think about for next time. - Thou shall check what windows licence I have before building. An upgrade licence doesn't go on a fresh install. Installing Pro and then finding you need to buy a standard licence will require a fresh install. - Thou shall not run fan cables under the mother board. - Thou shall install both power connectors on the motherboard. - If you can't get the audio to work despite stuffing around in windows for a couple hours try changing the bios. - Can't get the drive to read, try IDE. Then find out you might have a little issue, don't despair. See below. Other than that, it's mostly a packaging exercise. Opening most of the boxes was an exercise in Ohhhhhh thats tiny. The PSU can came inside what looked to be normal size box. Opening it revealed it to be mostly empty and the PSU sits comfortably in one hand. Samsung EVO 850 - I found I couldn't get the drive working and then switched to IDE. It came to life and I got everything up and running. I then ran the Samsung Magician software and got the following results Random Read/Write IOPS 10263 / 21842 Seq Read/Write MB/s 305 / 445 Hmmmmm those IOPS look low. I eventually decided I should try getting AHCI activated. Just switching it in BIOS results in the machine not booting. The trick is to change the BIOS and boot to safe mode then change the setting in Windows and reboot. https://pricklytech.wordpress.com/2014/02/04/windows-8-1-enabling-ahci-after-installing-windows/ bcdedit /set {current} safeboot minimal bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot On running Samsung Magician again Random Read/Write IOPS 93850 / 83968 Seq Read/Write MB/s 552 / 530 So it would appear that AHCI is better. I must admit that prior to making the change I restarted the machine and turned around to check out what the kids were watching on TV for about 30 seconds. Looked back at the screen to find it still sittng there. Why wasn't it rebooting? Try again. Ohhhhhhhhh ... thats why Very quiet. When I get a bit of gaming going the GPU fans spin up as expected. WOT only used one core of the Q6600 and would get about 40 fps on a medium/low detail. Currently it's getting over 80 fps on the updated WOT version with what looks like high detail ( I haven't actually checked). Next job. Get a NAS setup and move the data from the old drive onto better storage. I did question whether building it myself was the right thing when I was getting nowhere a few times but I'm glad I did. thanks guys.
  3. I have an asus internal wifi card that terminates of the rear pannel with two screw type connectors. The board is a itx maximus board. It then has a corded antenna and the cord has two leads. I don't want an external antenna on the end of a cord for small children to pull on. Will it work at all without a external antenna? I'm guessing not. Will it work if I screw in a simple antenna like those found on most wifi modems which would use a single connector? or is it a different type of anntena requiring both leads to be connected to form the loop? thanks for any help
  4. Legion

    indecision M.2 v SATA

    Thanks. I went with the EVO 850.
  5. My old machine finally gave up and the kids are hounding me for a new machine. I'm intending to go with the ASUS Z97I-PLUS Motherboard which has an M.2. port. I want a drive for my boot drive which will hold 8.1, Office, and WOT/EVE. Its going into a Raven RVZ01 itx case. I don't really want to put a traditional drive in there from a heat perspective. I like the form and low heat of the M.2 but I've never used them before. The alternative would be a 850 Pro (although I've seen someone mention the std 850 reads just as fast) Any advantages of one over the other. The main one I can think of is that whatever happens I always find something with a SATA connector if I need to pull the drive out for some reason. M.2 is supposed to be faster. The lag between brain and finger ensures I'll never be more than an above average noob in the gaming world. If the real world difference is you can't tell unless your running benchmark software then I might as well go the std evo path. Thoughts? thanks in advance.
  6. Legion


    I've used them for many years and had excellent customer service. I'd recommend them.
  7. Legion

    Random freeze issue....

    Its not power related.
  8. Legion

    Random freeze issue....

    Event viewer tells be I was getting 2 reboots a day along with regular intermittent freezing. Its been about a week since putting the 290X into the box and its not been restarted and doesn't freeze. Power I think not Hmmmmm.
  9. Legion

    Random freeze issue....

    Is there a way to test the psu? When you say hot do you mean literally or figuratively?
  10. Legion

    Random freeze issue....

    Same OS. I get a freeze when the Nivida driver craps itself. It recovers but it drives people crazy.
  11. Legion

    Andy's new build

    I normally run at the screens native resolution of 1920x1080. At medium graphics on WOT it becomes unplayable since the new release. On minimum its about 40-50 fps. But TF2 seems ok. I'll pull the HD from my existing system across. I'd never considered USB3, I'll have a look at the options there. I was thinking of a box that plugs into my switch. I need to add fans to that list, it will not be passive. Things get too hot on a summers day with 4 drives heating the box.
  12. Its time to replace my Q6600/GTX560 based machine which was built back in 2008 from memory. I was running XP but I upgraded to W8 before Christmas. I have upgraded the disks over the years and my mother inlaw spilt coffee through the box at one point requiring a new graphics card. Recently its developed a very annoying habit of rebooting and the Nivida driver drops out and either restarts or I power cycle. Apart from that its run pretty much 24/7 since it was built. My wife must be sick of the reboots because she has given me permission to upgrade the machine. I better get cracking before she changes her mind. I,m not a big gamer. I only play TF2, Eve, World of Tanks or Wurm. What I would really like is something like a NUC but my concern is whether it is compromised on the games and value for money. This is my thoughts on a build $138.00 Gaming Case (without PSU) Thermaltake [VP600M1N2N] Urban S41 Black $184.00 Power Supply 850w Thermaltake Toughpower Gold [TP-850MPCGAU] $189.00 DDR3 16GB 1600MHz Corsair XMS3 [CMX16GX3M2A1600C11] (2x8GB/11-11-11-30) $175.00 SSD (Solid State Drive) 2.5" 250GB Samsung 840 EVO [MZ-7TE250BW] (R/W: 540/520MB/s) $169.31 Motherboard Intel S1150 Z87 Gigabyte [GA-Z87X-OC] $249.00 Graphic Card AMD R9 270X OC 2GB Gigabyte [GV-R927XOC-2GD-GA] (1100/5600MHz) $261.06 CPU Intel S1150 i5-4670K Quad Core (3.4 GHz/22nm/84W/Integrated Graphics 4600) $66.00 CPU Cooler Noctua [NH-U9B SE2] $9.00 Thermal Compound Noctua [NT-H1] Pro-Grade Total $1440.37 I want the machine to be quiet as its in the lounge room. I do wonder if the PSU is over powered. I'm using about 164Gig on my C:, I just gone for a drive a bit bigger. I have a few terrabytes of HD for data in the current machine. I am wondering if I should just go to some type of attached storage. I've spec'ed a AMD graphics card. The current Nividia has been a bit of a pain in the arse and at times the drivers wouldn't install properly and I had to downgrade. I'm not sure if its a case of better the devil you know rather than jumping to AMD. What do you think? thanks for any suggestions Andrew