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    Planetary Annihilation - TA/SupCom on an interplanetary scale

    And they've hit $1.8M! Galactic War is locked in! Still another day to go, too.
  2. HeavyLancer

    Planetary Annihilation - TA/SupCom on an interplanetary scale

    Kicktraq is showing a trend towards a final result of just over $1.8M, with a range of $1.7M-$2.0M. That's not counting Paypal, but that'll be probably less than $15K anyway. http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/659943965...-generation-rts
  3. HeavyLancer

    Planetary Annihilation - TA/SupCom on an interplanetary scale

    Arguably the Galactic War metagame sounds more like a cross between the old Boneyards metagame from Total Annihilation and the dynamically-generated campaign from Falcon 4.0 (remember that game?). It also sounds totally awesome. I'm upping my pledge to see if we can get it, although it's going to be a bit of a stretch for them to get $500,000 in 7 days.
  4. HeavyLancer

    Planetary Annihilation - TA/SupCom on an interplanetary scale

    Well, earlier today they breached $900K - they're up to $954K as of this post. I'm with you on the orbital battles, naval is sort of essential for these sorts of games but orbital isn't really.
  5. HeavyLancer

    Planetary Annihilation - TA/SupCom on an interplanetary scale

    They're up to $876K out of $900K with 16 days to go - I think they'll get the naval stretch goal ($1.1M) at least.
  6. HeavyLancer

    Planetary Annihilation - TA/SupCom on an interplanetary scale

    Yeah definitely, needs to be bigger. The graphics concepts look awesome though. http://www.reddit.com/r/linux_gaming/comme...akin_to/c5v07h0Bigger planets than the ones in the pitch video are confirmed. Also, as of writing this, the game is up to $560,000 out of $900,000 on Kickstarter and Linux support has been confirmed! As for other features, here's a list: http://forums.uberent.com/forums/viewtopic...=61&t=34022
  7. Yesterday, Uber Entertainment launched a Kickstarter to get a game called Planetary Annihilation. As of the time I posted this thread they're up to $275,107 out of their $900,000 goal. It's essentially a spiritual successor to Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander, but on a solar system scale. Multiple planets, moonbases, asteroids. Feels a bit like SupCom 1 with a Sins of a Solar Empire level of scale, judging by the video: The killer feature? You can capture an asteroid, build rockets on it and fling it at a planet. Also, Uber Entertainment (of Saturday Night Combat fame) have a few ex-TA and SupCom devs that will be working on it. And they got John Patrick Lowrie to do the narration for the video. You might remember him as the guy who narrated the original TA intro. Or the voice of the Sniper from Team Fortress 2. Look's like they haven't got Jeremy Soule to do the music (he composed the soundtrack for TA and SupCom, among many other games), but one can hope... I really enjoyed playing TA. SupCom 1 was good but didn't 'feel' good enough to me. Hopefully they can pull off the interplanetary level of scale - I've got reservations about the UI and the way planets are displayed but hopefully they'll get it right. Current features disclosed: Proper LAN play No DRM, no F2P model Client-Server netcode (so it won't be as shitty as the one GPG used in SupCom and Demigod in theory) Scalable from a couple of players fighting over a single planet for an hour to day-long marathons involving 6+ players and a whole solar system (no spaceship battles) Links: Website: http://planetaryannihilation.com/ Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/659943...-generation-rts Reddit Q&A with Uber_Neutrino (AKA John Mavor, ex-Cavedog and GPG guy now at Uber who worked on TA and SupCom): http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/y9...ents_planetary/ John Mavor magazine interview: http://www.pcgamer.com/2012/08/15/planetar...tion-interview/
  8. Going back to Harvest HAWK for a second, this gives you an idea of what it packs: Here's what SOPGM is: It's a ramp-mounted launcher for 10 GBU-44 Viper Strike munitions - they're a small bomb, but nice for COIN and such. With the C-27J based "Harvest HAWK-lite" idea, the only problem I've got is thinking of anywhere to put a EO/FLIR pod on the thing other than on a custom-fabricated wing mount. Best part about Harvest HAWK is that you can ship the kit to a forward airbase, kit up one of the KC-130Js that you're already using for chopper refuelling or cargo transport and you've got yourself a mini-gunship/surveillance platform. Doing this to a C-27 with no wing-mounted tanks that can be removed to mount stuff on might be an issue. Still, if you could even get a small pod on the wing, 10 GBU-44s and a 30mm poking out one of the doors might be mighty fine to have available at short notice.
  9. The EADS CASA C-295 is the closest competitor in tactical troop transport. IIRC the C-27J has a wider and taller cargo bay, but the C-295 can be better adapted to other roles (there's AEW&C and maritime patrol versions planned). I seem to recall that the C-27J has a bit of commonality with the Herc as well, but I might be mistaken. As for the A-400, it looks like the issue with it is that in most of the competitions that it's been in competition with the C-17, which is a huge strategic airlifter with an established customer (USAF) and maintenance 'eco-system'. Countries that were looking at the A-400 as a replacement or augmentation to their Herc fleets took a look at it and decided that they wanted a proper heavy airlift capability. That's what happened with the RAF and RAAF at least. Where the A-400M looks nice is as an actual replacement for the Herc - it carries more for a longer distance, so it can keep up with ballooning vehicle weights (IED protection is the main culprit). Haven't looked at the costs properly for it though. As for trainers I think that it's silly that we don't look for at least a light CAS capability on our trainer/FAC replacement.
  10. If we really wanted CAS for places like Afghanistan we'd be looking at getting some Super Tucanos - we could use them to replace our Pilatus PC-9s for training as well then. However, if we get the C-27J we could always adapt some for CAS by buying a couple more airframes and mounting an adapted Harvest HAWK weapons kit on board them. That way we're using (almost) off-the-shelf kit for them. Only issue is that it might be a squeeze fitting something like the 10 Griffin (or 4 Hellfire) missiles on a wing-mounted rack so close to the engines - the wing might not have the room that the Herc does to mount it on. The 30mm cannon coming out of the left-side troop door would be fine though.
  11. Yes I did read the link. Please describe how explaining the Australian Government's carbon tax is advocacy of said concept (regardless of the author's views on climate change) and link it to specific paragraphs within the article cited (http://brians-satchel.com/?p=640). I don't care about winning or losing this argument, I just want you to learn how to cite proper evidence to support your opinion.
  12. Director, the most sensible post in this thread is the OP. It was informing and non-partisan.
  13. Do you have some arguments against the carbon tax other than an overwrought metaphor?
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    Well that's a unique "O" face

    Well, it's almost an "O" face.
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    When aliens attack!

    What would they want from us that they couldn't get elsewhere or obtain by surveillance? If they've got interstellar travel then they'd view us like we view ants.