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  1. I have checked out the app. I can see how setting up the ftp server or an SMB share (or even rsync server) will help allow me to sync files to the device, or even the share created for the external USB drive. However, I cannot see how this external USB drive will be visible to the settop box when I plug in the android device via usb. I am still reading the documentation on it, but if you can tell me which server feature allows the device (and USB attached storage) to act like a standard USB flash drive that would be great. This it's the main hurdle for me. Cheers. DJ.
  2. Hi :) Current setup: My Dad (old) has a set top box with a USB hard drive attached with some shows I put on there. It is simple to use and part of the TV viewing system, he can handle using it (unlike seting up a media PC which he has to switch to an re-learn etc) Problem: Every time I need to put new shows on the hard drive I need to physically disconnect the USB drive, copy to it and reconnect it again. Solution I think should be possible: I have an android mini PC or two lying around spare. So, 1) There are android apps that can turn an android device in to a "Thumb drive" in that you simply plug it in to a PC (or set top box) and access files like a thumb drive. 2) The USB hard drive shows up as an external attached drive in android 4.1 on the mini PC. 3) I can then setup this Android mini PC to let me copy shows to it over the network (sync from a network folder perhaps). My question: No android "USB Thumb drive" apps seem to show the ability to access external SD card or external attached drive data. Has anyone achieved this? if so please tell me, because this would mean that I could stick an android mini PC tv stick between any offline hard drive and non-network capable device and manipulate the data remotely, a huge win. Cheers, DJ.
  3. ***Will pay or do favours for assistance*** (Wait, does that sound wrong?) Hello Atomicans, Below is a problem I have already solved but I am not capable of scripting the solution to. I am getting better with Linux every day but I am not at the stage yet where I can script the solution (see solution section below). I have googled the pants off this, and it seems that having a failover backup from live dedicated host (WHM / cpanel) to bachup dedicated host (with high availability) is not as easy as some are suggesting (eg. rsync all files etc). Problem: Fail option 1) Rsync-ing all files in the home directory incrementally is great for website and email folder updates but does not contain databases (mounted / active, rsync will not work for this). Fail option 2) Rsync-ing the daily backup files that WHM can generate is crap as it is a full transfer of data each time (no incrementals). I have over 110GB on 35 accounts due mainly to email and media data. Fail option 3) Could try to use fail option 1 above then script each database to mirror between servers (too messy and fragile) Solution (This should work): The live WHM server already generates the standard daily backups of all cpanel accounts. I need a script that will do the following: 1) Un-compress these backup tars to a temporary sync location (and the homedir tars within each tar) 2) Then use Rsync for it's fantastic incremental sync ability to transfer this uncompressed data to the backup WHM server. 3) Then script the backup WHM server to tar this data up again (including homedir tars within the main backup tars) 4) Then script the backup WHM server to import these backups (cpbackup) over the top of the existing accounts (terminate first?) End result will be this: If my main dedicated server blows up, all current data to the night before is not only safe, but ready to go live as soon as the domain name servers can propogate to the backup server. I want to do this rather than simply move backups off site and have the hastle of setting up a new server from scratch to restore the data to in a catastrophic situation where the live WHM server is FUBAR. My request: Can anyone help me write a script for the above? I can take care of the SSH key so we can script it all from one server. Other info: 1) All of this would happen nightly (otherwise it is too much load on the server if 110GB (and growing) of accounts are backed up more often). 2) No attempt to sync backwards from backup to live is to be made (I would manually do this after an emergency if needed 3) Needs to log succesful updates and errors. I can either offer a return favour of some sort or even pay to get this done, give me an idea of what this is worth to you if you can do it. Thanks, DJ. DO IT Solutions
  4. DJRmenace

    Need guidance with DNS for a mass of domains

    Well, They can do. Lets say the common domain was "baseball.com" (it is not) and the yother 20 thousand odd domains are "Brisbanebaseball.com.au", "Sydneybaseball.com.au", "chicagobaseball.com", "londonbaseball.co.uk" etc and so on. The "Baseball.com" hosting account would need to handle traffic for all 20000 domains, like allocating "parked domains" in Cpanel. This should be fun. I think you are right. Although this is about hosting websites and configuring DNS zones, I think this is becoming more of a UNIX scripting question than a hosting or web design question.I will understand if this topic has been moved. Thanks, Michael A. DO IT Solutions.
  5. Hello team, Given: 1400 domains need to be pointed to a web server via an A record (for a temporary experiment). The hosters will not provide name servers (I suggested they register name servers but anyway). The registrar does not offer DNS (unless you pay about 14k/yr for a 10 DNS hosting package for each). Maybe I can help?: I have a dedicate linux server with WHM (Cpanel server). Assumptions: I assume I can create a Cpanel account on my dedicated server and add 1400 domains as "parked domains" and add the required "A record" for each. Hopes: I hope there is a way I can run a script to do the above (parked domains an A records) to save a few days of my life from being wasted. My questions: 1) Is my assumption correct? 1a) Regardless, what is the best way to do this? 2) Is my hope realistic? 2a) If so, please give me any tips or links that might help me do this. Wicked-pants of awesome-sauce. DJ.
  6. No, PCI, they still sell them. Usually on order and not in stock. http://umart.com.au/newindex2.phtml?bid=4 DJ. Edit: The link does not point to the item (url truncated for aesthetics it looks like), look for this in "Video cards": EVGA PCI GF6200LE 256M
  7. Ebay was not an option given the time constraint (as per OP). I bought 1 PCI card from Umart for $86 (EVGA Nvidia card with dual monitor support) But I was still 2 short (they were out of stick after that), and that is when I posted. I managed to find 2 in our trash pile / PC graveyard here. All sorted, thanks anyway. Crisis over. DJ. Edit: Typo, and-> All the best to 11WHORE-E@3 if you are still modding around this place.
  8. SH**T, typo in the topic. PCI ofcourse. Hello, I am in urgent need of 2 PCI (not express) graphics cards. None in stock around the shops here (old technology). I need them by tomorrow morning LOL, anyone around? Willing to pay for them of course. Preferably NVIDIA and with dual monitor support, but not going to be choosy at this point. Thanks, DJ. Edit: Typo
  9. It is the only way to avoid misunderstandings sometimes. Yes, it is going well. I have been negotiatingwith 4 registrars and it turned out that the one I am a reseller of came home with the goods. It is amazing how big the margin is that the "big boys" can play with to win business. A happy ending is on the horizon. To avoid being over professional: *Giggles..."happy ending..." "luv u long time." DJ.
  10. Will the current registrar charge you a fee for transferring them to a new registrar? Rob. Hello Rob, there is no fee for transferring between registrars in Australia. However that is not what I am attempting to facilitate here, a change of ownership is a totally different ball game. My point in that quoted post about becoming a registrar was that if I was a registrar myself (instead of just a reseller) I could charge the client the actual wholesale price of $18.70 per domain (including 2 yr renewal), and maybe put a small markup on it (as opposed to the client paying a much higher fee from another registrar). I am not taking this option seriously as the process will take more time than the client has available before this ownership change has to take place. Thanks for your contribution to this thread anyway. :) Michael A.
  11. I am considering registering as a registrar with some of the funds (lol) if it will be more cost effective. hmmm... Reading the AUDA criteria and I meets them mostly already haha.
  12. Yay a response, thanks people. Free space, nice name :) That is the plan, I am just getting mixed information, some from this same company who has claimed to have bought some of these domains with nochange of ownership expense. Can the Whois "registrant" data be changed wihtout such a fee? I also am really interested in hearing from someone who might know for sure whether I am on the right track thinking that all they are paying is $18.70 (max). DJ.
  13. Hai, Please contribute if you know more about this stuff. Task at hand: 20000 domains, all need to change ownership (registrant to be different in Whois search). Let's just say that all are in 1 company name, and they need to change to renowned by a new company name. Problem: The registrar normally charges $240 per domain for this type of change, but has negotiated it down to $45 per domain so far (might get it for less). They state that it costs money because AUDA.ORG charge a fee. Through calling AUDA and visiting their website, it turns out 18.70 per domain is their fee. So far, doesn't this mean the registrar is asking for over a cool half mil do process this? Assumptions: For now, assume all domains are .com.au 1)Let me know what you would do (seriously). I am considering registering as a registrar with some of the funds (lol) if it will be more cost effective. 2) Does everyone who buys a pre-owned domain pay this fee? Thanks in advance for your input.
  14. Very nice, will keep that site in my bookmarks, better than ome other price matching sites I've used in Aus. They are infared (unfortunately) 30" LCD touchscreens from a chinese company called "Amongo". There are capacitive touchscreen models but my client bought them without my better judgement :) Interesting point thanks (warranty). Ventilation is good though. 2 ports and a fan on a timer. Here is another possibility I guess: HDMI capable tiny mahcine, only $575 by "Shuttle" *Also no warranty I'm sure though. http://www.mwave.com.au/sku-50150003-Shutt..._Processor_500G DJ. Long live the 11Whore-E@3 Edit: tyoe