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    4k gaming query

    Hi guys, I am looking at upgrading to 4k and just have some querys. Why doesn't the 295x2 support HDMI 2.0? Why haven't radeon released a video Card that supports HDMI 2.0? I have heard something about using 2 x hdmi 1.4 connections to get 4k but its tricky or something. Could someone please clarify this for me. Which monitor to get i am in no rush as i will have to wait for my tax return so is there anything coming by July that i should look into? Which GPU to get? should i wait for the new radeon GPU if so when will it be released? I have always used Radeon but i am thinking to switch as nvida as they are looking good. Is xfire or sli an issue when it comes to 4k gaming? cause 2 gtx 970's could work. Please tell me what it is like to game at 4k? Thank you in advance for any feed back.
  2. deuce_23

    Shadow of Mordor

    I have mixed feelings about this game. I have gone on missions and smashed it. Then i'm walking along and get smashed by the gorgons. Overall its a good game good graphics. I think if i wasn't so tired from work i would play smarter and not run and gun so much. I wish the game had coop or something that would be cool. I am struggling with the combos a little. If you play smart by releasing the gorgons and drawing the orc past a fire then explode them. I could even try to poison the orcs. Anyone know how many hours to finish the game? I also love that this game stresses my computer on max settings. I5-4950k 16gb ram hd7950 3gb card
  3. Hi I currently have a lot of down time at work and want to purchase a new laptop to play my Fav games. Which laptop will run COH2 and star citizen. I am mainly concerned about the GPU! The other spec i was thinking I5 8 GB or 16 GB of ram not fussed about battery will use an external for my movies so wont need a lot of storage so 240GB ssd. If you can tell me which GPU i should get? I would like to keep the price under 2k
  4. deuce_23

    New Laptop purchase help

    Hi that is awesome just want i was looking for the price looks great for what you get.
  5. deuce_23

    Windows 9 planned for April 2015

    Hi Windows 8 sux I found it very non user friendly I had to create short cut icons to do all the normal stuff in windows 7 such as a my computer shortcut a shutdown short cut and so on. The creators of windows 8 are clearly say Fu*k the desktop users everyone should be using tablets and touch screens. I was so pissed when i went to purchase a new Laptop a while back and requested windows 7 and the salesman said it only comes with windows 8 So i walked out. How Microsoft can screw up so badly is beyond me. Would it have been so hard to make a desktop version or make windows 8 a tablet/ touch screen specific operating system? Not to mention all the other issues within Thats my Rant
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    New TV purchase

    Hi, I am looking to purchase a TV probably lcd. I dont use 3d so mainly a high quality 1900x1080. i would like a high refresh rate. About a 50 inch maybe 55 inch. What would you recommend? Is there anything new coming out soon? which brand is preferred?
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    video converting help

    Hi I brought my my a 2tb hdd to connect to her sony bluray bdp-s480. The problem is it only supports certain movie formats. The deck also plays back AVCHD and AVI files. It didn't care for MOVs. SO a lot of the movies on the hdd dont work. What is the best and free program i can run the movies through to convert to avi or avchd? Which format is better to convert to?
  8. deuce_23

    War Thunder

    Help the game wont let me sign up!!! can i purchase this game?
  9. deuce_23

    War Thunder

    please help every time i try to sign up i get a CAPTCHA error if i purchase a pack will this fix the problem? please i want to play
  10. deuce_23

    sims 3 help lost disc

    Hi i have lost my sims3 disc but i have the activation code is there any way i can download the game and enter the code and play without the disc???
  11. i like playing codwaw and i have been playing on a server called the 10th mountain division, which is a tac server with rules. All was going well until i got a warning for camping so i started to crawl away as i was under fire then got another warning for not moving quick enough. I tried to explain my case then got another warning for being disruptive and was kicked. another game the next day i was msging in game. I got a warning for camping i tried to explain i was typing a msg. I got another warning. Another game with 3 seconds left in the game i threw a grenade straight up in the air i got a warning for throwing a blind nade with one second left. Another game i got killed then returned to the same spot and got a warning for camping. Tried to explain got a warning for questioning admin. I also found when i was playing poorly and getting my ass shot off i never got any warnings. It was only when i was playing well I went onto there forums and asked what is the rules regarding giving warnings and being kicked? why are most admins nice and give you verbal warnings and other admins give console warnings and kick you? I was told admis dont have to give any warnings and can ban and kick you at there discretion. So i thought i better shut up and just put up with it. I played for a week no problems kicking there butts in game as revenge! I went to log back in and i have been banned permanently i checked the forums and it stated i have been banned due to being to high maintenance. Find another server that suits your style of play. I hate Americans, but most were very nice and friendly just a few bad apples spoiled the bunch. Thanks for letting me rant
  12. deuce_23

    War Thunder

    i have been trying to sign up but keep getting CAPTCHA error
  13. deuce_23

    Best gaming monitor?

    Dont go less than 27inch i am waiting till they have 30 plus inches as the norm
  14. deuce_23

    War Thunder

    help i have downloaded and when i try to sign up and enter the code i get CAPTCHA error i have tried 20 times the code is correct help
  15. deuce_23


    i havent had to much trouble getting online just mainly dropping out while playing please add me Deuce1978 i dont care for the refund give me bigger maps instead. Why did they make the maps so small for? Now i have purchased a copy i will wait till someone makes a crack then i will download the cracked version without drm and hopefully bigger maps. When will we know the sales figure?
  16. deuce_23


    Duece1978 keep an eye out
  17. deuce_23

    Eyefinity considerations?

    Hi # monitors is a pain in the arse. i have a 27inch samsumsung 950d i purchased another samsung cheap 27inch bu the bezel is thick and doesnt feel right and i have an old 19 inch lcd 1280x1024 i tried to hook all 3 up nothing but drama. I have a 7950. It seem for now 27inch is the limit unless you want to spend the big bucks. I cant even get my 3d working i have found out the glasses it came with suck. i need new ones waste of money i think.
  18. Have you sold your 4870x2??
  19. deuce_23


    I wanted to go on to the ea forums and have a rant but cant so will on here. How shit and messed up can they honestly be. We are talking about millions of dollars lost. 1. Ea should have had a good idea how many people were going to want this game through pre order and the requests to be part of the beta tests. Also do a god dam poll on the website if needed. 2. you could have allowed pre downloads this also would have indicated how many were ready to go and you could have switched the servers on for them at least. 3. would it really have costed you so much money to lease a few extra servers for 3 to 6 months till the traffic issues are sorted? 4. did you not learn anything from diablo3???????? 5. Why cant you make an option that i can play offline even if its time restricted like a few hours off line mode. Something in case my internet drops out. I and many others were really looking forward to play this weekend i have to decide by Saturday morning if we are still going to do this. or maybe i should do my assignments. I want a big article from atomic telling me who is responsible who is getting sacked and a time line of the things EA tried to do to fix it. Also how much money they lost. The smartest thing EA did was not release the game world wide at the same time. How many Servers are there? 4 in america i think and 4 in Europe and 1 to cover Australia and Asia. Are these super servers that can handle several million users at a time? are they custom servers? What was the maximum amount of people you were expecting? Unless you stop screwing people over there will be rumors posted that EA offices has pictures of Muhammad the profit on your walls and servers. We put a man on the moon but cant get simcity on my computer. Atomic does EA have an office in Australia??? Whats the address? just want to drop off a heart felt letter!
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    What are our consumer rights when purchasing this game?
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    Whats the latest on the servers for this game i am thinking to purchase and play this weekend. I rang eb games on Wednesday and asked if i could buy a copy then so i could install and be ready for launch date. He told me he would loose his job. maybe i should have told him i would murder his family to inspire him. Now look at all the dramas the yanks are having. Hate EA
  22. deuce_23

    call of duty waw error help

    hi i have just installed waw from steam and i cant play online. It wont let me play online, multiplayer. I have windows 7 and i have given windows permission i even took down the fire wall no go. Does any one have any ideas?
  23. Hi I have a HD7950 it has a hdmi and 2xmini dp ports. I have a 27inch 950d monitor 3d. I was thinking to attempt Eyeinfinity 3d. Office works is selling 23inch 950D for $270. My question is will the mini dp port support 3D on the other 2 monitors? firstly getting 2 more 27inch 950d monitors is expensive. and i am just a little tight on space. I am not sure how the 23 inch will look next to the 27inch. any advice? I like the thin bezel on this model Also i know i will need more gpu power so maybe a second hd7950 with a hdmi port and a mini hdmi port if one exists. Please help any advice would be great?
  24. hi i have just purchased a new system which all worked perfectly except the revodrive 3 240gb. I have a gigabyte g1.sniper3 mb 16gb vengeance ram 1600mhz and a hd 7950. I have removed all other drives except dvd rom even removed video card and used onboard. i have updated the bios to f7. the mb is compatible with the revodrive3. It sees the revodrive 3 in the bios but not in windows. I booted in to windows off another drive that i had and i used. i used the ocz firmware program to update the revodrive 3 it found it fine. still not showing in windows tho. i tried a clean install of windows 7 ult 64bit it gets to the select drive to install and cant find the revodrive 3. i go to load driver from the ocz disc that came with it. i select 64bit then it shows ocz 10xx scsi controller (d:x64\ocz10xx.inf) i press next it appears to work. then it goes back to the select hdd screen and says no drives found. I think i have tried everything. Please help and tell me its a simple option i missed in the bios
  25. deuce_23

    Revodrive 3 help 240gb please!

    i had to install as a storage device then format it. i just copied 1.5gb from a revodriv3 to a revodrive it took about 3 seconds. I have just tried to install windows 7 pro 64bit sp1. when it came time to load the drivers. the revodrive3 could not be found. The drivers for the plain old revo drive worked fine. so its a let down but one i can live with for now. maybe they will fix this in the future.