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  1. cleadge

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    ordered a new compound bow for me and the mrs, one Mission Ballistic 50-70lb in camo and a PSE StingerX Stiletto 20-50lb (Purple riser with a pink grip/string stop).
  2. cleadge

    Wireless repeater

    try EoP it will either work or not. i have been using EoP for over a year, even with our houses funny wiring it works well. modem/router>EoP>EoP>wifi router getting 8mb/s+ across the network from any device with any connection, 1080p is hit and miss for streaming which iv put down to wifi interference or excessively large files.
  3. damn man.. got a hell of alot more patience then me. looks good
  4. cleadge

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    two new toys. Berserker Evolve 25-60lb RTS Klarus XT12
  5. cleadge

    how crap is this government ?

    What? You mean just like flu? ;) and this was why i stopped getting the flu shot 10-12 years ago... suffice to say i have only had minor colds (less then 4 days) no flu, while many family members and relatives get it for weeks on end. was the same reason we opted out for our son, (lil bugger gets off more lightly then i do).
  6. Tried bypassing your receiver?
  7. i dont see why it wouldnt run, im using that same PSU for my system (in sig), this PSU has worked well for 3 builds over the last 5yrs.
  8. not even close as its not hallucinogenic like LSD, shrooms, ect. same that goes with how "hydroponics" uses chemicals to increase the potency, which is utter bollocks. they dont lace weed as its not how it works, tho it can be easily contaminated by mould. the only thing you gain by growing your own is in knowing what "strain" you have and if its grown the best it can be i.e. higher CBD then THC if your after CBD. nor is it like tobacco or alcohol in the reguards to yearly deaths, for which even panadol has higher deaths then weed. From my understanding alot of people who are addicted to it is due to the fact they mix with tobacco.
  9. have you tried a different USB port? i get a similar issue when i have a specific device plugged into my front panel usb
  10. cleadge

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Ordered one of these yesterday
  11. cleadge

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    nice, iv been thinking of getting a 280 to pair with my 7950, as im thinking of going tripple screen. what kind of FPS are you getting kikz?
  12. cleadge

    Accidentally Broke My S5S Lcd

    so after 8 weeks of no phone, and being charged 320 for a replacement handset, being sent the wrong handset (note 3). i finally got a phone a week ago, just now i had a call from Telstra and the 320 charge is being reversed (yay epic joy).
  13. cleadge

    Accidentally Broke My S5S Lcd

    got a call yesterday, apparantly it couldnt be repaired, but it can be replaced $for 300.
  14. cleadge

    Accidentally Broke My S5S Lcd

    so today has been.. fun.. long story short. Took it into Telstra today to have sent off, while there given sweet fuck all help not even offered a loaner, only options i was given was to have a 3rd party repair it or pay out the outstanding amount and start a new contract with a new phone (apparantly you cant pay off a second handset at the same time anymore). got home and called telstra and got a totally different response, now im told that since the glass isnt damaged and its not caused by water its under warranty. went back to the store told them what the deal was and enquired about a loaner (needs to be picked up sometime next week). so pretty much going to see what the out come is.