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  1. Mademan

    Win10 Forced Updates are back.....

    SHODAN IS WATCHING YOU.............
  2. Mademan

    Win10 Forced Updates are back.....

    Tried either of these methods? https://hmemcpy.com/2015/04/preventing-a-certain-windows-update-from-installing-on-windows-10/ I had to use this app to hide updates to the Intel UHD device in my Surface Book 2, because the update keeps breaking Windows Hello (great software/hardware integration!). This allowed me to mute that update in Windows Update, I assume if you go the more complicated method with the Powershell there will be a way to block updates completely.
  3. Mademan

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Better Call Saul is back! *dances*
  4. Mademan

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Took the plunge and bought a Surface Book 2 15". Been a while since I've been in Windows land (for my own computers at least), but so far I'm quite impressed. It hasn't all been smooth sailing, and reformatting my backup drives took forever, but now I've got all the teething problems sorted out I'm really enjoying it.
  5. Mademan

    help with bioshock issues

    Are you running Windows 10? If so try running the game's .exe file in one of the compatibility modes, and check the box to 'Disable Fullscreen Optimizations'.
  6. Mademan

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    I think Cohen is great, and I like what he does, but I just don't have the minerals to sit through the stupidity. I couldn't finish Borat, or the first episode of this. And the worst is last, you say! Fark. I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't stand it. Not that it offends my beliefs or anything, but I just don't find it funny. I respect that he has the guts and the skill to make a show like that happen, but at the same time I don't think a comedy show should be this depressing to watch.
  7. Mademan

    Roll Call!

    Blerp. Still kicking, if only because I can't afford a bucket right now.
  8. Mademan

    What are you playing at the moment?

    GTAIV: Episodes From Liberty City. The bright side of coming back to Windows Land is I get to play all these old games again! hooray! XD Also playing GT Sport and Battlefield 4 on PS4.
  9. Mademan

    What TV series are you watching?

    Yeah, still waiting for the remainder of Season 2 of Blacklist :( Recently got back into The Wire, I remember watching a bit of it back when it first aired (and I was still in high school, yeesh!), but it didn't really interest me until recently. Working my way through Season 3.
  10. Mademan

    Razer Blade: A review.

    If you got it from JB HiFi you should have taken it back to them in the first place, and not bothered with Razer's tech support.
  11. Mademan

    Netflix complete Australian Catalogue

    Haven't noticed too much of an impact on my speed here, we're using Telstra Cable Ultimate. That being said I doubt I'll bother with the local Netflix after the trial period, there really isn't anything to watch that I don't already own or haven't already seen, House of Cards Season 3 is about all that's interested me. I'm certainly not going to keep paying them in the hope the catalogue *might* grow larger on an unspecified timeline.
  12. Mademan

    Do you still identify with your handle?

    Good question, I did start changing some accounts over to my real name - mainly my art related stuff that I'd like to be credited for, and also my email accounts are now my real name. But anything gaming related I'm still Mademan, have been since 2001. God I feel old :(
  13. Mademan

    No Top Gear

    No, it won't. The Beeb may attempt to continue it, but it's as dead now as the Aus version ever was. The reason it worked was not the formula of the show, it was the chemistry of the hosts - without them, it's just a very ordinary car show. (IMHO, a sub-par show at that.) Yes but like Top Gear Australia, it doesn't mean they won't try :P
  14. Mademan

    Better call saul.

    Hopefully. Obviously in the earlier episodes when he goes to war with Hamlin he has every intention of keeping his identity, otherwise he wouldn't be sinking that much money and effort into it. And then there's the black and white sequence at the beginning of the first episode, which appears to show him in hiding - I didn't think much of it at the time, but then later recalled the black and white "flash forwards" in the second season of Breaking Bad, which hinted towards the season finale. Something is definitely going to happen soon.
  15. Mademan

    No Top Gear

    Yes but their columns are not for the show, they're simply reposted from the magazine, which has it's own staff and little to do with the show other than those columns, and appearances by the Stig for group tests. Presumably the magazine won't be going anywhere, at least in the short term, although without a tv show to back it it does just look like another motoring magazine on the shelves (albeit a fairly good one). Also that would be a bit like removing the video section featuring clips from past shows, the shows that helped build up the Top Gear brand to what it is now, especially as the show itself will go on, as will the repeats featuring those clips. They can't go back in time and sack Clarkson to alter the course of history. I guess it depends on whether the magazine and the website keep pulling the same traffic that they have been, and whether keeping them alive on life support should the numbers drop significantly is a wiser move than shutting it down, and then inevitably starting up again from square one down the road.