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  1. ChayotHaKadesh

    Jack Thompson vs. Mark Methenitis

    In July '09 Jack Thompson was featured in a debate regarding game classification and restrictions, against pro-videogame attorney and activist (whathaveyou) Mark Methenitis. It was hosted at the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention in Dallas, TX. Does anyone know where I can find the full 60minute debate for download or stream? The original video on the ScrewAttack site won't buffer. Thanks muchly.
  2. ChayotHaKadesh

    fundies say the darndest things

    there's also this and Director, yes I would have liked to see some too
  3. ChayotHaKadesh

    fundies say the darndest things

    http://www.fstdt.net/Default.aspx I came across this after following a thread of YouTube videos, I can't say I remember how I got onto the topic of atheism, but this link popped up somewhere. Quite amusing stuff. I'm not making a statement, opinion, or stance on anything. This is just for a laugh. That's all.
  4. ChayotHaKadesh

    heavy dumbbells

    no good, i need flat ends, to be able to rest on my knees comfortably
  5. ChayotHaKadesh

    heavy dumbbells

    Yeh I'm in Sydney also. Tell me sir! Where is this aforementioned warehouse sale?!
  6. ChayotHaKadesh

    heavy dumbbells

    haha oh dear :P yeh same here kikz, I use em for shoulders and chest and also back I've searched on ebay, no luck. Are there any kind of places that sell second hand things and such? As you said kikz, like a gym that is shutting down. But where can I find them? All fitness stores I see only go up to 50kg... I guess that means you gotta go to a gym but I've put too much money into my gym setup at home than to run off and join a gym.
  7. ChayotHaKadesh

    heavy dumbbells

    yeh i dunno how to do even that im no blue collar worker of any kind, i have no experience... given the right tools id figure it out but i dont even know where to start :-\
  8. ChayotHaKadesh

    heavy dumbbells

    I've been looking here there and everywhere for some >50kg dumbbells, but any I find are $400+ per pair (of course the heavier they are from there, the more they cost) anyone know of any cheaper alternatives?... and don't say the barbell! much obliged
  9. ChayotHaKadesh

    Never played Starcraft or Diablo

    seek help
  10. ChayotHaKadesh

    A question about the speed of light

    well there's really no answer to that as of yet. the answer lies not with the understanding of the fundamentals and workings of light, it has to do with time we live in a temporal universe, atleast on macroscopic scales and within these classical dimensions. Observations tell us that time is the function of change. Does being ageless mean that time doesn't apply? Is ageless synonymous to timeless? Of course it is. Age denotes the progression of one particle transitioning from one state into another. Or do we need a revision of the word age? If time doesn't apply, this must mean that the photons dwell in a timeless state, where every moment that ever was or is to be, happens at one time. is time written past and future, for whatever duration it extends to? If so, why does it appear to act in one direction, at a finite speed? temporal segments can be divided into the smallest denominations (dividing the planck length by c) and leaves us with individual blocks of time... but what is it that ends one block and initiates the next? (think about this: you fire an arrow at a target, but first it must reach the 1/2 way mark of the distance to the target. Before it can do that, it must reach 1/2 the distance of 1/2 the distance -- 1/4. If these divisions keep on growing, how can the arrow possibly reach it's target?) There are just too many questions that need be answered before such a question can be deduced. Very good question by the way.
  11. ChayotHaKadesh

    Is it rude to do this?

    I don't think it's rude. To me, it's always been a case of efficiency and time management. You handle things as they finish, you don't wait for the entire table to finish then have 8 sets of plates, cutlery and glasses shoved down your throat. At the end of the day, you're in a place of business.
  12. ChayotHaKadesh

    steel issues

    you sir, are a genius many thanks
  13. ChayotHaKadesh

    A science question.

    Regarding that article, Volition, I knew space wasn't a complete vacuum, and that vibrations do indeed travel through the scarce atoms that there are... but we can't hear it, so I thought that's the answer he was looking for. Interesting to note though that seismic waves are a form of sound. Never really looked at it that way before :)
  14. ChayotHaKadesh

    A science question.

    Oh, I see where this is heading. If a tree falls in the woods...
  15. ChayotHaKadesh

    steel issues

    Well technically it's tarnish. It's a film of reactant that's formed on the metal after the outermost layer undergoes a chemical reaction... in this case it was my natural skin oils >.< Rust is an oxidation process, so it's essentially a destruction of the metal. Yeh I need to take it down, and it's gonna happen again in future no doubt, but I want to remove the scratches and polish at the same time, so I'm left with a mirror finish. Does the word Micromesh mean anything to you? Bunnings dont know a fuckin thing about it :-\