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  1. wlayton27

    Green Room Pics Thread

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLw9r3GfKUU I thought that flat-earthers were just a something-awful, 4chan, or reddit social satire or Onion-style fictional group of people. Still not convinced that these guys actually buy into the garbage that spews from their mouths, but this video is pretty hilarious in any case (half-hour long, but only the first 20 minutes are good for watching, and they're totally worth the time). How do you even call it "skepticism" when the only "empirical evidence" that you even bother to confront is a series of photographic shots, when you don't even understand the most basic fundamentals of photography?? Some people! Also, how do you embed YouTube videos anymore?? I can't even use the paste from clipboard function on this forum anymore (I get a request for clipboard access, click "allow," and get no result).
  2. wlayton27

    Green Room Pics Thread

    Well, it's actually pretty close to a full 20 facepalms per minute. Had me laughing pretty hard at a few spots. The "Time Magazine" cover of the Dracorex Hogwartsia was actually a National Geographic, and the caption said "Big Bad Bizarre Dinosaurs," so nothing about any dragons. Also didn't take very long to find her "dinosaur cave painting" with a "stegosaurus" depiction, actually a Sioux native American "Water Panther Pictogram" showing a legendary monster with a backbone like a crosscut saw and horns on its head. The legends of the Underwater Panther are still alive today (spoiler: it's not a dinosaur or a dragon ... or a real animal.) Not too often I find people that can get so much stuff wrong in so few seconds of speaking. Just amazing.
  3. Heard of the heartbleed bug? This one's an even bigger deal. Apparently, there's a newly discovered exploit in the BASH command line that interprets a string of characters or a string variable as an actual command in a very specific syntax. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKShnpOXqn0 also: Been a while since I've used BASH scripting, so this syntax isn't exactly fresh in my head, but it still looks familiar. Enough to make me think twice about running an outdated version of GNU/Linux. Much more alarming for system admins and web servers that use GNU tools, or for users who log in regularly to web servers that use GNU tools.
  4. wlayton27

    Green Room Pics Thread

  5. wlayton27

    Green Room Pics Thread

    One of the Interwebz' favorite topics! I like the comments almost as much as the video because I find it pretty spectacular how almost everybody who watched the video and commented missed the point entirely.
  6. wlayton27

    5 Fun Physics Phenomena

    Answers are up already: I was a bit surprised by the solution to the static water faucet, and also by the added effect of diamagnetism of water that applied to the floating cereal. He also had a much shorter explanation of the phone flip than I have ever heard. :D
  7. wlayton27

    Rosetta touching down

  8. wlayton27

    5 Fun Physics Phenomena

    Veritasium just recently posted a new video titled "5 fun physics phenomena:" He posted 5 little physics "party tricks" and asked the viewers for explanations for what causes those quirky results to occur. He plans on posting his answers next week, but in the meantime I thought this might make a fun conversation. #1: The balancing cane: I believe this is caused by simply the bodies reaction to the weight of the cane at the two fingertips as the hands move inwards while holding the cane. If the cane feels heavier in one hand, the person will automatically move the opposite hand inwards at a greater rate to compensate and maintain balance. #2: The phone flip: I like this one and have noticed it quite a bit myself (I like flipping things). Flipping the phone along the flat face (directional axis -- "spinning") is well balanced because the mass is localized near the fulcrum along the axis (a radial rotation), and flipping the phone along the top face (lateral axis -- "rolling") is also well balanced but this time it's because the mass is localized closest to the fulcrum along the radius (an axial rotation, like an American football spiraling in the air). Flipping the phone along the side face (longitudinal axis -- "tumbling") is less well balanced than either rolling or spinning, and the phone will naturally be inclined to precess towards either a roll or a spin. #3: The static water faucet: This one reminds me of Lord Kelvin's water dropper. He already explained that the hydrogen bonds of the water cause the water molecule to rotate with the positive side (hydrogen atoms) facing towards the negative electrostatic charge on the plastic cup. While the negative charge causes the oxygen atoms to be repelled, the hydrogen atoms are closer to the cup and feel more attraction. The same happens with a positively charged object (e.g. a ball of fur). The water is attracted to a statically charged furball because the oxygen atoms are then closer and have a force of attraction that is greater than the repulsion of the hydrogen atoms. #4: Magnetic cereal in water: Probably something to do with the iron content of the cereal? It's listed on the nutrition facts on the side of the box. :D #5: Teabag rocket: Seems the same as the Chinese sky lanterns. The hot air inside the bag becomes less dense than the surrounding air and rises, bringing the ashes of the tea bag upwards with it. Let us know what you think the solutions will be.
  9. wlayton27

    Only in America.

    Wasn't much of a photographer, and didn't fly in winter or near the mountains. I was in the muddy southern regions. I did stop by Manas Airbase in Kyrgyzstan and Bagram in the winter and watched the F-15s take off and skim the mountains at dusk, but I didn't have a camera. Martyrdom is only effective when the enemy is oppressive. "Shoot first and ask questions later" tactics only feed into it. If we could enlist muslim soldiers to a unit and use diplomacy to collaberate with local nationals, I suspect that unit would be far more effective at securing towns with minimal force and have a longer lasting impact against the enemy forces.
  10. wlayton27

    Only in America.

    I was a UH-60 BlackHawk helicopter mechanic (crew chief). I spent most of my time maintaining and repairing the actual hangar instead of the actual aircraft. :D We spent way more time on ground support equipment to keep the maintenance assets in tip-top shape than actually using maintenance equipment to keep helicopters in a combat ready status. It's a whole lot of work to keep vehicle assets in the fight. Definitely worth the effort and time better spent than patrolling on foot. I feel that just the presence of official military personnel even unarmed should keep the locals aware of the security presence. Just the thought of capturing or killing a soldier should strike moral terror into the enemy. Especially if we were any damn good at actually helping the civilians and winning the hearts and minds of the local national population instead of just killing and imprisoning everybody.
  11. wlayton27

    Only in America.

    haha you should have just got a sling if you wanted to use both hands, I loved carrying a gun around, how else can you shoot cans when you're bored? I dont get what you mean how you would prefer not to have a gun in a firefight and a team of non-armed skilled fighters? I was in Iraq and Afghan too and being unarmed in a firefight is a ridiculous proposition, If you are in a fight you want an M4 with pec2 laser, ninox and a GLA. If you have that your AK-47 wielding foe is outclassed and will have a very short lifespan. All you need to do if you're not a skilled fighter is wait for night fall and its a shooting gallery.. What corp where you in? A cook by the sounds of it :P on topic.. I love guns, But australia is doing pretty well without them. If we had the 2nd amendment I would buy a whole heap and love it. Even with a 3-point sling, the weapon bounces around when you move and it needs your hands to control it so it doesn't trip you up. With the sling I had, if I just let it go and ignored it, it would fall to my feet (as it tried to do in the chow hall on a few occasions). Eventually I only wore the sling so that the weapon couldn't be taken away from me and still used a two-handed carry. You can also shoot at cans with golf balls when you're bored. Takes more skill too. Being in aviation, all of our weapons that we used were mounted weapons, not personal carry weapons. I definitely prefer using the AN/PAQ-4C to aim instead of just walking the rounds in on the target, and flying a dark helicopter at night does make us pretty much invincible. Just from our training, it was pretty clear to me that we could clear out a compound using just vehicle mounted weapons on trucks and helicopters and clear rooms using det cord, flashbangs, smoke grenades, and zip ties. No need for firearms, and if anything, it just reduces the amount of captured enemies and increases the likelihood of friendly fire.
  12. wlayton27

    Corporate bailouts

    It really is a difficult question. I am strongly against the bailout method and think it would be worth the short-term hit on employment to just let companies leave the market if they can't stay afloat. If anything, they should be encouraged to leave the market before they become insolvent so that they can still liquidate their assets among the separation wages. In my opinion, only natural monopolies like utility companies should ever be nationalized. A major world exporter is still just another business and bailing them out to keep the national budget in balance (GDP = C + I + G +Xn) may sound like a prudent move, but it only forces the natural hand of the global free market. The obvious downside of nationalizing companies is the increased government spending and the deincentivizing effect on other corporations to stay independent in the private sector. If we're talking about one business that helps other businesses grow and strengthen economic infrastructure but at a cost to itself (very difficult to prove this is the case), I believe it should be down to awareness that the loss of a major provider of infrastructure will hurt other businesses, and if those companies that are benefitting from the externality can afford to pay the bailout without going into a deficit of their own then of course they should be willing and encouraged to do it.
  13. wlayton27

    The Islamic State (aka ISIS) Crisis

    This is a good point. Almost like a debt-consolidating annuity, turning a bunch of groups into one large faction makes the enemy a much more prominant target. But the general concept of an idea which cannot be destroyed once born doesn't actually change as a result. It's almost less threatening to have the entire Jihadist ideology become mortalized by a conglomerated representation which can be torn down like the USSR, but at the same time it's not all that comforting to see a rise of power of this sort turn into a war on multiple facets (political, religious, social, economic, and so on) where black and white can rapidly turn into blurred grey areas of cultural ethical conflict. Not really. Looks to me that Shia is going the way of the dodo. Even in the article I posted, Iraq's Shi'ite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki ordered 2500 Iraqi border guards to abandon their posts on the Saudi border following the ISIS invasion. His reasons aren't clear and certainly weren't given, but I believe it is directly out of duress by Sunni threats of force. Go or be killed, and if I'm giving the orders and have to take the heat for mass genocides when they occur ... fuck it just go. The Sunni aren't taking any Shi'ite ("shit" if you didn't get it already). If you happen to follow the Shia ideology in Iraq and value your life and family, just play along with the Sunni or make a break for it. No US forces to set up a triage or casavac if you decide to stay and fight the impending bloodbath, and they have all the weapons so it's a lost cause before the fighting even starts. No need to get the Shia "on the same page" if they're powerless to resist the new regime. Like a US independent party voter that can't tolerate Republican GOP nominees, just vote Democrat and be done with it ... if you're a Muslim, you're officially a Sunni now. @chrisg: If I had evidence that Langley was actually arming ISIS militia, I would probably have a black bag over my head by now. So no. Big NO to the whole evidence thing. Hate to be a conspiracy theorist, but can't resist the foreknowlege appeal of being "in" on the big prank before the punchline. Here is the usual "ZOMG they're ALLIES and they're funding da' BAD GUYS" speal about ME countries allied with the US that are slushing funding towards ISIS that came from criminal activities which could possibly be made possible (sponsored) by US organizations that the CIA uses to move weapons (chess pieces) around the globe (board). If the CIA were actually supporting ISIS, the current paper trail matches with their modus operandi a bit too perfectly. Maybe it's all a set-up to make it just look like CIA activity. Does if even fucking matter? Personally, I just want to start a petition with the UN to provide peacekeepers on the Saudi borders and watch the US veto that petition just months before the invasion to slightly increase the amount of egg on the US political faces in the aftermath. Why do we really not care about this? I look at the US news on the matter and it's all ... "do as little as humanly possible because we don't want a sudden influx of money and weapons to attract too much attention" ... and that whole line of crap.
  14. Many of you have probably already heard about the ISIS crisis. It's that thing going on in Iraq and Syria at the moment. I don't know why there isn't already a topic on it ... it's only been reported as the "most significant development in international jihadism since 9/11" by Charles Lister. Recent DailyMail.co.uk article goes fairly in-depth on the developing crisis and well worth a look. I was planning on adding it to an existing topic on ISIS, but apparently there isn't one. Big thing here is that Caliph Ibrahim, formerly known as Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim Ali al-Badri al-Samarrai, formerly known as Dr. Ibrahim and Abu Dua, most commonly known by the nom de guerre Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (geezus dude, get a life, not a new name), a likely CIA asset that I call #426, is calling for all Muslims around the world to join in a new empire and fight on behalf of this new Islamic State that has plans to expand its influence across the Middle Ease, North Africa, SW Asia, the Eastern Block, and Spain. Of course at the moment they're still working on Iraq and Syria to a small extent, and plans are likely to accelerate into Saudi Arabia by the end of July. I believe that the CIA is indirectly providing funding for the ISIS organization in order to orchestrate a coup in Saudi Arabia so that the US can purchase oil with cash once again. I agree that only selling oil for gold is grossly inefficient and economically unstable, but I wouldn't be willing to finance a potentially WWIII-escalating jihadist empire to make my point. I would love to draft up a petition for the UN to provide support troops to protect Saudi Arabia from the impending coup, but unfortunately the US is one of five nations with veto powers in the UN so even if the vote passed nothing would happen. As it is, Saudi Arabia has altogether too many supporters behind ISIS to provide any real protection against the invasion ... even their own military leaders are siding with the enemies of their state. It sounds to me like it'll be just like what happened in Iraq in June. Just the military giving their weapons over to ISIS and abandoning their duties. I've already mentioned my frustrations in the WOYM topic, or something of that sort. When we deployed to Iraq, we were supposed to be finding WMDs and of course there weren't any. But we made the best of it and helped the Shi'ites not get completely murdered by the Sunni uprising and delayed an inevitable civil war that would have been entirely one-sided. But then we left and let the CIA do this whole coup thing to completely circumvent the civil war with one quick and clean mass execution, all in the name of one man's promise to trade oil for defunct cash (a promise I doubt he'll actually keep and eventually the US will find a more depraved psychopath to dethrone him and carry out the same exact mission -- yet again). I do hate to harp against the Muslim people. I respect religion almost as much as I respect science. But what is going on here isn't a Jihad. It certainly isn't a religious duty to join in a fight for a unified caliphate. If you do happen to be Muslim, I say give this guy a middle finger (or a thumb up if that's the "go fuck yourself" sign in Arabic), and go back to reading your Qur'an and praying for peace.
  15. wlayton27

    Green Room Pics Thread

    Greenpeace parody of Lego Movie's "Everything is Awesome." I thought it was well made, and with legos technically being made of oil ... and the current crisis in Saudi Arabia with ISIS ... just a perfect fit for the month. EDIT: Original video was removed for copyright claims by Warner Brothers ... I was just thinking at work today that I would like to hear more music like this which takes other popular music and plays it in a new light to make it more memorable. Too friggin' bad. Gugh ... blegh ... splechk. Is "fuck it" restricted?