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    Multi tools.

    If that video had schoolgirls using it for 8 minutes instead of creepy asian blokes then I would have bought one right away.
  2. 17747114553

    Looks like people are finally seeing through DRM

    Wouldn't it be easer to have each game come with a security guard that follows you home and hangs around your place making sure you never try to pirate that game?
  3. Go to the shop on a busy Thursday night, demand to speak to the manager and don't accept anything less than a refund. Be loud and confronting. The manager will replace the notebook for you so you don't cause a scene and scare the customers away. He'll then call his HP rep then kick and scream till the rep approves the unit for DOA.
  4. 17747114553

    This has come up alot in many a drunk situation

    That, right there, the moment you see the cock you're gonna wish you'd been king hit instead.
  5. 17747114553

    You're offered a mission to Mars

    Why take that risk in the first place when you have Google Mars? Seriously though, one you get there you would probably be bored within a day or two. There aren't exactly any tourist attractions and realistically plummet the centre of this country with a few hundred comets and it will likely look very similar. There would be an awesome view of the night sky, but it would pale to the view you could get in the middle of space on your journey there.
  6. 17747114553

    Strange happenings.

    Used to have one after work every day for 30-60 minutes, then I would struggle to sleep before 2am so I stopped :-\
  7. I saw Amanda Palmer do a cover of Umbrella by Rihanna. It was at a free show she did outside the Opera House a few months ago. I don't listen to her stuff, but is was pretty awesome (party because she played it just as it started raining and everyone got their umbrellas out)
  8. Also here's the music video if you want to laugh at the sight of a morbidly obese man playing a ukilaly
  9. 17747114553

    (For a short period) Bull 1, Matador 0

    I love it when this kinda stuff happens. That killer whale incident a few months ago where a trainer at an aquarium got eaten up, that just put a smile on my face.
  10. 17747114553

    I smoke my cigarette with style

    You're sucking down 1 harmful chemical rather than 500. Also you save a good amount of cash. It's for people who enjoy smoking, but would like to smoke the healthiest way possible.
  11. 17747114553

    Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

    I'm sure that is a 100% perfect translation of the original Arabic scripture and there can be no way that whoever translated it could have made any mistakes or errors which may have changed the meaning of that line. It's also clear that you've verified this yourself by studying the Qur'an in Arabic.
  12. 17747114553

    Homosexual couple in Malawi start 14 years' hard labour

    Anyone else see a bad, cheap pun when reading this threads title?
  13. 17747114553


    The cheese would taste better if it was in the shape of optimus prime. Used to hate the smell but once I started eating it I stopped noticing it.
  14. 17747114553

    I smoke my cigarette with style

    Can we get this happening in Sydney? I fucking hate feeling like my head is in a cloud of smoke every time I walk through George St.
  15. 17747114553

    Favourite alien race?

    Those geth have some hot ass!