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  1. Skulptur

    Heat & Space

    Dark matter is possibly the gravity of other universes seeping through the dimensions to interact with our own universe.
  2. Skulptur

    Live In America. Sue Global Warming?

    LOL I rekon atomicans could complain about anything.
  3. Skulptur

    Sweet as, bro

    Clearly photoshopped.
  4. *sea shanty style singing* Do what you want 'cause a Pirate is free. You are a Pirate! Yarrr Harrr! Fiddle-dee-dee! Being a Pirate is alright with me! Do what you want 'cause a Pirate is free. You are a Pirate!
  5. Skulptur

    "Best comb over I've ever seen"

    Please explain your mentality when you decided to do this?
  6. Skulptur

    I think my parents are having sex

    They're not having sex, you'd know if they were.
  7. Skulptur

    Let me tell you a story

    That is totally awesome. Seriously. /b/ is justified in my books, simply for coming up with something like that. /b/ - Where Atheist trolls pretend to be Theists while trolling Atheists. Makes perfect sense.
  8. Skulptur

    Bioshock..the movie!

    If the movie has the same retro-art noir/deco style that the game contains it should be a fun adventure!
  9. Skulptur

    Great George Carlin quotes

    Gotta love stumbleupon hey smithjoe1 :P
  10. Skulptur

    Let me tell you a story

    Of course not, and he doesn't try to at all. Why should he. When making fun of the illogicality and irrationality that is popular religion is a far more entertaining read for Atheists. I bought his book :) And many of my friends asked to read it too. Truly the words of a beautiful and intriguing mind. Cats = Real (you can go buy one from a Pet Store) Gods = False (you can't see/touch/hear/smell/feel gods) It always amuses me how when it comes to spirituality, our everyday common sense judgment is somehow not valid. Cups and plates are real, we use them everyday. Leprechauns are not real, there has never been a day where I've interacted with a Leprechaun. This is kindergarten logic :P
  11. Skulptur

    Let me tell you a story

    The Selfish Gene looks at dna, rna, and how natural selection due to environmental changes has shaped life on Earth throughout time. The God Delusion looks at religion, spirituality, consciousness and how easily the mind is tricked or confused. Dawkin's main observation is that there is most likely no god/s. Richard does not try to convert or preach. He tells it how it is. His book is not for the close-minded, with a title like "The God Delusion" (which is a 100% correct psychological analysis), this book is obviously written for Atheists. To empower us to stand up for our rights as humans. You just don't understand what he is saying.Religion is like a club, with members, and rules, and ranks, and important figures to follow and rituals to perform. Humans find a sense of comfort and belonging from being a part of a club. My mate was telling me all about how she enjoyed the atmosphere and people, and get-togethers, but really didn't enjoy being an acolyte (my priest was an egoist who would make us kneel down so he could pull out our hairs while telling us how he owned each and every one of us). Anyway, it is obviously human nature to seek belonging from a group. Many people satisfy this by religious gathers (Sunday mass). This famous quote pretty much sums it up: Guess what supernaturalists (ghosts, unicorns, gods etc..)!? It's all in your head :P
  12. Skulptur

    Two blondes walk into a bar

    How do you confuse a blond?, Paint yourself green and throw spoons at her.
  13. Skulptur

    Avatar trailer

    It's avatar for primary school children?
  14. Skulptur

    Stargate Universe - Have they gone to far

    That new Stargate movie was so bad it destroyed Stargate for me, even though I thought it was corny :P But that movie, I even saw it at the iMAX super screen and it was so bad I nearly cried.
  15. Skulptur

    God prefers athiests

    I have an absence of belief that the Tooth Fairy story is real (due to a lack of credible evidence). The Tooth Fairy story is false (due to a lack of credible evidence). It is the same thing indeed. Just different words.