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  1. I have my copper ID card? And my other bits. So guess I'll have a bbq with the CIG team. Neat. Can I pressure them as to feature bloat and release dates and ensuring that a sharp product with a detailed roadmap is better than a bloated product with semi-functionality? >.> Not that I'm worried or anything.
  2. Doesn't seem to check about your Star Citizen package, etc. Well, $8.5 wasted, at the worst.
  3. VannA

    It's been nearly a year.. D&D NEXT enrol within

    Are we a go for tonight? Mini-AD is better? Fenn is under control? (I'll pay for that later) everybody has remembered we're playing? Rendar Stoneshaper thinks some skulls need breaking.
  4. VannA

    Destiny.... Hub.

    Having hit 20 and working through strikes and crucible for Light Gear, Ihsan's nailed most of my issues already. The lack of auto-matchmaking for the weekly/daily events is totally absurd, seeing every other strike is does auto-matching. PVP is hugely imbalanced, between classes, subclasses and weapons, as mentioned. I'm enjoying it.. but I expect that to dry up once I finish the amazingly lore-free story. I mean, they can make it stuff on the side, like the odd Halo terminal, or whatever, but some exposition and actual story-telling would be, you know, awesome. Right now, I have no idea why this game cost so much to make.
  5. VannA

    Your Thoughts... On Gamergate

    I gather you think this is true of real life, as well then?
  6. VannA

    Your Thoughts... On Gamergate

    I think Cat's comments are not so directly focused at you, and more focused at the industry.
  7. VannA

    Your Thoughts... On Gamergate

    Also, posted on mobile device, will tidy it later tonight.
  8. VannA

    Your Thoughts... On Gamergate

    What I think? I think thst while gaming online for the last decade, the majority of players, a good 55-60%, are terrible people. Some of them are young, impressionable, have bad role models. Some are embittered, cynical and actively mysogynistic. Most are anonymous, self-interested, children (of all ages) with no sense of social coherence outsodemof their cliques. I also think this is true of about 40% of the people outside of gaming. However, as many others have said in many other places, there is a steong tribal thing. Internal factions are temporarily suspended while being attacked, and any critique of gaming worth a damn can be seen as an attack. In addition, I think the modern version of profit driven journalism is bad for all varieties. I think needing clicks and advertising to pay your crew is a significant limiter on the depth and capability of good journalism, across all areas. This is worsened for Gaming, because 'journalism' as David mentions above, is rarely investogatir or objective. It adds limited value. Critique is what is necessary, and critique doesn't sell pages, to the average person. Gamergate is the straw that broke the various camels above, and demonstrates the already well knowm human capability to let shit float to the top. I thinl corruption is the wrong term. I suspect various places have concerns about retaining access. I think these are the same trends that drive the useless excusds for political journalism in the mainstream media. Greenwald has covered this, refers to it as holding court, and thats what I've seen from most of the major sites.
  9. VannA

    It's been nearly a year.. D&D NEXT enrol within

    If AD's little lad is sick, and Nich is AWOL, should we just postpone? I'm fine regardless. I have Gin, and Tonic, and Chilli gummi lollies.
  10. VannA

    It's been nearly a year.. D&D NEXT enrol within

    Are we good for tonight, kids?
  11. VannA

    It's been nearly a year.. D&D NEXT enrol within

    comeback! Reaper has the right room for you!
  12. VannA

    Roll Call!

    Little. Not *none* :D
  13. The company pays bonuses, tipping is paid by the customer... ..Because Companies magic money from nowhere?
  14. Those that are indicating tips, etc, people should be doing their job, etc. While I agree in principle, what makes this different from a white-collar wage workers bonus?