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    This is my Earth, and it's mine

    You should check out The Cheerful Insanity of Giles, Giles and Fripp Is an awesome album. I guess it would be a concept album. Fantastic musical talents applied to a weird satirical theme.
  2. MisterK

    Dealing with bad news... how do you handle it?

    Repression and Booze.
  3. MisterK

    Good Game now has "Mass Appeal"

    You should all just watch Co-Op and be done with it.
  4. MisterK

    Man to play god

    Which industry do you think will be the first to profit from this advance? Insurance. Fuckers. Porn. Fuck-Yeahs!
  5. MisterK

    I think my parents are having sex

    One kinda implies the other.
  6. Why would you want to stop them doing that?
  7. MisterK

    Anyone else unable to get to www.amd.com?

    You can always use this to check. Faster and easier.
  8. MisterK

    Tucker Max

    Up until now I had not encountered this character. Thus far I have only read the one article, but its a doosie. Here is a little excerpt. I cannot tell a lie, I lol'd.
  9. MisterK

    Robots are awesome

    If you go to reddit, you'll see this sort of thing two to three days sooner. Also, the comment section isn't populated by retired people.
  10. MisterK

    An interesting fight

    What are you, a fucking narc?
  11. MisterK

    Human waste my dad says.

    http://twitter.com/shitmydadsays Just about the only thing of value to emerge from the newest Internet cesspool. Edit: "Love this Mrs. Dash. The bitch can make spices... Jesus, Joni (my mom) it's a joke. I was making a joke! Mrs. Dash isn't even real dammit!"
  12. MisterK

    Human waste my dad says.

    Surely 'stuff' would have been the better synonym for 'shit' in this case.
  13. MisterK

    With friends like these...

    Quite an interesting discussion about this is happening here.
  14. You'll believe what you're programmed to believe. [Ranger Station. The Planet Express employees and other campers are gathered in the log building. The ranger has set up a projection screen at the front of the room and they all sit on rowed benches.] RANGER PARK Hey I'm Ranger Park the park ranger. FRY I get it! RANGER PARK Now since this area's a National Bigfoot Reserve we'll start with a short film about Bigfoot while I make a few phonecalls. [He dims the lights and turns on the projector. "Bigfoot" appears on the screen.] FRY That proves it! [In the movie the Clearcutter cuts down some trees.] [Park talks on the phone at the back of the room.] RANGER PARK It should say "Top Quality Exercycle For Sale" and could you put "Top Quality" in bold...? You can't? OK whatever. [In the movie someone photographs the woods.] [The movie ends with "The End" and "MMCMLXII - Most Rights Reserved." Park hangs up.] RANGER PARK I-I gotta call you back. Alright, questions? SAL Yeah. Have yous ever seens Bigfeet? RANGER PARK Technically no. But I do see him each night in my dreams and each day in the silent faces of hairy children. [Farnsworth stands up and shakes his fist.] FARNSWORTH (shouting) Bunk! Bunk I say! Bring me a bag full of Bigfoot's droppings or shut up! RANGER PARK I have the droppings of someone who saw Bigfoot. FARNSWORTH Shut up! [Bender stands up and points out the window.] BENDER Oh my God its Bigfoot! [Park holds up a camera and autograph book and runs to the window.] RANGER PARK Where? BENDER Eh he's gone. He says you should keep wasting your life though. PETUNIA Oh! I saw Bigfoot crushing cars at the county fair! RANGER PARK What you saw was Bigfoot the monster truck. But thanks for a great question. PETUNIA Ohh... [She walks out muttering. Fry puts his hand up.] FRY Sir, if I may, why don't you set up like a billion video cameras in the woods and see if he walks by one. RANGER PARK Ah, that would be very expensive. And most people who believe in Bigfoot are broke. BENDER Hey look! Bigfoot! He's back! [Park falls for it again.] RANGER PARK Where? BENDER Up your face! Everybody do the Bender! [And he does.]
  15. MisterK

    With friends like these...

    Is it not these sorts of compassionate actions that show that 'we' are in fact the 'good guys'?
  16. MisterK

    Betty or Veronica?

    You may enjoy this.
  17. MisterK

    How Tasmanian boys are circumcised.

    Funniest [citation needed] I've seen to date : ) I say!. Monocle falls out
  18. MisterK

    Sometimes, the mind just boggles.

    Speak for your fucking self.
  19. MisterK

    How Tasmanian boys are circumcised.

    "Labiaplasty (sometimes spelled labioplasty and sometimes referred to as labia minor reduction or labial reduction)[1] is plastic surgery of the labia majora and/or the labia minora, which are the external folds of skin surrounding the structures of the vulva. The procedure involves reducing elongated labia. When labia are created where there were none, it is usually part of a vaginoplasty." [wiki]
  20. MisterK

    How Tasmanian boys are circumcised.

    I have no idea. Wiki isn't all that clear. Not common by the sounds of it. Edit: That link has a picture of vag in it. You have been warned.
  21. MisterK

    How Tasmanian boys are circumcised.

    What about the ones with unsuccessful surgeries.
  22. MisterK

    Bad News

    Ahhh. God dude. My very heart felt condolences. My mother passed away this year. And as a result, I've moved back in with my father. I know this sort of stuff is incomparable. But I think I have some sort of idea of what you are going through. I think the thing is just to 'do'. Do all the things that are necessary to live day to day. Just do them, even if they seem pointless. Do them, because the alternative isn't an alternative at all. After that, its all just clichés. Much love K
  23. MisterK

    Hey Morris, I just remembered..

    Gundam! Ahem...sorry. I'll just get my coat.