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    Ski boots with a snowboard

    Single ski. Surely you would still point your feet in the same direction. Even if you weren't wearing two or any skis.
  2. MisterK


    You all saw what they did to I, Robot. And that was by a director I actually quite like. Expectations set to low.
  3. MisterK

    Amsterdam is a cesspool of corruption.

    And Vilnius is the new Prague.
  4. MisterK

    A plea for "fanbois" of all types

    Indeed. Also, as far as HTPC goes. XBMC is very nice, and I hear nice things about Boxee. Oh. And Apple suck.
  5. MisterK

    Good Cheap heatsink

    Doesn't your motherboard have mounting points for both skt 775 and skt 1366? Edit: Nope my bad, just the cheaper versions do.
  6. MisterK

    Amsterdam is a cesspool of corruption.

    Whoa whoa there little buddy. You need to relax. Here have a seat. Don't Bogart the joint, and remember. Puff. Puff. Pass. Also, Atomic meet up, Amsterdam style?
  7. MisterK


    Twins pass each other under the cherry blossoms. One is spry. The other walks with a cane. What do the flowers think? Edit: Me no think so good and stuff. Read that as the Twins Paradox, not the Grandfather Paradox....Or did I. Would that have made it even more zen?
  8. MisterK

    Blue M&Ms will make you walk again!

    Abomination! Burn it with fire!
  9. MisterK

    Dear Roberto

    Well done.
  10. MisterK


    The French Paradox
  11. MisterK

    Amsterdam is a cesspool of corruption.

    Bitter much? :P
  12. I lol'd. Am I a bad person? I just wondered what sort of poison you would use for that type of application process. You're bad. I'm sick. We should hang out some time.
  13. MisterK

    Juts a little bit redundant.

    When you sodomise someone with that, they stay sodomised. Also MIB, install a browser that has in-line spell checking. The typos. They blind.
  14. MisterK

    This is just weird.

  15. MisterK

    Pasty Appreciation

    *raises hand* I too, am a fan of the Cornish Pasty.
  16. MisterK

    You shouldn't be taxed for being a woman

    No, it'd be nearer to 9% than 11%. GST is 1/11th of the total price. You want to be an actuary? *shakes head* God, I'm useless :P Rob. And just like that the thread turns into an intervention.
  17. MisterK

    How original...

    Whilst tips are always appreciated, I'm not an OC novice. Been overclocking since the PII days :P I haven't owed a PC since that time that hasn't been clocked, even my laptops :) You betcha!
  18. MisterK

    How original...

    If I'm honest, I'm pretty fucking excited :P
  19. MisterK

    How original...

    K. OP updated. I was umm-ing and ahh-ing on the whole SLI support issue. I went with the the full P6T, what's an extra $25 on a build like this hey :) I doubt i'll end up with a CF set-up let alone an SLi one. But I do plan on keeping this motherboard and CPU for a good few years. I did go with 1600 CL8 in the end, after reading a couple OC guides, it seems its beneficial from an ease perspective when aiming for 200mhz BLK, again, what's 20 bucks. Again, thanks muchly for all the help guys :)
  20. MisterK

    How original...

    I think I'll get the Asus P6T SE (ordering tomorrow, fingers crossed) Am I giving much up in the way of overclocking headroom and features compared to the Deluxe?
  21. MisterK

    New System Drive + where to install to

    Speed a reliability is the realm of a good SSD For $400 You are looking at a 128GB indilinx based drive (G.Skill Falcon, OCZ Vertex/Agility) Or an 80GB Intel Drive.
  22. MisterK


    *slow golf clap*
  23. MisterK


    Did wonder...whose ?? Never you mind. Was excellent. And warm, especially compared to the deep south that I'm back in.
  24. MisterK

    How original...

    Yeah, I'm looking at the Asus boards at the moment. Do you have the Gigabyte board? Can it ramp fan speeds up and down based on temperature? Which board of the available ones most interests you\would you recommend? Indeed.